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If you have been spinning your wheels trying to figure out the most logical solution to implement in your business, your company, your team, your service experience, in order to optimize your time, to make more money, to spend your energy enjoying the things that bring you the success you desire… perhaps it’s not a solution you need to be looking for.


Perhaps you get to sort through and challenge all of the things you think you know.


Perhaps you get to allow yourself the space to find clarity beyond a simple solution, by exploring new possibilities to honour your idea of success, your values, your intuitive desires.

Opportunities to Explore New Possibilities


Business Design & Strategy


Mindset Expansion through Hypnosis


Business Transformation Consultation


Collaborative Creativity Workshops


Subconscious Design Thinking Sprints


Workplace & Personal Wellness Workshops


Professional Development Speaker

About Lauren & Her Practice

Before becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist I supported companies and business owners to explore new possibilities to pivot and transform their businesses and services based on the changing forecasts of their markets or industry.


I have used the Design Thinking Methodology with dozens of customer experiences, business concepts, streamlining of operations, business pivots, and new ways of delivering services in my career as Business Transformation Consultant. I have collaborated with public and private sector organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe from Canada, to the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore, and was able to design their ideal way of working.


Many times these clients desired to transform because of their fear of being left behind and wanting to merely catch up to their competitors. And other times these projects were initiated from a desire to innovate and to explore uncharted ways of doing things beyond what was happening in their peripheral and beyond any confusion that may surround them.

Still, I am very much supporting business owners and companies in this way, but my practice as a Transformation Designer and Strategist has been enhanced significantly because of the expansion and exploration I am able to guide people to subconsciously.

About Lauren & Her Practice

Combining Conscious Design Thinking + Subconscious Expansion

to create clarity, self-trust, and aligned action

From what I envision through this holistic approach is the invitation for more creativity to spark, more imperfect action to be taken, more joy and love to be had, more openness to explore new possibilities even amongst the discomfort and beyond ticking a solutions box or responding to outside expectations.

By combining the practice of Conscious Design Thinking and Subconscious Expansion I have seen even more innovative ideas that belong in no box, I have seen the desire for businesses to pivot or transform based on their internal desire to honour their superpowers and experience more fulfilling work, I have seen even more simple solutions that allow the noisy practices to fall away that people think they should be doing.

Holistic & Mixed Approach

You can design the "perfect" strategy...​

but without the conscious awareness of what truly makes you unique and the subconscious belief in yourself... this "perfect" strategy isn't going to get you where you need to go!

This is why it's important for me to support you on both conscious and subconscious levels so that you can feel confident in taking action that feels good to you.​

You get to honour your uniqueness...​

because someone else's proven strategy hasn't been designed with your energetics in mind. 

Other people's opinions are not facts, and their experiences aren't guaranteed to be the same for you.

I believe that the most important things for you to honour are your own desires, values, and what your mind-body-heart-intuition is telling you. When we honour these things we can take action from a place of regulation, power and security.

You can unlock unlimited levels of possibility...​

beyond the limits that your old stories and current reality are showing you is possible.

I know what it feels like to feel stifled by circumstance and I know what it feels like to experience possibilities beyond my wildest dreams.

The second is more magical, freeing, and wonderful, and it's possible for you too when you take the space to explore new ways of doing things, to move through resistance, and to believe whole-heartedly in your gifts.​

I Want To Let You In On A Little Secret

You don't have to work hard or live up to anyone else's standards to feel successful.​

Even though our minds might be telling us one thing, it is entirely possible to realign our beliefs to match our intentions, desires, and our true unique version of success that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. 

The journey that I went on to say goodbye to my old beliefs of “business as usual” and to welcome my new beliefs that supported my approach of “business that I design”, involved upgrading my mindset and letting go of the blocks that were holding me back. I did this by connecting to the power of my subconscious mind through hypnosis, which was no doubt the missing puzzle piece in my journey. In fact, I loved it so much I became a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Let this snippet of my story be your permission slip to move towards a new way of working, where the guilt from allowing yourself to work less hours to spend more time simply enjoying your life doesn’t exist!

I’ll tell you that often the missing piece in any journey is the mindset piece to match the mission. This is why I have created a practice where design and mindset meet to support you in sharing your unique strengths with the world, in a way that feels so incredibly good!

Did you know...

HYPNOSIS the most effective and fastest route to solve emotional blocks and mindset issues with a 93% recovery rate after just 6 sessions - compared to behaviour therapy with 72% recovery after 22 sessions, and psychoanalysis with 38% recovery after 600 sessions.

Geometric Clouds

Let's discuss your transformation!

Want to learn more about the subconscious mind and hypnosis?!

Upgrade Your Mindset, Subconscious Expansion 101 Masterclass
Upgrade Your Mindset, Subconscious Expansion 101 Masterclass
  • What is Design Thinking?
    Design thinking is a user-centric problem-solving methodology that involves five key stages: Empathize: Understand users' needs through research and observation. Define: Clearly articulate the problem to be solved. Ideate: Generate a wide range of ideas and potential solutions. Prototype: Create scaled-down versions of the product or solution. Test: Evaluate prototypes and refine solutions based on user feedback. This iterative process encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation, ensuring solutions are practical and effectively address user needs.
  • What is Human-Centered Design?
    Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a creative problem-solving approach that emphasizes understanding and addressing the needs of people. It involves these main phases: Inspiration: Gaining deep insights into the context and users through observation, interviews, and engagement. Ideation: Brainstorming and generating ideas, followed by prototyping and testing potential solutions. Implementation: Bringing the solution to life, integrating it into the users' environment, and continuously refining it based on feedback. Iteration: Continuously refining solutions based on user feedback and testing, leading to effective and innovative outcomes.
  • How can hypnosis help me level up the action that I take in my business?
    We can design the “perfect” strategy for you to run your business with simplicity and flow, but if there are any doubts or limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are you telling you otherwise, this “perfectly designed strategy” will likely be difficult to take action on. The truth is, we can want to do business on our own terms but still feel stuck with old stories that don’t support these new terms. This is why I love using hypnosis as the main mindset tool to support you in aligning your beliefs to how we identify the best ways in which you can show up in your business. It really is the missing puzzle piece that can help you embrace the ebbs and flows of your energy, and recognize that the way you can optimize how your business performs.
  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a self-development tool using suggestibility that gives you the space and guidance to go into such a relaxed state where you feel safe to surpass your critical mind (the critical mind that tells you that you have to do something in a certain way). It allows you to really tap into your subconscious mind (which is below the surface of the critical mind), to re-discover what you already have inside of you that will help you overcome any limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and empowers you to safely explore new possibilities for yourself to design a life you love.
  • Is hypnosis like I've seen in the movies?
    I am happy to break it to you that there is no “mind control” involved in hypnosis, I cannot make you do anything you would unwillingly do out of hypnosis, and you will certainly be the one in control because I am simply guiding you through the experience. The movies have given hypnosis a bad rep, and I want to give it a good one! WATCH ME BUST MORE HYPNOSIS MYTHS HERE

Why Hypnosis?

Did you know that there is so much waiting for you within your Subconscious Mind?

Have you ever wondered why your desires and your actions don’t seem to match up? You might be telling yourself that you want to have more balance in your life, prioritize your wellness over your work, but you still find yourself sat at your computer screen or spending time on things that you don’t actually enjoy.

It’s within our subconscious minds that our beliefs, emotions, habits, values, protective reactions, long-term memory, imagination, intuition, and limited working memory capacity lives. And there are only three ways to program or reprogram our subconscious minds…

So in order to change our reality, we must be able to access this part of our brain to re-write our stories to support the new reality we want to have! Expanding your mind using hypnosis can help you say goodbye to old ways of doing working, expand your wealth consciousness, enhance your confidence and self-worth, heal your inner child, and see new results in your life that you hadn’t ever dreamed of!

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