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I love diving into wellness topics like conscious and intentional living, creative entrepreneurship, the subconscious mind, disrupting perfectionism, and self-care practices.

Concrete Wall

Published Work

BOOK CONTRIBUTION   Amazon Bestseller
Tapping into the Mind-Body-Heart-Intuition Connection with Hypnosis

Discover the profound connection between the mind, body, heart, and intuition, exploring how listening to our bodies' signals, regulating the nervous system, and rewriting subconscious beliefs through practices like hypnosis lead to transformative healing and self-discovery, ultimately paving the way for a life filled with authenticity, trust, and limitless possibilities.

BOOK CONTRIBUTION   Amazon Bestseller
Lessons I Had To Learn To Begin Healing Myself

In this reflective writing piece, I share the 6 Lessons that were most impactful for me to learn in order to find healing and work through the hurdles that put me on my path to become a healer myself.

BOOK CONTRIBUTION   Amazon Bestseller
Why Procrastination Isn't A Bad Thing

In this collaboration book, I share my observations on what procrastination can actually tell us about our mental states, and how I acknowledge and embrace my own nature of procrastination to avoid burnout, overwhelm, and creative blocks.

INTERVIEW ON   The Co-created Hub
How Inner Child Healing Supports Entrepreneurial Success

Find out my expertise on how we can use hypnosis to heal our inner child and remove the subconscious barriers affecting the way we show up in our businesses.

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