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What if There Is Nothing to Fix?

Would you consider yourself someone who seeks to learn more about yourself… to uncover new layers of who you are or what you need to overcome to unlock your next level of your life’s potential?

Those of you who spend time in the self-growth space… whether you’re a teacher or a serial learner… may be able to relate to this desire to be constantly looking for new areas of expansion, new things to fix about yourself to get to that next level of enlightenment, or perhaps you may even be continuously looking to learn new tools that might just be the thing that helps you more.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking forward to what’s next for me, and this has come at a cost of neglecting just how much beauty is already happening around me and for me in the present. It never crossed my mind while I was looking towards what I didn’t have yet, thinking that I need to fix something in order to reach my desires… that perhaps there is nothing to fix.

I recently showed up to a coaching community to share how I’ve been feeling like I’m on the edge of something big, but that I have been feeling like there must be some sort of initiation that I need to uncover or experience before I can fully receive whatever this next, big thing is.

We’re taught to set goals then work hard to make them happen, but no one ever talks about the in between. No one ever talks about the space in time before our manifestations become our reality. No one ever talks about the discomfort in the waiting, or that when things don’t happen for us right away that there is a possibility that nothing is wrong at all but perhaps things are still cooking… that just because our dreams haven’t fully realized yet doesn’t mean we need to restrategize and find a better solution to make it happen faster.

We’ve created a society where value can be measured in how successful we are at solving problems or how hard we work to make things happen. It’s not often if at all that society invites us to really stop and smell the roses without the underlying pressure to still meet a deadline or meet unspoken expectations. It’s not often that we as individuals give ourselves permission to enjoy the slice of life that is in the in between, before our dreams are ready to arrive to us.

I want to meet you with this question… “What if there is nothing to fix?”

What if you instead get to be patient… to be present… to be joyful… to notice the beauty of the in between… to savour where you are… to understand that your dreams are still brewing and growing, and that you don’t even need to worry about how and when it will happen for you… what if instead you trusted that it’s not a matter of how but when? Doesn’t that feel beautiful…

The key to this is really nurturing your inner child, to play as they would, to stop and smell the roses as they would, to laugh as they would… or as though they wanted if they didn’t have the chance…

If you’re feeling any discomfort or overwhelm with this idea… or that you’re ready to really embrace the in between and anchor in the self-belief, I want to hear from you! I want to hear your thoughts, the stories you’re instinctively telling yourself that are preventing you from believing.

What else? Whatever it is… this is your invitation to give yourself permission to give yourself more… More play, more recognition, more rest, more celebration, more love. 💌

💕 Lauren


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