Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

In this very first episode, you can expect to learn about Lauren Best’s personal journey of self-discovery and growth, her transition to service design, and her decision to start her own business. You will also gain insights into the importance of trusting oneself, embracing challenges, and seeking support in pursuing one’s passions and purpose. Additionally, Lauren shares her purpose of using exploration, authenticity, trust, and support to bring balance and ease to her everyday life, and to support others in doing the same.


  • her personal journey of self-discovery and growth, from struggling to find her purpose to becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist and Provoker of Possibility
  • the importance of being open to change and growth as we navigate different experiences in life
  • the importance of trusting oneself, seeking support, and embracing challenges in pursuing one’s passions and purpose
  • encouragement for listeners to reflect on whether they have been sacrificing their creativity in order to be intentional and purposeful, and to find ways to allow both to exist together


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Episode hightlights

Introduction [00:00:08] Lauren Best introduces herself and the purpose of her podcast, which is to explore new ways of living and connect deeper with oneself.

Journey of self-discovery [00:01:10] Lauren Best shares her personal journey of self-discovery, working on her mindset, mind-body connection, and embracing her most authentic self.

Uncertainty and purpose [00:03:35] Lauren Best talks about the importance of uncertainty and how it led her to become a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, helping others unlock their potential.

Foundation Year and Choosing the Hard Way [00:10:11] Lauren talks about her decision to do a foundation year and how she chose the hard way instead of taking an easier route.

Trusting Her Gut and Choosing the Right Environment [00:14:34] Lauren talks about how she trusted her intuition and chose a smaller program with a more intimate environment that suited her better.

Designing with Purpose and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs [00:19:05] Lauren discusses her obsession with designing with purpose and how she struggled with limiting beliefs and old stories that held her back from exploring her creativity.

Challenging Intention with Creativity [00:23:40] Lauren talks about the importance of balancing intention and creativity in life and challenges listeners to think about areas where they may be sacrificing creativity for intention.

Trusting the Process [00:21:21] Lauren shares a personal story about trusting the process during her time in design school and how it has helped her in her personal growth.

Overcoming Fear and Finding Purpose [00:26:11] Lauren discusses the importance of releasing fear and finding purpose in life, and encourages listeners to share their own stories of overcoming fear and finding creativity.

Service Design and User Experience Design [00:29:10] Lauren talks about her transition from product and furniture design to service design and user experience design.

Lockdown in Singapore [00:31:37] Lauren shares her experience of being in lockdown in Singapore during the pandemic and her decision to return home.

Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist [00:34:29] Lauren talks about her journey of becoming a certified hypnotherapist and how it helped her overcome her own blocks and fears.

Introduction to Hypnosis [00:38:45] Lauren Best talks about how hypnosis has helped her move from a state of overwhelm and darkness to being able to keep dreaming about her life.

Gratitude and Support [00:39:39] Lauren Best thanks her listeners for joining her on the journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing their most authentic selves. She encourages them to leave a rating and review and offers additional support on her website.

Final Thoughts [00:39:39] Lauren Best reminds her listeners that they are not alone on their journey and encourages them to keep dreaming, exploring, and provoking possibilities with love and intuition.

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Lauren (00:00:08) – Welcome to Provoking Possibilities where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask thought-provoking questions, and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known, and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in.

Lauren (00:01:10) – I am so excited for this very first episode of Provoking Possibilities. I thought it would only make sense to introduce myself, and for those who have been following along my story or have been in any of my communities or following along the radio show, then just allow me to reintroduce myself to you because it might have been a minute since I, you know, shared with you about my work, about who I am and the journey that I’ve gone on to really, you know, start my own business and become a certified hypnotherapist. And, you know, this provoker of possibility, which, um, didn’t come to me right away was a random thing, um, but it just felt really right. But I really want to just take some time, you know, to start this podcast fresh with this introduction of myself because it has been a journey of working on my mindset, my mind, body connection, just really embracing a lot of parts of me that I lost along the way where I just really became so misaligned with not always my values, but sometimes along the way.

Lauren (00:02:25) – But, you know, just feeling like my purpose was really cloudy or like I was really losing a lot of my creativity and I just was living in a really weird, funky little box for a long, long time. So it’s been a journey to connect back to my intuition and, you know, really accept myself and really be okay to let go of the past versions of me that just no longer felt like me, which might seem really weird and be confusing, but it was confusing. It is confusing, and I think having this openness to know that we are ever growing and ever evolving and that we should change as we learn and grow and, you know, have different life experiences. I wanna start off with my purpose because this is something that I struggled with for a long, long time. This idea of being a purpose-driven individual for a long time, to me, I thought that meant, you know, doing things with purpose, making sure everything I designed out in the world was with purpose.

Lauren (00:03:35) – And while I don’t disagree that that isn’t not still true to me, I had to let go of a lot of purposeful action in order to really get to the place that I am in today in terms of just having more creativity in my life, in welcoming more uncertainty into my mind and trusting that uncertainty can be okay. So I’m gonna rewind a little bit. I know I mentioned about uncertainty right here, right now, but one thing that has been a constant in my life is that uncertainty. So I’m gonna back up. Um, I am now to all of you known as a certified hypnotherapist and a provoker of possibility, and I work with curious individuals, creative entrepreneurs. I also work with conscious companies who are really ready to explore how they can do things differently in their work and in their life. And I do so with sharing hypnosis experiences or guided facilitation experiences, teaching various tools that really inspire others to dive into that world of self-discovery and growth, where they can unlock an even greater potential inside of themselves using their subconscious minds, right?

Lauren (00:05:00) – So this work that I do, really because I needed it the most, backing up, like I said, I would , I have always been a very creative person. I studied creative communications, that was the actual name of the program in college. Uh, I majored in public relations, but dabbled in journalism and in radio and audio and video production as well as advertising. And from that experience of learning all of those things, I, you know, really loved what I was learning, but I really, really struggled in that course because I still felt like in some situations I was either put in a box, like lots of constraints. And I know you have probably heard someone say before, or if you haven’t, that having any type of limitations or creating a sandbox to then create more limitations inside of, inside of that sandbox can allow you to explore, you know, different possibilities or get creative within those limits and limits can be a good thing.

Lauren (00:06:25) – But for me, it just really took a toll on my self con confidence and the ability to be me and to show up authentically. And I don’t think I really realized at that at the time. I just found it really, you know, hard and difficult. And so once I graduated from that, I thought, okay, like let’s get a creative job. I worked for this awesome company, a small business, and they were an e-commerce and a marketing company, but they own their own e-commerce brands. And there I really was able to do a lot of things within their business, like design all the marketing campaigns, do all the creative photo shoots for the product. And that was really fun doing a little bit of set design there. And, um, even so it, it was a great experience, but I, there was something inside of me saying like, this still isn’t where you’re meant to be.

Lauren (00:07:28) – Like, whether it’s at the time what I thought was wanting something more creative, um, it was just like, okay, it’s time to move on. But to what I always had this uncertainty show up of like, okay, this isn’t it, but we don’t know what is, so maybe you should just try this thing over here because maybe that will be your golden ticket. So I was always searching for like the next best thing that would just feel like home. So I had in college actually gone to the UK for an internship one summer during the Olympics. It was so cool. But, so that was in 2012 and I, for whatever reason before going to London, I thought, this is somewhere I wanna live. I, I just know it deepened my gut and my heart, my intuition, whatever, on a soul level. I don’t know, I was just like, this is my place I’m gonna go.

Lauren (00:08:22) – I went, I loved it. I was only there for two months, but it was like, how can I get back to London? How can I do it? And at the time, I didn’t have a lot of work experience. I mean, I did, people should have hired me. I don’t know what they were thinking, , but in my mind it was just like, oh, I don’t have that much work experience, but I’ll just apply for jobs and let’s see. And I just couldn’t get anything. I didn’t have a visa, so I would need sponsorship, all that kind of stuff. So I thought, okay, I feel like I want to get a degree because I didn’t have one. I had two diplomas, which were amazing, um, and taught me a lot. But it was this, I don’t know this like my family, not many people in my family had degrees, but I don’t know if it was the societal pressure of just like, oh, these jobs that I want that I’m applying for, am I not getting them because I don’t have a degree.

Lauren (00:09:17) – It says like, you should have a bachelor’s degree. So I don’t know, maybe that was sort of my decision making process at the time. So I thought, okay, let’s go back to university and figure something out. So I really, really, really wanted to go to design school at this point. I just love design. Actually, no, I wanted to go, was it design school? Yeah, I think I wanted to be an interior designer. So I researched all these universities and I, I thought, okay, this like, one of these are the places. So I flew to Vancouver to do an interview with one of the universities with, uh, the University of the Arts London, which has a bunch of different, uh, universities under it. And I thought, okay, I wanna go into interior design, I wanna be like go right into a degree program. And they were like, no, no, no.

Lauren (00:10:11) – Like the kids who are applying for these have already done these foundational years, or they have huge portfolios already. And I was thinking like, what? Like isn’t that what university is for? To learn all of that and to build that portfolio. And so I quickly realized like the rest of the world was really, you know, their education systems were really different. Not only that, but maybe it, I mean I worked really hard in a portfolio, but actually the guy said to me, you look like a product and, and furniture designer, or if you want to go into communications, we can, there’s like a fashion communications program we can put you in to the second year already in the degree program. Um, and typically in the uk the degree programs are only two years. So I thought, oh, like that would’ve been an easy thing. But because I liked doing things that, or at that time in my life, I really liked doing things the hard way .

Lauren (00:11:09) – Um, and so I just thought, no. And that was my dream for a long time. For those who grew up watching the Hills, that was like my jam. It was like, how can I be Lauren Conrad working for Kelly Karon at People’s Revolution and you know, creating these like awesome fashion runway, political like experiences. And that was like, I thought the coolest thing ever. So even though they were like, yeah, you could do this, I was kind of like, no, let’s pick the hard way, whatever. But I decided then to do a foundation year, which I again didn’t really know much about, but it was again, another diploma, . And then you could learn all these different areas of design, like product design, spacial design, um, I can’t remember what else, jewelry accessory design type of thing. And then you could pick what you wanted to do for your degree and apply for that program through one of their universities.

Lauren (00:12:12) – So that was cool. And I decided to do a foundation at Central St. Martin’s, which is a really, really great and I guess world renowned design school, which was a whole nother world. Let me tell you. When I got there, I was like one of the oldest in my class because everyone was like fresh from high school. And I was like two diplomas in some work experience, you know, at the time I’m like, ugh, I was so young. But at the time I felt like the old duckling and or like the old mother goose in the class and there were all these little ducklings who are way more talented than me and just like amazing, awesome designers. So that was again, like a bit of a challenge of just really de developing or like finding my design style or trusting my intuition or just navigating this new world that I thought I could control and realize like these critiques that we’re receiving from these amazingly talented designers who were our tutors was just like a whole nother level.

Lauren (00:13:24) – And it really challenged me to really start to begin to trust the process. But through it, I really was obsessed, I would say, with designing with purpose. And this didn’t really play out as much until I went back to or decided to move forward forward rather with a degree. Um, so I went to a different university after that for product and furniture design where some of my tutors from my foundation year and the other university were also teaching. And that was really, really cool because for anyone who does know anything about design or design education, there’s a wonderful, uh, institution in the UK called the Rural College of Art, and that’s a master’s, they do master’s level, um, degrees. And a lot of my, actually, I think all of the tutors that were teaching me had either taught or attended that program and it was like, I didn’t, I hadn’t even heard of it before I moved to the uk.

Lauren (00:14:34) – I didn’t really know much of any of this design world, but it seemed to be like the golden egg place to go or ha someone have on their resume kind of thing. And so this program I was in at Kingston University, or Kingston School of Art was designed from that program and I really, it really attracted me because what they were doing was a small group of people where I know we would get more intimate support from our tutors and get to know our peers. And I’d always known, and why I’m telling you this is I’d always known that these small groups of people and having that intimacy with my, you know, colleagues or my classmates or my, my teachers of whatever sort was so important to me. And it’s what I knew to be the environment where I could really show up and, you know, have that support but also get that community that I love.

Lauren (00:15:35) – And so it was trusting my gut to go that way instead of staying at Central St. Martin’s and being one of like 200 kids in a class at Kingston. I was one of 30, I think maybe even less actually, um, by the end of it. But it was really like this instinct of, okay, this is the best environment for me. But I do look back, I don’t know if my decision to continue into that degree was, I think it’s a mi like I think back about it, I think it was a mix of fear, a fear-based reaction, but also this intuition of like, I’m not supposed to go back to Winnipeg where I’m from in Canada and I’m not meant to go, you know, I’m just not meant to go back there. This isn’t it for me in London. So it was this, I think fear-based, but also instinctual decision to, to go there.

Lauren (00:16:32) – And it was again, really hard. This program, it was great in a sense where we had these wonderful guides, we had these wonderful teachers and we had these amazing briefs. We collaborated with so many cool companies to design products for them. Um, which I loved. I loved the practical practicality of it. That was something that I really enjoyed. But there were, again, these constraints kind of like in my communications program that I had to learn to navigate because they were there and I took a lot of fear and kind of discombobulation, I wanna say about, and it actually, I think it came from my journal journalism class in communication school because in that class, if you handed in your article, we’d like have a class, right? We’d get a brief and they’d say, okay, go out there, talk to random people, write the article. This is like all within an hour, maybe two hours, and it must be handed in by 11:00 PM If you had it in by 1101 or anytime later, it’s a auto fail, which meant you’d automatically get 50% taken off whatever grade you would’ve gotten.

Lauren (00:17:59) – So it was like very intense. And so I had that kind of like, I wanna call it like trauma from it because it was like, ah, if you don’t get this in on time, you’re going to fail. And it was a story I held onto, but in this context there, in my design school, there wasn’t that auto fail, but there was that pressure of like, you know, people having, especially the teachers having their own opinions of, you know, their own design style or context or whatever it may be. But there was the same type of pressure to the, or that maybe even I put on myself to design with purpose, to design something that is so intentional. And it really, we’d have these projects sometimes that had no client, no brief, and it was like, go experiment in the workshop with metal, or go experiment with ceramic or wood or whatever it would be to find some sort of interesting thing about this material.

Lauren (00:19:05) – And then the second part of the brief would be designing an object or a product. And that experimentation, I’ll never forget being like so lost and, and being like, well, like I wanna find something really purposeful. And it really, really was, when I look back, I feel sad for myself because it was like, girl, you should have just like rolled with it. I just wasn’t able to roll with it. I wasn’t able to really tap into that creativity in a way like a lot of other people were. And I don’t think it’s because I wasn’t capable of it. I just think I had so many limiting beliefs and blocks and old stories just holding me back from really exploring and being okay with uncertainty. But I do remember, and why I’m telling you all of this story is that I’ll never forget, and this came up for me about two, three days ago in a coaching community that I’m a part of with Dr.

Lauren (00:20:05) – Melissa Bird, who is fantastic, you should all look up the graceful revolution right here, right now I’m part of that program. And besides hypnosis, it is, you know, it has changed my life just as much. And in our homework last week or this week rather from that course, we were asked a question of, you know, what, what unknown, you know, if there’s something unknown in your life, like how can you or unknowns are constant, rather, you know, what kind of things can, can come up for you to bring you comfort or what reminders or what proof have you had in your life that like that is okay, that things being unknown or uncertain have been okay? You’ve shown yourself that proof. And I remember what I would say to myself, it like popped into my head right away. I remember what I would say to myself when I was in that design school, getting that brief and feeling that excitement, that anxious energy of, ah, there’s only three weeks or only two weeks to design something.

Lauren (00:21:21) – I don’t know what the outcome’s gonna be, but I know I’m gonna, I know on this last day, this presentation day, I’m gonna have a design that is so well thought through. It’s going to be crafted with so much intention and I’m gonna have an outcome and I can trust myself knowing that I’m gonna have something to show up with. I’m gonna trust the process and know that absolutely everything’s gonna work out the way it’s meant to work out with the design that is meant to, that I’m meant to have created into this world. So this came up for me a few days ago and I was like, oh my gosh, from all the things I’ve had to unlearn since being in that program of like working really, really hard or having to do everything with purpose, if I just got that nugget of wisdom out of it, if that was the one thing that I say I can take away from it, and I, I have taken away so many other things, but if it was just that one thing of knowing that I can trust in myself in the process, like that’s amazing.

Lauren (00:22:29) – So it was such a good reminder to have that shared this week. And just from my own subconscious mind or my own intuition, you know, this download of that reminder because I’ve really, really had to, you know, rethink a lot of the beliefs. You know, I’ve done a lot of work in hypnosis the last few years, but in these last few months in this program with Dr. Melissa Bird, it has really challenged me to go even deeper, to really look at more of these things that have been so like real and attached to me and the way I’ve been operating in my life and these fears of failure or fears of not taking action because it won’t be intentional. And it’s brought me to this realization of what I really want to move forward with in my life, in my business, and as I navigate within my work into new realms, which is something that I’m really excited about, is bringing more wellness workshops to different corporate companies or to different communities.

Lauren (00:23:40) – And that’s something that I used to do a lot of but hadn’t been doing for a long time. And I think with that, it’s gonna be so important for me to remind myself that I can take action with intention, but I also need to make space for that creativity to live. So I really want to challenge my own self and perhaps even challenge you where there might be an area of your life where you are wanting to be really intentional, but perhaps have been sacrificing a little bit of your creativity in order to be very intentional and kind of put yourself in your own box. So have a think. Is there somewhere in your life as well that you’ve been doing that where you haven’t allowed creativity to fly or soar or just exist in a way that it could because there are so many, so many possibilities and so much space to actually do both.

Lauren (00:24:43) – And I’m gonna share with you as I move through, since this is like a recent realization for me to bring that a little bit more to the forefront of my mind and my heart and my intuition and my instincts, but rather I’m gonna be sharing with you, I think moving forward, how that’s gonna go for me, how that can show up in so many different ways of, you know, meeting that intention with creativity and allowing them both to exist together as well. So stay tuned for that. It’ll be fun. I promise you it might be a little difficult at first, but we can do it. We can make it easy. We can get to a place for me is like, I wanna get to that place where it feels really, really easy. And because for me, my purpose really is wanting to, what I’ve realized my purpose is, is to use exploration and authenticity and trust and support to bring that balance of fun and intention and ease to my everyday life so that I’m able to live authentically and freely and have space to support other people in doing that same thing so that they can have those tools or have different tools that I can share and pick the ones that work for them when they need them, and also move through their mindset from that place of fear into love.

Lauren (00:26:11) – So that can be a great place to start is, you know, releasing some of that, that fear of not being purposeful enough or taking action with purpose or going through the journey of something without purpose. We can, you know, trust in ourselves and with that be in our purpose and not forgetting, you know, what it is that we came here to do or how we want to live our lives. So I hope that can resonate with you, if it does, even if it doesn’t, I want to hear from you. I wanna hear, you know, what this has meant to you, me sharing this idea. And if there’s any similar stories that you’ve experienced, I mean, probably it’s not gonna be the same story as me, but just some of those stories of, you know, not feeling like you had enough room to play or a big, big enough box to be creative in the way you would want to.

Lauren (00:27:17) – Or if you’ve put yourself in a box where that creativity hasn’t been able to shine, I really wanna hear what that looked like for you and how you’re, you have overcome it or how you are overcoming it or your desire to overcome it. Or maybe you really like it, I’m not sure. Let me know. You can send me an email [email protected] You can visit me over on Instagram and send me a dm. My handle is at Lauren Best co or you can visit my website lauren And I have a beautiful little inquiry form there that you can reach out to me in just sharing a little bit about yourself and what you know, what some of these stories have looked like for you in your own world. So I’m excited to see, you know, what’s been going on with you, make sure that you do reach out because I really truly look at every email and we’ll get back to you.

Lauren (00:28:14) – So that’s a little bit about me and my past, but I’ll share a little bit about, a little bit more about my present as well and how I became a hypnotherapist, because right now you’re probably thinking, so you’re not a product and furniture designer, I’m confused. So , after I studied, you know, product and furniture design, I went over to Singapore, which was another place that I never expected, but once I had my mind fixed on it, kind of like England, it wasn’t the same in the sense that I didn’t want to live there forever, but I just didn’t have any at the time, my options to stay in, in London or England were kind of, you know, come to the end of the road for that time in my life. So I thought, okay, let’s try Singapore. And that’s another like innovation hub of the world and design.

Lauren (00:29:10) – So I worked for a service design company there as a service designer and business transformation expert. And before that I had taken a little course at service design to really understand what that was, because when I was applying for jobs, um, from product and furniture design, I kept looking at product design, product design. And what was coming up was this user experience and product designer, which is, if the, for those of you who don’t know, is like designing user experiences online, usually through an app or a website. So this was not the same product design that I had studied, but it was like, oh, what is this world? What is this another world of design? And I knew at that point I really didn’t wanna be a furniture designer because by of my like overwhelming desire to not design more objects that would just potentially end up in a landfill or you know, another chair, because there were so many beautiful chairs already designed by people, I really believed that we didn’t need to design one more chair unless it was really gonna help a, you know, part of the population, whether that be big or small, whether it be for mobility or what have you.

Lauren (00:30:28) – So I knew that wasn’t my thing. I thought, okay, what is this like user experience design? And through that I learned about the world of service design, which is designing a service experience for not only the customers or the clients, but also for the business owners or operators or the staff. So looking at that whole experience in the front end and the back end of the business and, you know, designing artifacts that would enhance that experience, whether it be, you know, different. Um, we did a lot of like playing cards, , oddly that was like prompts for different exercises or, um, to dis encapsulate the brand of that company to better communicate different aspects of the company for perhaps new staff that we’re training. And we designed, you know, what that experience would look like for the customer as well. So that was a lot of research, which I learned that I loved that piece of the puzzle when it comes to designing something because again, it led to intention for me.

Lauren (00:31:37) – And so I really, really enjoyed that. But it wasn’t the environment for me. It, it wasn’t the right place. And I think after having some experience in being able to trust my gut and myself when, when the, the environment just wasn’t right for me. This is another place, but it was one of those places where I did feel kind of stuck. It was like, what do I do next? Do I go back to Canada? Whatever. So of course the pandemic happened and we went into lockdown over in Singapore. It was very intense. I was living on my own. You at one point we couldn’t even walk out our doors to like walk around the building complex. It was like quite intense. Um, and I didn’t want to, I was like in a very safe place. I felt like I knew I had that privilege of being able to stay home and stay safe, and I took that very seriously, but it really was hard being away from my family.

Lauren (00:32:32) – So I decided to go back and at that point was like, what the heck am I going to do now? And it was such a, when I look back now, I was in like such a state of shock, like many people in the world, just physically, my body was so out of tune, my nervous system was totally discombobulated a mess. Um, really, really, I didn’t realize it at the moment or at that minute or at that moment in time. And it took me applying for different jobs again in the service design industry to realize, okay, I can’t imagine going back to work for someone 48 plus hours a week. Because I think at that point in the pandemic, the people that I knew that were in those corporate jobs were work probably working way more than 40 hours because you’re stuck at home. Like the expectations just went through the roof for a lot of people when it came to their workplace and their work.

Lauren (00:33:33) – So I just thought, oh my goodness, I cannot imagine doing that. Like I w I don’t know, my body was just like screaming like, don’t do it, don’t do it. And the universe was like, we’re not gonna give you this job, even though the interview was fantastic. So that was fine, but I just, for a long time, it took many, many months for me to realize, okay, this is your chance to design your own business. And once I started doing that, it was really hard. Again, really hard and I had shown myself that many things that I, that were, you know, instrumental to my life were really hard. But I really wanted to get over this idea of things having to be hard. So I decided, okay, I need help. I joined a coaching group and started seeing a hypnotherapist because I just thought, okay, there’s mindset stuff going on here.

Lauren (00:34:29) – Why can I design my own business? I have designed so many businesses for other people and I had so many blocks, so many of these fears and limiting beliefs and stories from these past experiences. So I really had to prioritize myself, prioritize getting the help and support that I needed to work on my mindset to overcome those blocks. And I just loved hypnosis so, so much that I saw my hypnotherapist was train holding a training. She also trains other hypnotherapist. She was holding one in the fall. I thought, okay, I better ask her about it. I feel like I’m still a mess , emotionally, physically, you know, just, just like working through things still. But I just thought, okay, let’s find out what it is. And for some reason I said yes, even though logically maybe I shouldn’t have, but I just thought, okay, like something about this feels really right.

Lauren (00:35:26) – And through that training and that process of learning, it was really hard still. I was working through a lot of things and I was still wanting things to be really easy. And you know, I ended up finishing the program and have been a practicing certified hypnotherapist for over a year now. And what I realize right now is that, you know, a lot of these things had to be hard for me so I could help other people who were finding themselves in a hard place in similar situations or you know, these different, like, going through these different waves and aspects of life so that I could really help them myself. So, you know, uh, some, some something I would like to share with all of you as well is if you are wanting to do something where you help other people and you feel like you’re maybe not ready or you’re not healed enough or not, you know, expert enough, if you are like one step ahead of other people, like you can still help them, like you’ve gone through what they’re going through, even if you’re one or two steps ahead, like that is enough to know that you have walked that path and you can, you can help them and you can go out there and just, you know, share your story and put yourself out there into the world.

Lauren (00:36:46) – And there’s gonna be someone who relates and someone who is ready to invest in your support. So do know that if you haven’t been feeling ready, just just put something out there. You never know. You’ll be surprised perhaps at what will come up for you. So that was a little speed round. At the end of that, maybe perhaps I’ll do another episode about my journey of becoming a hypnotherapist. I would love to share that a little bit more and some of those insights and takeaways that have really been instrumental in changing my life and with the help of my hypnotherapist and teacher and trainer, my hasha gunner, she’s just fantastic. So I wanna talk a little bit about that. Perhaps that’ll be in the next episode. So thank you all so, so much for tuning in. I hope that you were able to take away some things in that story.

Lauren (00:37:40) – I wasn’t sure where it was gonna go, and I’m sure there is, you know, a little bit of everything in there. So even if there’s one little piece, just like my one little piece of wisdom that I took away from my design school that I shared with you, um, there’ll be something there for you as well. So I hope you have a beautiful day. I’m excited to see you next week. Again, please tune in and if you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter as well, you can visit my website, subscribe to that newsletter, and you’ll get automatic updates probably anywhere from 15 to 10 minutes before my radio show goes live every Tuesday. So sign up for that. You’ll get those updates and those reminders to tune in. And I can’t wait to see you then because you’ve been listening to the show. I wanna leave you with a little treat, which is one of my favorite hypnosis audios that will help you let go of the noise and worry from your everyday life by bringing you to a place where you can connect with your subconscious mind and imagine and dream about your life.

Lauren (00:38:45) – Because as we continue to move through ebbs and flows and seasons of our lives, there will likely be times where envisioning new possibilities becomes difficult or where we struggle to move out of that autopilot mode and into self-awareness to really live the lives that we want. So do listen to this audio, it will encourage you to keep dreaming about your life even during uncertain times or new possibilities may feel cloudy. Hypnosis has been such an amazing tool that I myself have used to move from a state of overwhelm and darkness to really being able to keep dreaming about my life. And I know you can to. So visit the link below to download the Visualize at Life you love hypnosis audio for free, or visit my website lauren

Lauren (00:39:39) – Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing your most authentic self. I appreciate you and your willingness to open your mind and your heart to new ideas and ways of being that are beyond your current reality. So if you found value in this episode, please take a moment to leave a reading and review on Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to this podcast. Your support helps us to spread the message of compassion, self-discovery, and personal growth to more people who may benefit from it. And if you’re looking for additional support on your journey of self-discovery and transformation, I invite you to visit my [email protected] where you’ll find resources, courses, and coaching services to help you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and joy and confidence and support. So please check that out. And more than anything, I hope you’ll remember that you’re not alone on this journey. We are all in this together. And by embracing our most authentic selves, we can create more compassion and connection to the world. So please keep dreaming, keep exploring, and keep provoking possibilities with love and intuition. I’ll be back soon with more thought provoking questions, inspiring stories and powerful insights and conversations to support you on your journey. But until then, take care of yourself and others and remember that you are worthy of love and possibility.

Hi, I'm Lauren best!

Hi, I'm Lauren best!

Opening your mind to exploring new possibilities for living a life you love.


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