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Do You Notice What is Already Happening For You…?

This is just one example of the endless possibilities that are out there for us to experience by upgrading our subconscious minds to welcome new possibilities into our lives. If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been going through this lull… having moments when I feel myself wondering when it will get to be my turn… when will my business take off… when will my body get back to the way it was before the stress from the last three years… when will I have endless opportunities just fall into my lap?

The truth is, the desire of wishing for what’s next, or feeling shame around not yet experiencing what it is other people seem to have so easily can be the very things that distract us from celebrating all that we have, and all that we’ve gotten to experience thus far.

The comparison game is tough, it is natural, we are humans. But it doesn’t make things easy on us.

Perhaps the time you’ve spent “waiting” for what it is others already have is simply the space you’ve needed to experience in order to shed what no longer resonates with this new version of you, making space for new things to happen. Or maybe you’ve been focusing on your health, taking things low and slow, and are building up the foundations that will show up as more sustained wealth.

Can you acknowledge and bring more celebration to three things that you’ve gotten to experience during your time of space?

I’ve been so lucky to experience the launch of my new podcast, I’ve been enjoying these somatic exercises that are supporting me to release stored trauma in my body and have been feeling less pain than I have in 3 years, and I have also been integrating these somatic and new intuitive tools into my hypnosis practice with my clients. Isn’t that all soooooo amazing!!! It even feels so easy to acknowledge that!!!

I’ve also been so lucky to witness my clients acknowledging and embracing the fact that they are different from the people they are closest to… that they can move differently and invite more spaciousness into their lives for more magic to happen… that there is no “perfect” timing to listen to their intuition and souls desires… and that they can make up whatever the fuck they feel like, just because, and not because anyone else says so. Isn’t that all soooooo amazing!!! Things have become more easy for them too.

When we bring more emphasis to what we’ve been lucky to experience and already have happening for us v.s. what we’ve been missing out on, things will feel easier. Things will flow, and grow, and you will soar… perhaps even as much as getting double bounced on a trampoline.

When I was thinking about what could happen if I opened myself up to receiving more in my business rather than “waiting” for my business to take off, I knew I wanted to send a special invitation out into the world for those who are meant to find me… for those who are ready to do things differently, are curious to trust more fully in themselves, and are ready to take up more space in expanding into a new part of their lives. Is that you?!

Have you gotten to experience a Private Hypnosis Session with me yet?!

I am sooooo excited to share with you a BOGO offer for Private Hypnosis Happy Hours with me for just $222 for 2 sessions

There will be a limited amount available and you can book them all the way through to the end of the year!

So will you join me?

💝 Lauren

💕 Hi, I’m Lauren Best, and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Podcast Host, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, and Provoker of Possibility.

🌟 I love connecting with Curious Individuals, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Conscious Companies who are ready to confidently and intuitively provoke new possibilities and disrupt perfectionism in their own unique ways.

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