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Can You Trust that Tough Times Lead to Better Paths?

This is just one example of the endless possibilities that are out there for us to experience by upgrading our subconscious minds to welcome new possibilities into our lives. If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

How can you truly trust that all of the tough things in life will ultimately lead to a better road?

How can you truly trust that things will happen exactly how they’re meant to when reality is not matching your desires?

How can you truly overcome what is stopping you from dreaming when you are unable to see a clear vision?

If you resonate with any of these questions in this moment, it’s important for you to know… experiencing boundless amounts of trust is possible. What it involves is building your inner-self-trust and outer-trust in something greater than you (what ever that may mean unique to you).

I had a friend come to me for a hypnosis session recently who has been struggling to take the next step in her business and has been dealing with one thing after another. She has built a career in the corporate coaching space and her waitlist as an independent coach has been filling up… sounds like a pretty good problem right? Well, waitlist aside… she never felt so far away from getting started.

What was stopping her was:

  1. The doubt she was experiencing because of the undefined details of delivering her service experience

  2. The feeling like she should have all of the pieces in place before getting started

  3. The time she felt she has wasted waiting for the perfect moment to get started with her clients

During our session, on a subconscious level, she visualised and revisited the first time she felt a lack of self-belief which allowed her to:

  1. Re-write this story that told her she was wrong to believe that she is worthy of experiencing her dreams

  2. Nurture her inner child to feel the emotion of truly believing in herself, her gifts, and the timing of life’s experiences

  3. Let go of needing to have have full clarity and a perfect design before she can get started

  4. Connect to the belief in abundance to allow herself to receive and welcome new opportunities without doubt

I really don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed by the things our subconscious minds keep record of.

But what amazes me even more is that it truly IS possible for us to reprogram our subconscious minds to believe in the reality we desire…💕

If you are looking to reconnect with your vision, your self-belief, and trust, I welcome you to join me in guiding you to access your subconscious mind!

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💕 Lauren


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