PODCAST: The Energy Architect™️ Podcast with Nasirra R Ahamed

When it comes to the Lessons I Had to Learn to Begin Healing Myself, the first realization I had was that you can find the right people to support you as you heal.  And because of this openness to connect with communities throughout my personal growth journey, I have been so incredibly lucky to connect with such […]

PODCAST: Is Your Subconscious Holding You Back?

Pictures of Jen Rafferty and Lauren Best -new podcast promo

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to break free from your fears and limiting beliefs? It’s not uncommon for everyone you come in contact with to have been in a place like that before. It truly is part of the human experience as we become conditioned by society, […]

PODCAST: Combining Business Design and Hypnotherapy for Ultimate Success

It has been a few years now that I started my spiritual journey and learning more about myself. I’ve had to overcome a lot of hurdles, shed different beliefs, and really learn to love myself at every stage of growth, which has been so instrumental for me to really create a life that I love. […]

PODCAST: You Are Not Your Model

Have you ever reflected on your upbringing and have flashbacks of memories of your loved ones tirelessly striving for perfection? I remember vividly watching my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, pouring their hearts into creating picture-perfect bedrooms, flawlessly ironed sheets, and stunning dinner table setups. Everything had to be just right, and the pressure to […]

TalkShopLive- Shop My Last Chance Deals!

Lauren Best's live segment on TalkShopLive

I can hardly believe over 400 of you showed up to my live segment on talkshoplive !!! *pinch me* 😇 Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it…. you can watch the replay here! Go ahead and watch this replay if you’re interested in… ➡️ learning more about hypnosis ➡️ experiencing a guided visualization hypnosis session ➡️ snagging some special offers to work with me privately that […]

PODCAST: How I Infused My Multi-Passions Into My Business

Lauren Best appears as a guest on Lydia Lee's podcast

Have you ever felt attached to having a “job title” that defines who you believe you are? This identity marker can feel a little confusing if you’re a multi-passionate person who has a variety of skills and passions to share. I really struggled with the practicality of labeling myself with a title when I started […]