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It's possible to make conscious choices that align to your vision, by disrupting perfectionism and opening your mind to exploration!

I support Conscious Companies, Creative Leaders and Entrepreneurs, and Curious Individuals to unlock potential, envision new possibilities for their work and life, connect to their intuition, understand their unique abilities, and strengthen their mind-intuition-body connection to take authentic action.


You're different from everyone else, so you should absolutely design your life to bring out the best version of yourself.

Join a group coaching program or work with me privately, using hypnosis to design a life you love!


I love speaking about topics at the intersections of wellness, consciousness, creativity, and business.

Invite me to be an expert speaker for your podcast, summit, community, conference, panel discussion, or retreat.


I am a two-time best-selling author, wellness writer, and hypnosis script writer.

Hire me to write about topics like conscious and intentional living, creative entrepreneurship, the subconscious mind, disrupting perfectionism, and self-care practices.


Are you ready to embrace more balance, creativity, self-trust, confidence, resilience, self-care, personal and professional development, or strategy in your work or life?

Let's customize a workshop for your team, community, or company.

Let's explore new possibilities for living a life you love by...


new possibilities to plant new seeds and leave behind old beliefs.


with new ideas that empower you to try things differently.


the different parts of your life with an easeful plan in mind.


by disrupting perfectionism through self-care practices, habits, and rituals.


your mindset to support you taking action towards your version of success.

Hi, I'm Lauren Best!

Some might think of me as a designer gone rogue.

I work with Curious Individuals, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Conscious Companies who are ready to do things differently. My superpower is helping people explore new possibilities for living a life they love.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Provoker of Possibility, I aspire to give you the tools to dive into a world of self-discovery and growth where you can unlock the even greater potential inside yourself using your subconscious mind. Who knows which new possibilities are around the corner?!

Part of this process involves exploring and bringing clarity of ease to the different milestones within any growth journey, helping my clients redefine what their version of a successful life looks and feels like, uniquely to them.

Through a mixed approach that combines my expertise of both design and upgrading mindset, I have designed my own business in a way that empowers me to leave behind the hustle mentality, embrace my superpowers, and honour my own unique energy.


I would be honored to have you join me as I share my journey of internally giving myself the Permission To Do Things Differently by Connecting to my Subconscious Mind, at the 360 Wellness Summit.

December 5, 2023

Dream up new possibilities for designing a life you love through this visualization audio.

Let’s re-write old stories, remove blocks, and design new beliefs that support how you want to live.

What part of your life have you been waiting to receive a permission slip for? Come explore in this 12-week guided experience!

Dream up new possibilities for designing a life you love through this visualization audio.

Reconnect with your inner child in this guided visualization experience for more self-awareness, deeper empathy, and self-love.

31 affirmations have been created to support you in any part of your journey of exploring, experimenting with, and discovering new possibilities.

Let’s re-write old stories, remove blocks, and design new beliefs that support how you want to live.

Visualize A Life You Love