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I enjoy creating spaces of support and collaboration to help you move through the noise, envision and come up with new ideas, and create bite-sized plans of action that support you to show up authentically and confidently.


"Lauren recently led some members of my translator community through the most beautiful guided, virtual hypnotherapy session. She spent considerable time listening to each of us share our personal struggles to customize the experience to our group. It was very clear that each one felt very safe with her and had a deep experience of relaxation and a heightened sense of self-awareness."

Kim Jacob, Founder of Treehouse Collective


"We had Lauren join us for our annual professional development conference. Lauren is an excellent speaker with a very important message that really resonated with our group. Highly recommend her session on disrupting perfectionism and writing our own permission slips!"

Marc Colatruglio, President at Association of Assessing Officers of Manitoba


Unlock Your Creativity Using the Power of Visualization

There is so much possibility locked away inside our minds because of the pressure to think critically and execute with perfect precision.

In this workshop you will experience the power of visualization to surpass that critical mind, with the space to feel free to explore new possibilities, brainstorm new ideas to solve problems, and envision new creative opportunities!


Sometimes you just need a pause in your week to get off of the computer and retreat to your own inner world to take a break from the overwhelm and stresses of your work.

Once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month we can meet for 20 to 30-minute bite-sized meditation sessions that will provide you with a space and container to decompress and build a mindfulness practice that will help you avoid burnout and experience more calm in your life.

Mindfulness Meditation Support for Overwhelm & Relaxation


No matter how big or small, there are soooo many things that we experience that are worth celebrating but simply do not take the time to stop and celebrate.

In this workshop you will explore opportunities to celebrate yourself and your milestones, to really honour how far you’ve come all of the beautiful moments that are worthy of celebration, and create a practice of self-celebration.

Making Space for Self-Celebration


Perfectionism is a killer for innovating, taking action, experimenting, and having fun. It also shows up as procrastination, fear of failure and judgment, which can stop us from taking any action at all.

This workshop series will take you on a journey to decondition from perfectionist habits and stories that are keeping you playing it safe instead of innovating:

  1. Understanding Perfectionism and its Impact on Innovation

  2. The Power of Embracing Imperfection and Possibility

  3. Navigating Resistance and Moving Through Fear of Failure and Judgment

  4. Cultivating a Culture of Valuing Experimentation

  5. Taking Bold Action and Building Resilience

  6. Unlocking Creative Energy, Celebrating Progress and Sustaining Change

Disrupt Perfectionism & Invite in Innovative Action


When we are faced with different situations, dynamics, or personalities that irritate us it can be a mirror to a memory that didn’t sit right with our child self.

In this workshop you will connect to your inner child to show up for them in the way they’ve always dreamed of and find ways to honour your inner child in your daily life, to identify the patterns and blocks that are holding you back in both your personal and professional life, to discover where you need to heal to show up with more confidence, self-trust, and authenticity so that you can confidently take action.

Reconnect to Your Inner Child to Embrace Self-Belief & Playfulness


Self-care can be unintentionally neglected and when done with thoughtfulness it can make profound impacts in the way we feel, how we interact and behave in our relationships, and how we show up in our work.

This workshop will help support your nervous system and design a self-care plan that feels natural, impactful, and most importantly easy to turn into daily habits that will help you move through resistance and have you feeling like the best version of yourself.

Build Supportive Wellbeing & Self-Care Practices


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