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I love to talk about disrupting perfectionism  through conscious and intentional living, rewiring the subconscious mind, embracing creative entrepreneurship, and designing self-care practices to guide and inspire folks to show up more authentically in their work and lives.

Speaking Topics

Disrupting Perfectionism By Finding Your Own Permission Slips

Understanding the power we give away to do or be to others while we wait for external permission, and how uncovering our own permission to make decisions from our hearts and intuition we can reclaim the most magical parts of ourselves.


What I’ve learned about combining the work of business design strategy with subconscious work to align the action I want to take with my own idea of success.

Take Aligned Action Using Design Strategy & A Supportive Mindset Practice


How the self-development tool of hypnosis can be used to connect with your subconscious mind and imagine new realities, let go of old stories, overcome limiting beliefs, and open you up to experiencing new possibilities for your work and life.

Upgrade Your Mindset By Tapping Into The Subconscious Mind


The possibilities that you can experience as an individual, company, or entrepreneur through inner-child healing and connecting to your creativity in a way that melts away the overwhelm.

Connect To Your Inner-Child, Embrace Creativity, And Move Through The Noise


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