Permission Slips

Permission Slips

A 12-Week Guided Audio Experience to support you in uncovering and taking aligned action on the personal permission slips that you have been waiting for.

There have been plenty of permission slips handed out to us over our lifetime… most of which we hadn’t actually needed to ask or receive permission for in the first place.

Often we mistake permission for something that is external to us, given to us by others. And other instances we present a question to someone other than ourselves with the hopes of receiving approval.

In school we were taught to ask our teachers permission to go to the bathroom.
Many of us have been faced with the expectation to ask permission to go home sick from work if we are feeling unwell. I could go on and on with examples that society has deemed as “normal” situations where receiving permission is necessary, but going on about this isn’t important.

What’s important is the impact that having to ask permission or being granted permission has had on our ability to show up as our authentic selves.

What’s important is that seeking permission outside of ourselves has caused us to suppress our emotions.

What’s important is the obstacles that have been placed on our ability to confidently express and pursue our desires with love and safety.

When we give our permission to do or be away to others, we give away the most magical parts of ourselves.

Why couldn’t we be the ones to give ourselves approval? Why couldn’t permission be presented as a statement followed by an action that we take simply because we feel like it? Why couldn’t we make our own permission slips that truly support the life that we want to live? There is no good reason why we couldn’t when it comes down to it.

Let's uncover the permission slips that your soul has been waiting for!

Permission slips are invitations to provoke possibility which takes us on a path of disrupting perfection and living in flow.

But, how exactly?

Joining Permission Slips will guide on to unlock the most magical parts of yourself. You will receive the support to explore and receive without the pressure or loneliness of having to figure it out all on your own.

I want to invite you to join me on this journey to design your own version of what giving yourself more permission to be you could look like… what it can feel like… and what it has the potential to unlock within your life, beyond waiting for the world and people around you.

This course is for those ready to let go of waiting for other people to tell you who you are, what to do, and how you should show up. Is that you?

What parts of your life have you been waiting to receive a permission slip for… like speaking your truth, moving wild and free, doing less or more, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, receiving more love, or embodying more of your intuitive goodness?

I know there are so many permission slips inside of you just waiting to be written!

You can expect to...

Your 12-week transformation entails...

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$ 495

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$ 705

Ready to discover your Permission Slips?!

Meet your teacher, Lauren Best.

Lauren Best is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Podcast Host, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, and Provoker of Possibility. She works with Curious Individuals, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Conscious Companies who are ready to explore how they can do things differently in their work and life by giving them the tools to dive into a world of self-discovery and growth where they can unlock an even greater potential inside of themselves by strengthening their mind, body, spirit connection.

Her superpower is helping people explore new possibilities for living a life they love by guiding them back to themselves, helping them reconnect and trust in their intuition and building confidence like they’ve never experienced before. She creates spaces of support and collaboration to help these folks move through the noise to envision and come up with new ideas that will invite aligned action and flow to support their desired area of transformation.

Aside from working privately with clients using Hypnosis, Design Thinking, and Somatic Movement modalities, Lauren also facilitates wellness workshops and group hypnosis sessions within corporate spaces, for existing community audiences, and in collaboration with organizations and wellness brands.

Lauren has collaborated with individuals, public and private sector organizations, small businesses and solopreneurs across the globe from Canada to the UK, Netherlands, Australia, The United States and Singapore to help these folks move through the noise, envision and come up with new ideas, and create aligned action that’s authentic to them.

Ready to discover your Permission Slips?!


You will get what you give, but what you give and how you give is totally up to you. There is no right, and no wrong way to show up for yourself.

There will be weekly group calls online for you to show up to that will be recorded incase you miss a live session. It is highly recommended that you watch any recordings for the sessions you miss and that you also complete any homework from week to week.

You are so worth making this investment in yourself!

The next container of Permission Slips will begin in September 2023.