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I can help you explore new possibilities for doing things beyond how you think you should!

About Lauren & Her Practice

My Story

In the beginning of discovering new possibilities for my business I neglected a lot of the freedoms that I envisioned for myself—like taking more time to rest, saying yes to an afternoon of leisure just because, and focusing on the type of work that felt incredibly easy. It’s like the traditional ways of working that I was trying so hard to forget were just so ingrained in the way I was showing up.

Before taking the leap to start my own business, I designed dozens of customer experiences, business concepts, streamlining of operations, business pivots, and new ways of delivering services in my career as Business Transformation Consultant. I have collaborated with public and private sector organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe from Canada, to the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore, and was able to design their ideal way of working.

Yet, it took many months of trying things someone else’s way to realize that the way I was working wasn’t possibly the way that would bring me the most success, energy, or value of my time. Because for me, my energy involves many different cycles and phases, and perhaps yours does too? 

Giving myself permission to do things differently didn’t happen overnight. The permission slips were revealed to me within my own self-discovery work and mindset practice that I explored using hypnosis. This is why I became Certified as a Hypnotherapist and why I support others to uncover their own permission slips that will provoke them to disrupt their own reality of perfectionism and doing things someone else’s way.

Unlocking your next level of potential starts with you

so that's where we need to start!

For me, this looks like using my superpower of my equally analytical and creative brain to ask the right questions and provoke new ways of doing things that aren’t one-size-fits-all but are designed around the life you want to live and empower you to use your own superpowers to create the change you desire in the world.

I believe that we can experience life in a way that feels easy and is even more enjoyable once we let go of the idea that we have to operate like everybody else. Instead, when we create a natural flow between all of the moving pieces that make up our lives we can show up as our most authentic selves, sharing our natural talents with those who need them most.

My Vision

Pink to Green Gradient

I can help you explore new possibilities to design your work beyond how you think you should!

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