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A Love Story: Whispers From The Universe

This article is from my MONTHLY LOVE LETTER where I share my experiences and ideas around taking a slower, more natural approach to taking intentional action, prioritizing our energy, embodying values, experimenting with new ways of working, and upgrading our mindset. And who knows what else! If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

When Was the Last Time You Gave Yourself a “Permission Slip”?

This month I found my way back up to Canada, feeling gratitude for my time spent in California the last few months, but also excitement towards the change of scenery.

I wanted to get more serious about prioritizing my health and creating more spaciousness in how I was showing ease towards my body, which was easily enhanced by walks along the sea wall with a matcha latte and my journal, and learning new somatic practices that supported my body to move calmly and release stored up energy.

It’s during these spiritual practices that I have been receiving more whispers from the universe and have been inviting my creativity to run wild. I have found myself trusting myself more and more but have also been acknowledging the celebrations of my accomplishments and leaning into the support that my mentors and communities offer me.

If you’ve been following my recent musings and sharings on Instagram or through my newsletter, you’ll know that I have celebrated quite a few things this past month:

✦ launching my podcast, Provoking Possibilities

✦ writing more about my spiritual practice and life, and the possibilities that are possible for you too

releasing trauma and tension in my body through new movement

✦ expanding my role with a client of mine to bring more ease and flow to their business

✦ letting go of my self-sabotage and sending out a special invitation to join me for Hypnosis Happy Hour…double time

✦ giving myself permission to share and create a waitlist for my new group program happening this fall

Woweeeeee!!!!!! These are such huge celebrations for me that because of having the space to lay low and grow slow I have been able to birth these things into existence.

And a huge part of this, I believe, is my own whispers to the universe to help me allow myself to invite others to support me through this space of expansion. And it’s because of the permission slip that I gave to myself to be in flow with receiving support from others that I was able to consistently show up with love for these projects and show up in my work in my own way.

I’ve been craving more consistency, and once again have I been shown that consistency looks and feels different than what it has looked like in the past and what I would have envisioned it to be. And it’s this trust in the people and energy that I’ve surrounded myself with, that I also want to invite you to think about where you can open your heart to receiving more support in your own life.

Lots of Love,


P.S. I’ve been thinking about creating a container where you can all show up with that one pattern that you’re ready to disrupt… to experiment with and break free of.

Are you interested? Reply back and let me know


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