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Healing the Nervous System & Reconnecting with Your Body with Jackie Stewart

In this podcast episode, I’m excited to introduce our guest, Jackie Stewart. Jackie is a coach specializing in nervous system healing and alignment with soul’s desires. She has an incredible story to share about her personal journey towards authenticity in her marriage, which ultimately led her to confront deep-seated trauma and anxiety. Through her own experiences, Jackie discovered the power of nervous system healing and somatic embodiment work. These practices completely transformed her life and inspired her to help others on their own healing journeys.

LAUREN and jackie ALSO SHARE...

  1. what the stress cycle is and why it’s important to complete it

  2. how nervous system regulation is the foundation of everything

  3. how they tapped into their own versions of self permission to better listen to what their body needs in the moment

ABOUT Jackie

Jackie Stewart is a coach and podcast host, who is using her own journey of living and building a life in alignment with her soul’s desires to inspire others to do the same. That means letting go of limiting beliefs, letting go of people and patterns that no longer serve her, healing ancestral wounds, breaking generational curses, manifesting her wildest dreams, embracing her nature in love, sex and motherhood and trusting herself through it all.

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Episode hightlights

The Journey to Becoming a Hypnotherapist [00:01:35] Lauren discusses her personal journey of becoming a hypnotherapist and how it helped her overcome limiting beliefs and uncertainty.

Designing a Life through Hypnosis [00:02:53] Lauren talks about how hypnosis helped her design her own life and gain control and freedom to show up authentically.

Understanding Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind [00:04:00] Lauren explains what hypnosis is and how it allows us to tap into our subconscious mind to explore fears, beliefs, and new possibilities.

The Live Hypnosis Experience [00:11:38] Lauren discusses the importance of finding a safe and distraction-free space for the live hypnosis session.

Exploring Uncertainty [00:12:46] Lauren acknowledges the presence of uncertainty in people’s lives and invites them to explore it and find comfort in self-trust.

Guided Visualization and Relaxation [00:13:56] Lauren guides listeners through a progressive relaxation exercise and invites them to relax and let go of tension in their bodies.

The Expansion Visualization [00:26:58] Lauren discusses the concept of expanding in various areas of life and finding comfort in not having all the answers.

Self-Trust and Openness to Possibilities [00:28:45] Lauren emphasizes the importance of self-trust and being open to the many possibilities available in life.

Benefits and Applications of Hypnosis [00:31:01] Lauren explains how hypnosis can be used in daily life and offers private hypnosis sessions for personal and professional development.

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Lauren Best (00:00:08) – Welcome to provoking Possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask thought provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known, and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. Hi everyone. I am thrilled to have Jackie Stewart in the building while we’re not in the same building, but we’re in the same space today.

Lauren Best (00:01:16) – We’re going to be talking about so many delightful things, but I’m excited to welcome up the Lowe podcast host and coach who is using her own journey of living and building a life and business in alignment with her soul’s desire to inspire others to do the same. We are like so aligned. It’s so wild. It’s like just a mirror back to myself. And it’s so, so cool. And you know, for Jackie, it really means that letting go of limiting beliefs and letting go of people in the parts that no longer serve her and healing those ancestral wounds, breaking generational curses, manifesting her wildest dreams and embracing her nature in love and sex and motherhood and trusting herself through it all is just the core of her work and all the beauty that she’s bringing to her own life and others. So thank you so much, Jackie, for joining me. We’re gonna just see how things flow and I know we’re going to like talk about so many like gooey goodness things today. So welcome.

Jackie Stewart (00:02:16) – Hi Lauren. Thank you so much for having me.

Jackie Stewart (00:02:19) – Yes, I’m already so excited like we shared before we started recording this episode. There’s just been such good energy coming from that I’ve been feeling from you. And, you know, just I think it’s going to be a really good conversation.

Lauren Best (00:02:32) – Yeah. Oh, my gosh. And it’s really interesting because Jackie and I started following each other on Instagram before we ever talked. And it was like what she said to me was like, I could feel your energy already. And I totally felt that back to And that’s the really cool thing. Think about, you know, when we begin to really, you know, listen to like our values and our just like whispers of our souls. I think it’s so amazing to like, really be able to pick up another people’s energies. But I think a lot of that starts from like, you know, that self-recognition first, right? Like we can, you know, how many times have people, you know, had these thoughts of like, oh, I had good vibes from this person or bad vibes, but it’s a little bit different than when you’re like, Oh, like the energy.

Lauren Best (00:03:21) – It just feels good. Like, that’s like a deeper level of things. And I know that your work, especially, which I like, can’t wait to maybe we’ll all just like dive into it right away, is like this work with a nervous system that you do. And you know, even in my practice as a hypnotherapist, now that I’ve gotten to this place personally, where I feel like I’ve regulated my nervous system to a place of like more so than not compared to where I was three years ago, a place of like safety and comfort and how like different somatic practices and movements have like even in the last few weeks, changed my world, you know, with your practice and what you’re, you know, guiding other people to do in terms of like just really nurturing that nervous system and supporting themselves, you know, what was that journey like for you to, like, really realize this is what I meant to do and this is a way that I can really support people to live those authentic lives.

Lauren Best (00:04:22) – And, you know, because that is also your like core mission of like being aligned and being thoughtful and feeling like you can show up as you and, and have that freedom, you know, in your life.

Jackie Stewart (00:04:34) – Yeah, that’s a really interesting, loaded, beautiful question.

Lauren Best (00:04:39) – I always am like weaving in different tangents and. Right.

Jackie Stewart (00:04:43) – That I know I love it. So to be quite honest, everything started off with this desire of like wanting more authenticity in my marriage, which led to the biggest crisis my husband and I ever faced in our marriage, which led to. Almost a divorce last year. And all of that brought up so much trauma like trauma he was holding on to from childhood trauma that I was holding on to that during the thing like, you know, just our own crisis as a couple that we were trying to manage, we were managing with all of the things that arose from our childhood and all of the wounds that we had. And it was so much it was so hard that at some point I experienced like a minor.

Jackie Stewart (00:05:34) – It was still minor, but my very first anxiety attack, I had never really had that. So when I had that, I was like, okay, this is it. Now you’re just going to be doomed for life. Oh my God, you’re going to have to live with this for the rest of your life. This was horrible. Mind you, during that time, I was seeing a therapist that I loved so much. He’s helped me so much with, like, just processing my own life, my upbringing. That was really chaotic and in severe poverty. And I remember talking to her and just she was just holding so much space for me. But she was hinting at the fact like, Yeah, this is just going to be who you are and part of your life. And so many people are dealing with this and it’s okay. You know, like she was really cognitively trying to help me understand that it’s okay and also cognitively trying to help me understand how I should relate to this anxiety.

Jackie Stewart (00:06:24) – And it was so much for my brain. I was like, okay, wait. I have to think about it this way and look at it this way. And it has just gotten to this point where I was just like, This is not how I want to live, right? I was also willing to take medication because prior to that anxiety attack, I was different. I was like, all of a sudden there’s this cut and now I’m this. I’m like, No, I don’t accept this, right? So we also had a couple therapists that we’ve been having for years, just the best decision we’ve ever made as a couple. But at some point I started seeing people talking about the nervous system on Instagram, and there was this class that I was going to check out, and then we had a session with our couples therapist, and I was just sharing about how I was feeling and what was going on. And she was just like, I really think you should start looking for some kind of like, somatic embodiment work.

Jackie Stewart (00:07:13) – And she she said, I see you doing this like I have this vision of you being being there. So her saying this and me thinking, Oh yeah, there was this class that you wanted to attend. I was like, okay, there’s literally no excuse. Like, just try this class.

Lauren Best (00:07:26) – It’s like the synchronicities of the universe are just like, Oh my God.

Jackie Stewart (00:07:30) – Yes. Jackie And oh my God, definitely. And so I did the class. It was an hour long and I came out of that class being a completely different person. And when I say different, I don’t mean myself prior to anxiety. I mean myself. I have never met before. Like I was so grounded, so full of joy, so settled, like everything just looked differently. And my husband, I walked out of the room and he said, Whoa, you feel different. And I was just like, Because I am. And this feeling with all of the information that she shared about nervous system healing in the class, I was just like, okay, this is what I want to do.

Jackie Stewart (00:08:12) – Like, and at that point it was just all about myself, right? I was just like, I want to feel better and I want to feel better because it’s a it’s a long term solution, right? I’m not grasping for different straws all the time. And just in order to not feel super anxious. Yeah, that’s how it started. Wow.

Lauren Best (00:08:31) – Well, that’s the thing is like the really cool thing is that some of these practices, like hypnosis, like, you know, doing these nervous system, you know, regulating exercises and somatic practices, qigong, like, whatever modality it may be, every modality is different. But there are so many that like within an hour the impact is like, whoa, like you look different, you feel different. It just like really can be so life changing. And to think that so many people also don’t feel like they have an hour to give to themselves and like really invest in themselves is like, you know, it makes me very sad. I think now I’m at the point where, like, I can acknowledge maybe I used to be one of those people, so I get it.

Lauren Best (00:09:19) – But sometimes I’m just like, you know, I’ll be here and I’ll be ready when you are, but like, you deserve it so, so much. And to hear like even in that hour, think like things change for you. So, so big is so cool. And like, what did it look like? So what happened next? Like, after this one hour session, you’re like, This is my thing. This is changing my life. Like, how did you get from that place of practicing for yourself to then now, like guiding other people in this same journey in their own way?

Jackie Stewart (00:09:51) – Yeah, yeah, I would love to answer that. But if there’s one thing I can add to what you just said. Yeah, that is I like this is the one thing I want people to understand about nervous system regulation because. I needed to know that in order to be like, okay, this is I’m going to do this. Nervous system regulation is not just another modality that you do in order to cope with how you’re feeling, right? It’s not so as good as these practices are, and I’m talking about like meditation, journaling, running, exercising, all of these things are excellent and so vital for us, but they are lineal healing, right? So let’s say our baseline is feeling anxious or depressed.

Jackie Stewart (00:10:30) – We exercise, we feel better, we journal, we feel better, we meditate, we feel better. But we go back to this baseline of feeling dysregulated, right? Because that’s where we are stuck. This is where our nervous system exists. Nervous system regulation is linear healing, meaning it changes the baseline of how you feel. So from, you know, the the bottom is like dorsal shut down, which means like depression, disassociation, all of these things. Then comes anxiety. So the fight or flight response and up here is ventral vagal. This is where we are relaxed, connected, where we feel regulated. So nervous system regulation is not this thing that helps you in the moment and you go back to where you were. This is changing your baseline. So over time you are no longer an anxious person. You are no longer a depressed person, meaning you have so much tolerance and flexibility in your nervous system that yes, you will move into overwhelm, you will move into fight or flight because your nervous system is designed to do this right.

Jackie Stewart (00:11:28) – It’s keeping you safe 24 seven but you become more flexible so that you move back up to your baseline, which is regulation and connectedness and relaxation and joy and all of these beautiful things. Right? I feel like this is so important to understand. And also, like you said, you know, people don’t have an hour and I am that person, too. And, you know, I have two children. My husband and I are running our businesses. I love, you know, going out with friends and just doing things that I enjoy. So there is not a lot of time that I have on my hands either to say, okay, I’m going to block this hour out just to focus on my nervous system. And as good as it is, if you do give yourself an hour, especially in the beginning, even if you have five minutes here, five minutes there, five minutes there, do it, you know, or even just 20 minutes, because these techniques and like you said, there are so many different like hypnosis, qigong modalities that you can use the nervous system techniques that I use and that I teach people are things that you can do while you drive the car, while you’re in the grocery store, while you’re cooking dinner, while you’re about to explode in front of your child.

Jackie Stewart (00:12:34) – Like all of these things, you can just view them where you are. And that was really important to me because these other things are great, but I’m not that person to do them either. You know, if I have to carve out time in order to feel good, then I don’t want to do it like it has to flow into my day.

Lauren Best (00:12:51) – Yeah, Yeah. That’s so thank you for sharing that because I think that is something that there’s just so many and everyone is so different. Like even when it comes to managing time, when it comes to like time blocking or this and that, like we’re all meant to flow so differently. So the way one person is doing it or saying you should do it doesn’t mean like that’s the only way. So love that you’ve made that accessible and and brought this permission slip to people to say look like you don’t have to wait until you have the time. Like this is something that you can be doing every single day in those moments where you can stack upon the things that you already have to do, or in those moments where you know you need to or it would benefit you to exercise these these things because you might be about to explode on your child or your spouse or your friend or your boss or whoever.

Lauren Best (00:13:47) – Right? So like, I love that so, so much. So yeah, back I kind of want to skip over the question that I asked before and kind of ask another one now of like, you know, what is that easy practice that someone can do while they’re in the grocery store or when they’re, you know, with their child. And just like about to, you know, I don’t want to say unleashed that came to my mind. But just like have this like little bit of a breakdown or whatever it may be.

Jackie Stewart (00:14:20) – Yeah, that’s a really good question because these techniques are really helpful to help us in the moment and also to help us when we are chronically dysregulated and traumatized just to move towards more regulation. But eventually you want to get to a point where you are able to feel whatever emotion arises and you’re just like, Cool. This is just a bodily feeling. Like I’m not attaching it to the story in my head. Yeah, I know that I can feel this and I can feel good at the same time, right? So but for example, what I like to do with my children, because I’m using this as an opportunity to also teach them nervous system regulation, right, is when I’m getting really angry.

Jackie Stewart (00:14:59) – And I have to say anger is something that I deal with the most like that. It’s really difficult for me to navigate. I’m getting better at it, but I think that’s the major thing. So, you know, when I’m feeling the tenseness, like for one, increasing the capacity or you can name you can call it your window of tolerance and your nervous system to just feel that charged the charge of anger. Right? So like, I’m doing this and then I’m getting better. The capacity is getting better off. Just feel it. Just let it go all over your body. But when I’m reaching that capacity and I’m realizing, okay, the anger wants to come out and I’m about to yell at her or, you know, push something or slam the door or something, then I stomp my feet and I do it in front of my kid. And I said, Come on, let’s do stomp our feet together. And, you know, she thinks it’s funny. So she will stomp her feet with me or, you know, I go into the back and I tell my husband, hey, I have to I have to take a moment and just, like, move this anger and I punch the bed.

Jackie Stewart (00:16:00) – Right. It’s also these techniques are really helpful. But you want to get so attuned with your body that you know how your body wants to move this emotion, right? Yeah. Or sometimes it wants to be vocalized. And then I go into another room and I just say, fuck, like all these things because it just has to come out. But I’m not trying to do it in front of my kid or, you know, sometimes when I’m feeling anxious, I think the best thing that you can do when you feel anxious is to complete the stress cycle, right? Your body is generating all of this survival energy because it thinks there’s a threat, but there is no threat. And I know that a lot of people tend to just like, okay, let me just ignore this scroll on my phone or I’m okay, I’m okay. Like just approach this cognitively instead of giving your body what it needs in the moment, which is to complete the stress cycle, right? Your body is generating survival energy to flee.

Jackie Stewart (00:16:49) – That’s anxiety. That is, you know, Oh, my God, I got to get out of here.

Lauren Best (00:16:52) – Yeah, And there’s no tiger running at you to, like.

Jackie Stewart (00:16:56) – So. Exactly. Yeah, but your mind doesn’t know the difference. Yeah. So, you know, a lot. A lot of times we become anxious and dysregulated because of our own thoughts or the beliefs that we hold, Right. So which are all rooted in like, shame. And I’m a bad person. And if that is true, that means that about me, right? So your mind doesn’t know the difference. Once it gets dysregulated, it starts this mechanism of like, okay, we got to get out of here, so let’s generate your body in order to flee. And then sitting down and not doing anything is the worst thing that, that you can do. The best thing that you can do is, like I said, complete the stress cycle, get up and shake it out. Like shake your whole body or even just running a lap in your living room.

Jackie Stewart (00:17:38) – Or sometimes I do that in a car when I’m at the traffic light. I’ve gotten to this point where I don’t care what other people think of me when they look left or right into my car. But I will just do the running motion with my arms because this is telling my body that I’m actually running so it can complete the stress cycle.

Lauren Best (00:17:53) – Oh my. Like, and it’s so simple, right?

Jackie Stewart (00:17:55) – Like was simple, All right?

Lauren Best (00:17:57) – It’s such simple things. But think when it comes to like, behavior and like you said, being in public and not really caring what people think, I think that’s just not as like just socially we have put or like society has put expectations on us and how we should behave. And if we behave any differently, maybe we have a mental illness or we’re weird or whatever it may be. And just like what has become socially acceptable and not, and the shame that we put on ourselves, if we have desires to look differently, act differently, behave differently, can be so crippling.

Lauren Best (00:18:30) – And just giving ourselves those that permission to say like, This is what my body needs, I’m going to listen to it. My, like, my thing that I’ve been doing lately is giving myself this permission to yawn because that’s how I’m really realizing how my body is moving energy. And I’ll have like, I’ll be, I’ll be looking like the lion or the tiger. Just like looking like I’m roaring all over the place and like, I’ll cover my mouth sometimes, but other times I’m like, My body just wants this and.

Jackie Stewart (00:18:59) – Oh my God.

Lauren Best (00:19:00) – Yes. When I was younger in ballet class, was told we shouldn’t yawn because if we do, then there’s a consequence of having to buy the the ballet teacher a coffee and we’re like, have no money. We’re like kids. And it was just like this weird thing that I found recently. Like, that story was I was connecting like this negativity around, yawning to this old story and like, really, my body is like, just screaming at me to young and yawn and yawn.

Lauren Best (00:19:30) – So it’s like I’m yawning all over the place. But for so long I was, you know, subconsciously, like tying that to like, don’t do that. You will get in trouble. Oh, my God. That, like, money will become an issue or you know what I mean?

Jackie Stewart (00:19:45) – Or Right. For sure.

Lauren Best (00:19:46) – Yeah. Like in front of other people. So it’s just like the simple things, like it’s so simple, yet these things happen and it’s because of these, you know, life circumstances or situations or things people have told us and put upon us that can really, you know, stop. Best for moving energy. Yeah, our little fit. That is actually good because we’re completing good cycle when we’ve been told like no behave or like.

Jackie Stewart (00:20:12) – Oh my god.

Lauren Best (00:20:12) – So stoic that you don’t even show any emotion.

Jackie Stewart (00:20:16) – So like, yeah. And if I can say one thing to your story, it makes me so sad because yawning is one of the biggest signs that your body is moving towards regulation, right? There’s different ways that you can tell that your body is and yawning is like the number one sign that your body is releasing this like survival energy.

Jackie Stewart (00:20:38) – And I’m like, how can you tell children that this is not okay?

Lauren Best (00:20:42) – Horrible, right? Because it’s like this, you know, even like ballet class was my place. But like schools or, you know, whatever, it’s like, sit there, be quiet and think. That really causes us to feel afraid of listening to our bodies and what our place want. And so, yeah, I’m glad that we can even talk about these natural responses that the body is having and sharing that like these are natural and that these are the ways that our body is going to support us to feel good emotionally, right? Energetically. So what you’re doing is just like so impactful. And I want to come back to my other question from before. You know, what did it look like for you to go from this person who is like, yes, this is my thing to like, yes, this is what I’m going to teach people and help people with.

Jackie Stewart (00:21:35) – Yeah. So I mean, nervous. I use nervous system regulation and everything because it is the foundation of everything and not just your mental health.

Jackie Stewart (00:21:45) – Literally anything. It has changed my my relationship to money, my relationship to my body, my relationship to food, literally anything. Nervous system regulation. Because what you just said is part of that. Like that’s your subconscious. You can rewire your brain through neuroplasticity and nervous system regulation, right? So it is interwoven in everything. I’m not necessarily teaching people specifically, um, like, you can join me in a class and we do nervous system regulation, but whatever we work we do together, nervous system regulation is part of it. And so I actually had found someone on Instagram who did like these expansion calls like for free. That was December last year. And in October last year, my husband and I decided to actually go all in on his business. And so I had a conversation with her. And, you know, as we were talking, she’s like, so what would you like to do? And, you know, mind you, around that time I had just started nervous system regulation.

Jackie Stewart (00:22:48) – Like it was really new to me. And I was just like, I don’t want to overthink anymore. Like, I’m always looking for the worst case scenario. I’m always overthinking, like using so much energy to do this. And then she said, Well, what would you do with that energy? And I’m I remember being like, Wait, if I stop doing this, I can use energy to do something else, like I’m preoccupying myself. And she was just like, Yeah. And then I was like, Well, you know, I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast and doing that. And then she’s like, Okay, that sounds great. And then she had said something about like, her services, and she’s like, Whoa, I can give you emotional support or I can give you emotional support and help you in building your body based business. And I’m like, What is a freaking body based business? And she was talking about like how it’s really led by your intuition and your nervous system, how you bring your whole body, your nervous system into your business and build it from that and build it with it, right? And I’m like, Oh my God, this is exactly what I want.

Jackie Stewart (00:23:46) – I don’t want to do anything outside of my nervous system anymore. So I hired her as a coach and as we were coaching and, you know, honestly, really diving deep into like religious trauma and healing religious trauma and financial trauma, these things just came up, right? They were just birthed out of me. And I’m realizing or I realized that because I was regulating my nervous system, which meant I no longer was preoccupied with survival because that’s what your nervous system is preoccupied with. If it’s dysregulated. I now had capacity and energy for creativity, for joy, for things to just blossom out of me. And in the beginning stages, I, I think I texted her a million times a day and saying, Oh my God, I have this idea, this idea Like I honestly had to teach my nervous system how to hold creativity because it didn’t have the capacity for it.

Lauren Best (00:24:41) – Wow. Oh, my gosh. That’s just it’s so cool to see how, you know, for everyone this looks so different.

Lauren Best (00:24:48) – But how putting ourselves, like, listening to these little whispers inside of herself can unlock so much in our lives. Like, we think it’s like this little thing where it’s like, okay, I recognize there’s some excitement. You hear or recognized like my body, my mind, my heart, myself, whatever feels like attracted to this thing, to then unlocking like just a whole new world, a whole new life, a whole new belief system that truly is like going to allow us and support us to expand into different parts of ourselves or a whole new version of us that we just had no clue about. Like on the other side of that, that first little whisper. So it’s just like incredible to learn these, you know, really pivotal moments that you went through by just trusting your instinct and knowing like, what it is that wasn’t resonating with you and what was going to be supportive in bringing you to a place that was, you know, aligned and supported and intentional and just like vivacious and and really living this life that you love.

Lauren Best (00:26:04) – So I know you mentioned as well that you don’t necessarily just teach people how to regulate their nervous system, but how can people work with you? How can people get this like taste and support of Jacky, who is like, you know, out to share all your gifts with the world?

Jackie Stewart (00:26:21) – Yeah. So, I mean, for one, definitely following my Instagram because I always share a few practices here and there at the Jack the Jackie Steward. And then I do have two workshops. They’re available in English and in German, which is all about the foundations of the nervous system, which really just help you understand your nervous system, bring awareness to the different states of your nervous system, learn how to speak the language of your of your nervous system and your body, and then a variety of tools that you can use to actually start regulating your nervous system. That’s like the foundations. It’s a workshop, it’s a one hour workshop and it’s it’s just great. And then I I’m going.

Lauren Best (00:27:04) – To do it.

Lauren Best (00:27:04) – So yay.

Jackie Stewart (00:27:06) – Yay, That’s exciting. And then I just actually released a new know. I’ve just birth it because it’s something that was birthing through me, but it’s a group coaching container for people who really want to embark on this. So let intuitive Led business journey and it’s called Birthing Your Babies and Surviving the fourth trimester. So that’s a group coaching experience that I’m really excited to be sharing with people. And I do have a form that I would like people to fill out just so I can get an idea of where they are and what they want to do. And yeah, I would love to be their like postpartum doula in terms of like business and help them through it.

Lauren Best (00:27:44) – Love that. That is so like just so much love like Lush comes to mind like this, these luscious, you know, spaces and, you know, places where people can come and just really learn about themselves and go on this journey. And I know you also have a wonderful podcast, so want you to share a little bit about that tune where people can find that and what they can expect with all of the conversations that you’re having there.

Jackie Stewart (00:28:10) – Yes. So my podcast is called the Jackie Steward Podcast, and it’s available on Spotify and Apple, and it’s basically just me really on my journey of authenticity and alignment and all of the lessons that I’m learning, all of the wisdom that I’m gaining, like I’m putting into episodes. And it’s just really been this beautiful journey for people to tap into and see, Oh my God, I really can trust myself. I really can be fully in my body and in this present moment and enjoy it. And, you know, I it’s not so much about me convincing other people. There’s only one way, right way to do things. It’s literally me helping people as I’m sharing my own path of like, You are great, exactly as you are and where you want to go exactly with who you are is just perfect, right? So let’s come back to that and let’s like, really navigate this journey.

Lauren Best (00:29:03) – Oh, I love it. Everyone, Like, go have a listen. I have a whole list.

Lauren Best (00:29:09) – I’m going to start at the beginning. Actually, I was telling Jackie this before because there are so, so many good topics, conversation, just so many juicy golden nuggets that are just embedded in the words of Jackie. So do check that out. And I just want to thank you, Jackie, for coming on, for being so open for sharing with all of us and hopefully inspiring people who are listening to be more aware of or just start learning about your nervous system, like starting with that awareness and then also seeing which, you know, tools and different exercises will really be impactful for their own lives and making it easy for them to explore their nervous system and supporting it in the way that they can. So thank you so much, Jackie, and I can’t wait to continue collaborating and following you on Instagram. There’s just so much I know I’m going to continue to learn from you. Is so thank you.

Jackie Stewart (00:30:03) – Yay! Thank you so much for having me, Lauren. This was fantastic.

Lauren Best (00:30:06) – So good.

Lauren Best (00:30:15) – Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing your most authentic self. I appreciate you and your willingness to open your mind and your heart to new ideas and ways of being that are beyond your current reality. So if you found value in this episode, please take a moment to leave a reading and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to this podcast. Your support helps us to spread the message of compassion, self discovery and personal growth to more people who may benefit from it. And if you’re looking for additional support on your journey of self-discovery and transformation, I invite you to visit my website at Lauren Bascombe, where you’ll find resources, courses and coaching services to help you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and joy and confidence and support. So please check that out. And more than anything, I hope you’ll remember that you’re not alone on this journey. We are all in this together, and by embracing our most authentic selves, we can create more compassion and connection to the world.

Lauren Best (00:31:20) – So please keep dreaming, keep exploring and keep provoking possibilities with love and intuition. I’ll be back soon with more thought provoking questions, inspiring stories, and powerful insights and conversations to support you on your journey. But until then, take care of yourself and others and remember that you are worthy of love and possibility. Are you ready to let go of waiting for other people to tell you who you are, what to do, and how you should show up. If you are, I want to invite you to join me in a small group of women to design your own version Of what Giving yourself more permission to be. You could look like, what it could be like and what it has the potential to unlock within your life. Beyond waiting for the world and people around you to give you the permission to do so. Permission slips will be that awesome group of girlfriends cheering you on to unlock the most magical parts of yourself and you’ll just feel so loved and supported to receive without the pressure or loneliness of having to figure it all out on your own.

Lauren Best (00:32:32) – Visit my website. Lauren Slash Permission Slips to find out more.


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