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Are You Still Putting Yourself In A Box?

Let’s not sugarcoat it, change can be hard. It can be a lot more comfy to keep hiding in that box. And there can be many unique reasons why change can feel impossible, scary, or not even an option. Sure, it is possible to exist in a reality where change doesn’t have to feel or look so drastic or dramatic.

Of course, we also do know that it is possible for change to happen slowly, and naturally over a period of time. And other times it can feel like being pushed off of a cliff with the risk of having everything you ever knew being lost with that leap. The truth is that still, one of the scariest parts of change is the ability to accept that your identity is not the same, that you are no longer the same person, and that the people around you might not be able to catch up with this new version of you.

It can feel like a loss… a loss of this past version of yourself that you’re also forced to grieve as you are also meeting your new self with such excitement. It can feel challenging, confusing, miraculous, empowering.

This is something I’ve become more comfortable with as I’ve been getting more practice lately. But it’s also come as a result of looking at where I have been self sabotaging from success in my business and leaning too hard into old beliefs that I thought I had left in the past.

Making room for more possibilities to show up and setting new intentions to let new ideas bloom comes from giving yourself the permission to do so… not waiting for someone else to drop them in your lap.

Ready to uncover more of these permission slips that will support you to change and grow?

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