Are you a…

Creative Entrepreneur,

Conscious Company,

Curious Individual?!

Let’s discover new possibilities for confidently, easefully, and authentically creating a life you truly love!

There are so many possibilities for experiencing more alignment in your life.

Perhaps there are different possibilities for living your life that would actually feel a lot more authentic than how you’re living now.

From a young age, our minds are programmed with different beliefs that aren’t our own, and it can be tricky to confront these ideas alone.

Programmed beliefs can influence so many things like…

  • the types of goals we have
  • how much energy or time we spend on people or things
  • the physical and emotional pain we feel in our bodies
  • how we show up with or without confidence
  • seeing our special skills as weaknesses instead of superpowers
  • suppressing our intuition because of someone else’s experience
  • staying too long in a state of survival or fight-or-flight
  • thinking we have to live our lives in a certain way that meets societal norms

The secret's out... you can consciously create your own stories.

Incase you forgot… you get to try new things, do things differently, walk your own path, and reinvent yourself over and over again!

Maybe you’re ready to eliminate the hustle and create more flow within your work and life, learn how to honour your energy and utilize your superpowers, or rediscover what your true idea of success looks like to you?

Wherever you’re at, I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to explore what your own ideal version of success looks like so you can show up authentically as you, and enjoy the parts of life that you really love.


Clarify where you want to go and the tiny actions that will get you there.

Set up boundaries of time and energy that support your desired way of living, working, learning, and contributing to the world.

Align your inner-beliefs to your desired goals so that your mindset supports you to show up in the best way.

Grow through the phases of coming back to yourself by regulating and supporting your nervous system to feel safe and allow you to thrive.

Explore new possibilities for embracing your superpowers and sharing them with the world in a way that honours your energy, time capacity, personal and professional goals.

Feel so incredibly confident in who you are, what you stand for, how you show your values and put yourself out there, and in the action you feel aligned to take.

Discover how to feel your heart, mind, body, and soul connection to move stagnant energy and emotions and let go of discomfort in the body.

Build self-trust and the ability to make aligned decisions by creating new rituals for checking-in with your intuition.

Embody your own unique idea of success by deconditioning from what you have been told you should be chasing.


Private Hypnosis Coaching

Are you ready to re-write old stories, remove blocks, and reprogram new beliefs that will support you to design your work and life?

We will work together one-on-one using the self-development tool of suggestibility through hypnosis to tap into your subconscious mind in order to help you overcome any limiting beliefs and blocks, let go of negative emotions, and explore new possibilities for getting creative in your business.

Simplify Your Flow 30-Day Intensive

Are you ready to take a deep-dive into designing a core focus area that will bring in more joy while spending less time and energy on your business?

Using a mixed approach of strategy and hypnosis, we will explore unique possibilities for simplifying, creating more ease, and coming up with sustainable ways of working that feel most natural and exciting to you and aligns with your values, goals, and version of success!

Business Foundations Course

Pin-point and design the foundations of your values-based business to show up simply and naturally in your work.

This 2+ hr self-guided written and audio based course in Notion supports you to get clear on your intentions by guiding you back to your strengths while defining and visualizing your unique version of business success.


Move through the noise, envision and come up with new ideas, and create bite-sized plans of action that support your desired area of transformation.


Collaborative Group Coaching

Is your team or organization ready to improve their well-being and expand their potential to completely new heights?

I will co-create and design a collaborative coaching experience for your team or organization, while creating a inviting and inspiring dynamic that will provoke personal and professional development, and spark innovation, confidence, wellness, and aligned action.

Guest Expert

Are you looking for an expert to bring new tools and a fresh perspective that will compliment your vision?

Whether it be for a coaching or workshop series, lunch-and-learn, panel discussion, conference, or wellness day, I can share my wisdom at the intersection of wellness, consciousness, creativity, and business.


Private Hypnosis Coaching

Are you ready to re-write old stories, remove blocks, and reprogram new beliefs that will support the life you want to live?

We will work together one-on-one using the self-development tool of suggestibility through hypnosis to tap into your subconscious mind in order to help you overcome any limiting beliefs and blocks, let go of negative emotions, and explore new possibilities for living your life with love.

Permission Slips Guided Audio Program

Provoke possibilities, disrupt perfection and uncover the permission slips that will allow you to live authentically and freely.

Over the course of 12-weeks, you will be emailed new permissions slips that will guide you to peel back the layers of what giving yourself more permission to be you could look like… what it can feel like… and what it has the potential to unlock within your life, beyond waiting for the world and people around you. This will include guided audios for each week, along with tools and rituals that will support you to build safety and explore new possibilities.

Want to discuss the best option for you?!



There are a few different ways that I can support you depending on your energetic and time capacity.

If you are looking to take a greater leap in a shorter amount of time, working privately together creates the ultimate space for deep-diving into a single area of focus, or for moving through various things at a faster pace. If you are ready to unveil the permission slips that will allow you to show up confidently and authentically as yourself and honour your energy, join me for my 4-month group coaching program, Permission Slips.

I also love to offer groups of people group hypnosis experiences. If you are a coach with a community, a team leader, or a business owner, I can customize sessions that can enhance happiness, productivity, and creativity. Inquire here!

If you are a Business Owner looking for clarity on how to invite in your intuition and cut through the noise, you can discover this by investing in the ‘Flow Foundations Self-Guided Course’.

And for Companies, you can hire me to deliver a Key Note Speech or Workshop to support your wellness initiatives and leadership training.

Above all else I am here to support you to make the most empowered decision for yourself and your business, so please do reach out with any questions you may have.

If you want to chat about what would be best for you, book a call with me!

Hypnosis is a self-development tool using suggestibility that gives you the space and guidance to go into such a relaxed state where you feel safe to surpass your critical mind (the critical mind that tells you that you have to do something in a certain way).

It allows you to really tap into your subconscious mind (which is below the surface of the critical mind), to re-discover what you already have inside of you that will help you overcome any limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and empowers you to safely explore new possibilities for yourself to design a life you love.


I am happy to break it to you that there is no “mind control” involved in hypnosis, I cannot make you do anything you would unwillingly do out of hypnosis, and you will certainly be the one in control because I am simply guiding you through the experience. The movies have given hypnosis a bad rep, and I want to give it a good one!


I don’t have a magic recipe, but one thing I know is that I love to help people unlock their own potential so that they can rely on using their intuition to confidently live their life on their own terms.

In whatever capacity we work together, my goal is to provide you with the tools that will bring you clarity and will allow you to take action that actually considers your unique superpowers and strengths, your personal version of success, and the intentions you want to lead with.

And we will make each and every step simple, fun, and experimental so that there is space for creativity and growth to occur between each milestone.

Good new is, I love to support anyone who is really ready to do the work on themselves.

You will experience connection to your subconscious mind to reprogram your beliefs to support the change that you are ready to make. And in fact, it’s quite possible that you will actually discover even more possibilities that you haven’t even imagined before.

We can design the “perfect” strategy for you to run your business with simplicity and flow, but if there are any doubts or limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are you telling you otherwise, this “perfectly designed strategy” will likely be difficult to take action on. The truth is, we can want to do business on our own terms but still feel stuck with old stories that don’t support these new terms. This is why I love using hypnosis as the main mindset tool to support you in aligning your beliefs to how we identify the best ways in which you can show up in your business. It really is the missing puzzle piece that can help you embrace the ebbs and flows of your energy, and recognize that the way you simplify your business truly can be unique to you.

Visualize A Life You Love