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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself to you…

Or perhaps officially for the first time… So I thought I’d send a little intro your way!

I’m Lauren and I’m a…

🧘 certified hypnotherapist

🎙 host of the provoking possibilities podcast

👩‍💻 workshop facilitator

✍️ writer and author

🎨 life + work designer

And within my work, I support soul-preneurs, curious individuals and creative companies to…

🪞 reclaim their confidence

☁️ explore new possibilities for living a life they love

😶‍🌫️ develop trust in their intuition

🍃 bring more ease and flow to their work

❕ trust in uncertainty

Sounds like a big job right? It is… And it isn’t!

You see, I have designed my work to feel natural, easeful, intuitive, and fun. And although each day things look a little different, I am more than anything committed to meeting people where they are at so I can truly support them to work through whatever hurdle, milestone, or goal they are dealing with.

And I do this by creating… Spaces and experiences that share with them the tools to dive into a world of self-discovery and growth where they can unlock an even greater potential inside of themselves to live a more easeful, authentic, and fun life they love! Perhaps I’ve even worked with you or a friend or colleague before!

For those that don’t already know or are wondering why I do what I do… Let me tell you why!

I went through a series of what some people may call unfortunate events, and I began to realize that although our minds might be telling us one thing, it is entirely possible to realign our beliefs to match our intentions, desires, and our true unique version of success that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Before starting my own business I struggled with toxic workplace burnout, misalignment of my actions from my heart, and heaps of imposter syndrome that was keeping me from truly glowing, growing, and loving myself and my life.

When I started really investing in my spiritual practice… Beginning hypnosis, listening to my intuition and my body, and de-conditioning from the societal norms that were keeping me stuck… Things started to feel aligned and easy for me. The pain I felt in my body started to release, the limiting beliefs I had started to fade away, and the confidence that I had lost began coming back to the forefront.

I began giving myself permission to do things my own way!

Because of my own experience, it’s important for me to bring the balance of fun, intention, and ease to my everyday life so I am able to live authentically and freely and have space to support others in doing the same. This is something that I will no longer sacrifice in the name of people pleasing, being the good girl, or showing up how people may have expected me to in the past. And it’s because of this that I want to help people uncover their own permission slips that will allow them to show up authentically in their own lives!

If you’re interested in beginning or even carrying on with your own unique journey, why not join me for a Hypnosis Happy Hour Session where we can show up exactly how it is you need?

P.S. Sessions are even BOGO right now! ⤵️

Or get on the waitlist for my next group program, Permission Slips:


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