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A Guided Hypnosis to Visualize a Life You Love

Are you ready to breathe life into your dreams through the power of your subconscious?

In this episode, I’m guiding you through a special hypnosis visualization to help support you in dreaming about your most aligned and expansive life, even during such uncertain times when new possibilities might feel cloudy! We’ll journey through different scenarios, allowing you to explore various aspects of your desired life. But it’s not just about visualizing the big end goal; it’s about learning to immerse yourself in the journey & savor each moment along the way 🤍


  1. a safe space to let go of perfection and dream of new possibilities

  2. tools to expand your mindset and trust your subconscious more and more

  3. tips to help you move from different states of overwhelm or stuckness to being able to align with what you envision for yourself.


Begin Visualizing a Life You Love with this Free Hypnosis Audio!

Episode hightlights

Introduction to Provoking Possibilities [00:00:08] Lauren Best introduces herself and the purpose of the podcast, which is to explore new ways of living and connect deeper with oneself.

Sharing Personal Experiences with Uncertainty [00:01:29] Lauren Best discusses her personal experiences with uncertainty and feeling stuck, emphasizing the importance of visualization and dreaming.

Background and Purpose of Guided Visualization Experience [00:02:57] Lauren Best explains the background and purpose of the guided visualization experience she will be sharing, encouraging listeners to download the audio for repeated use.

Finding the Stairs [00:15:58] The speaker describes walking down a hallway towards a set of stairs and noticing visuals representing the different parts of one’s reality that may be blocking them from dreaming or feeling rested.

Going Deeper in Hypnosis [00:17:26] The speaker guides the listener to go deeper into hypnosis, counting down from ten to zero, emphasizing the relaxation and ease of the mind.

Visualizing a Beautiful Space [00:19:01] The speaker encourages the listener to open a door in their subconscious mind and find themselves in a beautiful, safe, and powerful space where they can feel rested, present, and inspired.

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Lauren Best (00:00:08) – Welcome to provoking Possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask thought provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known, and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. Hi, everyone. It’s Lauren Best here. This week I’m going to change it up a little bit, so. Some of the stuff that you’ve heard from me so far or can expect to hear from me have been different conversations with special guests that really dive into their own experiences with hypnosis and how it has changed their life.

Lauren Best (00:01:29) – I last week shared the possibilities for unlocking potential within the subconscious mind and just more juicy information about hypnosis, what you can expect, what kind of things you can do on your own, and, you know, just sharing that potential of what’s inside your subconscious mind. And today I’m going to add a little bit more to that. So today I’m going to share with you one of my absolute favorite guided visualization experiences that will actively allow you to upgrade your mindset. So today we’re going live with a guided hypnosis session. And I want to give a little bit of background before. We get into the session. So I designed this specific audio in a time not too long ago, but in a time where I myself was feeling a lot of uncertainty in the world, like many others, kind of in the height of this pandemic, feeling as though the uncertainty was so overwhelming and I was really struggling to visualize the life that I love. I felt like I was really stuck and it was something I was really seeing for a lot of people in my world, whether it be with their, you know, future, whether it be with their.

Lauren Best (00:02:57) – Family dynamics or within their careers. And for myself, it was this transitional period where I was trying to figure out, you know, who I am as a business owner, how I want to show up where I’m going, not really knowing when I was going to be traveling again, which was something that is so, so important to me. So I wanted to create this visualization experience for not only myself, but for you and for anyone who is just really struggling to visualize and really dream and just kind of put into picture what it is that. Gives them life. What would bring about a life that they love. And I want to take another moment here to just really acknowledge that the past few years have been so exceptionally difficult for many of us, all of us in so many different ways. And even now with the state of the world, there can. The moments of doubt or moments of uncertainty that keep creeping up and perhaps will have uncertain moments for the rest of our lives. But whether it’s burnout for you, whether it’s external stresses that you’ve never felt before socially or health wise or energetically, or just knowing, you know, what’s happening with the state of the world, or perhaps any loss in energy or motivation, perhaps you’ve found yourself feeling reactive or defeated.

Lauren Best (00:04:36) – I know I have felt all of these things in different ways, and it can really be a struggle to move out of that autopilot or defeat into a place of self awareness to really live the life that you want, the life that you desire. And. This audio can be the first. Step. The first place where you can come to to really begin to feel unstuck and be able to feel those feelings of hope and those feelings of bliss. So because hypnosis has just been such an amazing tool. That’s helped me move from different states of that overwhelm or stuckness to being able to dream about my life. I am just really excited to be sharing this audio with you today. So I hope that you can find this guided visualization experience to be. Hopeful and inspiring. And just know that. You can keep dreaming about your life even when there might feel like there’s so much uncertainty happening around you. There’s also so many new possibilities around you. They might feel really cloudy right now, but I promise you they’re there.

Lauren Best (00:05:54) – So this is an invitation for you to just create a space of personal expansion into your dream life, whatever it is you want to really realize and visualize and just really trust in your subconscious mind to show you what you want to bring more of into your life on a day to day basis. So this audio is also something that’s available to you. So after the session today, if you really love it, I encourage you to go ahead and visit my website. Lauren com and you can find there this audio Visualize a life you love dreaming during uncertainty and you can download this audio for free and you can listen to it over and over again as many times as you want. Repetition is such a key as well when it comes to unlocking your potential and your subconscious mind. So enjoy this experience. Know that you can have access to this same recording over and over again, either by listening here or downloading that audio. And I just really hope that. You begin to dream that you begin to find a sliver of bliss, a sliver of inspiration, and just know that your subconscious mind has you covered.

Lauren Best (00:07:15) – So let’s get started. You’re about to experience a sensory guided hypnosis recording that will support you to visualize a life you love, using your vivid imagination. This audio has been created by certified hypnotherapist Lauren Best. In this recording, we are using progressive neurological, relaxation and hypnosis to generate suggestibility in the mind. Construct new neural pathways to create your desired reality. This experience has been designed to encourage you to keep dreaming about your life, even during such uncertain times where new possibilities might feel a little cloudy. This is an invitation for you to create space of personal expansion into your dream life. Whatever it is you want to visualize. And to trust in your subconscious mind that it will show you exactly what it is. You can bring more of into your daily life. Starting today. Please do not listen to this when involved in any other activity. And I invite you now to find somewhere quiet, to sit down or lie down and get comfortable. Starting by and crossing your legs and your hands. You may close your eyes.

Lauren Best (00:08:55) – Bringing awareness to your breath. And let’s begin. Breathing normally. Hearing any outside noise will just allow you to bring you deeper and deeper into relaxation. And you can just listen to the sound of my voice to guide you deeper and deeper into relaxation. So in a moment, you’re going to take three deep breaths. And as you exhale, you will find any stress, any tension. Just melting away, making room for you to inhale a beautiful pink light filling your body with. Positivity and relaxation. You can just find yourself. Once we take these breaths, feeling these feelings of positivity, relaxation. And I invite you now to take a deep breath in through the nose. Holding this breath and exhaling out through the mouth. The more you inhale the light, this beautiful pink light, the more dark you will exhale and it will go from black to gray to white to invisible. Take another deep breath here. Holding at the top and exhaling through the mouth. Just seeing this beautiful pink light. Enter your body.

Lauren Best (00:10:39) – The light going from dark to gray to white to invisible. And as you allow your breath to return to normal, you can feel yourself inhaling this beautiful gold light. And exhaling light that is even more golden. Perhaps you are feeling the flicker flutter of your eyes or the calmness of your breath. These things just show you just how deeply relaxed you are. And what you’re feeling here is total mental relaxation. Now that you’re feeling this, we can begin the process of complete physical relaxation. You can now bring your attention to the top of your head. Feeling. The skin on your scalp. Feeling a sense of relaxation, moving down the back of your head. The back of your neck. To the back of your shoulders moving downwards. Down your spine and any movement of relaxation here, you can just feel any tension slowly moving down your body. Now to your hips. Past your waist. Did the backs of your legs. The backs of your knees. To your ankles, the palms of your feet, the soles of your feet to the tips of your toes.

Lauren Best (00:12:29) – Which is feeling this almost curtain of relaxation. Move down the back of your body. Feeling it. Leave the tips of your toes feeling so deeply relaxed. Or the muscle tension leaving your body. You can notice that deep relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You can now bring your attention back. The top of your head. This time to the front of your face, the corners of your eyes, your eyebrows, all the tiny little muscles around your eyes. Your cheeks, Your jaw. Your ears. You just feel any tension here? Moving from this part of your body, you can just feel a new sense of relaxation as you allow any tension to simply melt away. You can feel this relaxation moving now down the front of your neck to your shoulders and down your arms. Feeling the sense of relaxation. Move all the way down to the tips of your fingers. Feeling so at ease, so relaxed.

Lauren Best (00:14:02) – You can now notice.

Lauren Best (00:14:06) – Any tension in your chest, your waist.

Lauren Best (00:14:11) – Your belly button to your hips, slowly just melting away. Inviting total relaxation to your. Physical body. Any stiffness in your hips. The fronts of your legs, your knees, your shins, the tops of your ankles, the tops of your feet disallowing total physical relaxation, any tension to simply melting away now through the tips.

Lauren Best (00:14:42) – Of your toes.

Lauren Best (00:14:50) – What you’re experiencing now is complete physical relaxation. And I want you to experience complete mental relaxation as you go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. In fact, the more relaxed you feel, the deeper you go in, the more physically relaxed you are. We’ll just take a moment here. Being focused, your breath going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper with each and every breath feeling. Total relaxation from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feeling so very relaxed. And now. You can find yourself in a dark hallway within your mind’s eye. And it’s not just any ordinary hallway. You feel safe here. You feel calm and at ease.

Lauren Best (00:15:58) – As you look down at the end of the hallway, you see the most inviting set of stairs and you feel this curiosity and comfort as you begin to walk towards these stairs. As you find yourself moving down this hallway, perhaps you begin to notice something on the walls. I’m not sure exactly what is there. Perhaps you see photographs, moving images, shapes, screens filled with videos. And as you look closer, you begin to notice that these visuals represent the different parts of your reality that perhaps have been weighing on your mind, blocking you from dreaming about your life, or getting a rested night’s sleep, or been taking up a lot of your energy. With each step, you take down this hallway to the door. The closer you find yourself to each of these visuals, you begin to see them slowly drip away, slowly melting and fading away off of the dark walls. And as they fade, any thoughts or feelings that you’ve seen that you felt towards these things? You can feel these thoughts and feelings.

Lauren Best (00:17:26) – Slowly melting away with these visuals. That’s right.

Lauren Best (00:17:35) – And you will now.

Lauren Best (00:17:36) – Find yourself at the top of a lit up staircase with ten stairs going down. And at the bottom of the staircase you will have full access to your subconscious mind. And with each and every step you take, you will go deeper and deeper. And at the count of zero, you will be in a deeper sleep, completely in hypnosis. So you can go ahead now and grab the handrail and take your first step. Ten. Going deeper and Deeper. Nine feeling so very relaxed. Eight. Seven. Your mind is at ease. Six with each number I count. From here on out, you will go 10,000 times deeper than you did before. Five. Going 10,000 times deeper for. Three. Going deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper. Two. 10,000 times deeper than before. One. Zero. Deep sleep. The deeper you go, the better you feel. The better you feel, The more and more relaxed you will feel in the deeper you will go.

Lauren Best (00:19:01) – As you find yourself at the bottom of these stairs within your subconscious mind. You see a door in front of you, and I’m not sure exactly what type of environment you will find on the other side of your very door. This door that you see. But you can know and you can trust that whatever it is will be a place where you feel safe, where you can come alive within the power of your subconscious mind. You have a feeling of calm. As you now go ahead and open this door. You can walk through this door and you can find yourself somewhere that feels so incredibly beautiful and great for you. Perhaps you find yourself inside a space that you visited before or somewhere you’ve only seen in pictures or have imagined in your dreams. Perhaps it’s somewhere out in nature or an environment that is familiar to you. Whatever this place is, it’s somewhere you imagine yourself at your happiest, at your most powerful, your most rested, just flowing with ease and joy and bliss. That’s right. Whatever this place is, you just take a moment here now to bring your attention.

Lauren Best (00:20:35) – To what is around you. Really just look around to see the colors, the objects, the fixtures, perhaps people off in the distance that surround you. You might find yourself with a smile on your face and even more love in your heart. Just taking another moment here to notice your environment. Are there any sounds here? Did you notice any smells? Do you find yourself moving around this place or settling into a certain spot to really soak up in your senses? Is there anyone here with you? Just soaking all of this in. You can now take a moment to look inwards towards yourself. What is it about this space that makes you feel so incredibly powerful, connected, rested, alive, believing in yourself? Who are you Here. How do you feel? Who are you? Is that person who truly feels aligned to yourself and truly believes in yourself? What does your energy feel like? What energy goes into feeling hopeful, inspired. Rested. Aligned. Present. Are you experiencing any positively overwhelming feelings or a certain level of calm, perhaps? What is it that you look like? What are you wearing? How is it that you feel within your body? How amazing does it feel to be here in this beautiful, magical, safe space that your subconscious mind has designed specially for you, inviting you to this place where you feel rested, present, focused, inspired, aligned, full of hope and connection.

Lauren Best (00:23:58) – Just take another moment here to pause.

Lauren Best (00:24:03) – To really reflect. What your mind’s.

Lauren Best (00:24:07) – Eye is showing you here. And now that you’ve taken a moment to really absorb the beauty of the sacred space. You can take a moment to acknowledge that no matter what it is going on in your life, perhaps something out of your control. You can know that you have the beautiful strength of your subconscious mind to open up your imagination and allow you to feel hope, excitement, joy. Presence. Focus. Rest. Whatever it is you desire to feel in the present moment. That it is always with you because it is not only within your mind and your heart, but it is truly part of you. That you can always tap into this feeling of confidence and bliss. And trusting that will. But the more grateful and present you are, the more reasons you can find to be even more grateful for what is yet to unfold for you, even if it isn’t clear just yet. Hmm. How exciting that is to be open to the idea of new possibilities.

Lauren Best (00:25:52) – Possibilities that you hadn’t even thought of yet. Not only do you have the power of your subconscious mind, but the strength inside of you to be resilient. You have the strength of hope and imagination. No matter what comes your way. You know, you are not only going to move past it with the confidence and grace, but these obstacles. Well, just merely serve as a launch launchpad to bring you even closer towards new possibilities that are waiting for you to experience them. Just imagining this life. Starting your days, feeling awake, present and focused. Enjoying these beautiful days. Doing the things that feel. Spectacular and just so fully aligned to you with this beautiful smile on your face. Taking the time. Be present. But continuing to dream about your life. Bringing this calm and relaxing energy. Into your night. It allows you to have a beautiful, restful sleep. Where you can dream through the night. Without a worry. Just feeling this peace, this restfulness. Permission to just fully relax into a beautiful night’s rest.

Lauren Best (00:27:55) – To continue resting. Through the night. And whatever it is you visualized for yourself today. Perhaps. You do not need to remember. Once you leave this hypnosis, perhaps you will want to, because you can trust that these feelings and dreams are already imprinted into your subconscious mind. And any time you want to dream and envision again, you can simply just close your eyes, become still in your breath, relaxing into your body and watching the challenges of your day simply melt away. And you can begin envisioning and dreaming about your life all over again. You can thank your subconscious mind for showing you exactly what you needed to feel and see to reconnect with that belief within yourself. Might even say thank you subconscious mind for reminding me who I am. The love and joy that is in my heart and the strength that I have within myself to be who I am and live in a world that celebrates me and where I am going. Thank you. Subconscious mind.

Lauren Best (00:29:38) – And in a moment. I will count up.

Lauren Best (00:29:42) – From 0 to 5. Let the count of five. You will be completely out of hypnosis, feeling better than you have in a very long time. Zero. Deeper still. One. Feeling good, very calm and relaxed, coming out slowly. Two. Trusting the process and the sense of knowingness and the sense of calmness you have in your body, which will stay with you. Three. We start feeling as if you’re waking up from a long, relaxing nap and washing your face with cool spring water feeling so refreshed. Before becoming more and more aware of your surroundings. Five eyes wide open, wide awake, completely out of hypnosis, feeling better than you have in a very long time. If you joined us for this visualization experience, I really hope that you are able to find some relaxation to move through the noise. Just simply, we’re able to begin visualizing a life that you love. If you’re just joining us now. And are interested to listen to this session. You can visit the link below to download the Visualize a Life You Love Hypnosis Audio for free or visit my website.

Lauren Best (00:31:28) – Lauren Best. Are you ready to let go of waiting for other people to tell you who you are, what to do, and how you should show up. If you are, I want to invite you to join me in a small group of women to design your own version Of what? Giving yourself more permission to be You could look like, what it could feel like and what it has the potential to unlock within your life beyond waiting for the world and people around you to give you the permission to do so. Permission slips will be that awesome group of girlfriends cheering you on to unlock the most magical parts of yourself and you’ll just feel so loved and supported to receive without the pressure or loneliness of having to figure it all out on your own. Visit my website. Lauren Competition slips to find out more.


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