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Interested to experience how hypnosis can help you upgrade your mindset and live a life you love? Maybe you have been experiencing burnout; more stress than you’ve ever felt before, socially, health-wise, energetically; loss in energy or motivation?

This episode is for anyone experiencing stuckness or uncertainty in ANY part of their life. You can expect to learn about hypnosis and be guided through a visualization that will encourage you to keep dreaming about your life, even during such uncertain times when new possibilities might feel cloudy. 


  1. tools to help you along your self discovery journey

  2. a comfortable experience to let go of perfection and explore the existing blocks in your life

  3. her buy one, get one hypnosis session deals- a perfect way to start connecting with your intuition for a fraction of the cost!


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Episode hightlights

The Journey to Becoming a Hypnotherapist [00:01:35] Lauren discusses her personal journey of becoming a hypnotherapist and how it helped her overcome limiting beliefs and uncertainty.

Designing a Life through Hypnosis [00:02:53] Lauren talks about how hypnosis helped her design her own life and gain control and freedom to show up authentically.

Understanding Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind [00:04:00] Lauren explains what hypnosis is and how it allows us to tap into our subconscious mind to explore fears, beliefs, and new possibilities.

The Live Hypnosis Experience [00:11:38] Lauren discusses the importance of finding a safe and distraction-free space for the live hypnosis session.

Exploring Uncertainty [00:12:46] Lauren acknowledges the presence of uncertainty in people’s lives and invites them to explore it and find comfort in self-trust.

Guided Visualization and Relaxation [00:13:56] Lauren guides listeners through a progressive relaxation exercise and invites them to relax and let go of tension in their bodies.

The Expansion Visualization [00:26:58] Lauren discusses the concept of expanding in various areas of life and finding comfort in not having all the answers.

Self-Trust and Openness to Possibilities [00:28:45] Lauren emphasizes the importance of self-trust and being open to the many possibilities available in life.

Benefits and Applications of Hypnosis [00:31:01] Lauren explains how hypnosis can be used in daily life and offers private hypnosis sessions for personal and professional development.

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Lauren Best (00:00:08) – Welcome to provoking Possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask thought provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known, and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. Hi everyone. Welcome to Another week where myself Lauren best provoker a possibility and certified hypnotherapist takes you through a journey of discovery, discovering perhaps new possibilities within your subconscious mind and introducing you to the power of using your subconscious mind to design your life and just live a life you love in general.

Lauren Best (00:01:35) – Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about my journey as a hypnotherapist, how I found it. For me, it was in this journey of becoming a hypnotherapist was this person who relocated back to Canada unexpectedly with so much uncertainty, tried to start my own business, had all these crazy limiting beliefs come up, all these blocks come up, and I started doing hypnosis. I loved it so much. It really helped bring that momentum to the action I wanted to create in the world. But also it allowed me to get comfortable with this idea of I don’t have to define exactly who it is and what I do. And this title I’ve given myself of this provoker of possibility fits me just right for right now. And in that this bigger picture of what I hope to do for all of you and even within my own life is to, you know, give myself that space, give people the space to feel safe enough to ask themselves those questions and open up their minds to the possibility of, you know, wild things happening beyond your imagination and just really opening yourselves up to that idea of welcoming new possibilities into your life without really knowing all the answers yet.

Lauren Best (00:02:53) – Or I worked as a hypnotherapist. I also designed other people’s businesses. I was a service designer, a business transformation consultant. And so when it came time to do it for myself and I only came to this place of deciding to be a business owner because I thought. I can’t imagine working for someone else 40 hours, 40 plus hours a week. So I had to figure out like, what is it that I am going to do? But it really gave me that chance to look at, okay, what do I want in my life? How can I design my life? So I feel like not only have that control over it, but have the freedom to really show up authentically, show up in the ways that feel good with the people that I feel really connected to and just center myself as the heart led person that I always wanted to show up as, but didn’t necessarily have, like all the circumstances on my side. So although circumstance can be. You know, really impactful in how we perceive how it is we need to react in our lives or act in our lives.

Lauren Best (00:04:00) – I think if anything, hypnosis and really connecting back to who I am has been a really good tool for kind of shattering all of those ideas that I once had. I like to describe I’m going to start with describing like what hypnosis is, but also what I have kind of coined my own. Description of what it is. And I think that’s a really cool thing about being. Someone who, you know, kind of gathers all these different tools. We can gather all these different tools in our lives and really decide, you know, what, which tools feel good, which tools, you know, we can learn and maybe don’t want to use right away. It’s like collecting all these things into our toolbox so that we can tap into them, like when we need them or when they feel good. So I like to see hypnosis as one of those tools that really allow us to surpass the critical mind, that critical mind that we are using, like so much of our day, that tell us that we can’t do something or that we should do something in a different way.

Lauren Best (00:05:01) – And a lot of those stories that are so embedded in our critical mind come from our society or come from other people and might not actually be our own ideas. So with hypnosis, we can go into such a relaxed state where we can really surpass that critical mind and we can connect with our subconscious minds, which are I’d like to describe this as an iceberg and the tip of the iceberg that we see above the water is just such a small piece of that. And that really is our critical mind. And what lies beneath the water is our subconscious mind, our unconscious mind. So there’s just so much to tap into once we go a little bit deeper. So with hypnosis, it’s yeah, it’s one of those tools that allows us to connect to that mind and. And we can really explore some of our fears why these blocks exist, what these stories are we’ve been telling ourselves, and really take those moments to explore what life could look like differently, what new possibilities could be available to us if we.

Lauren Best (00:06:02) – Decided, or if it felt natural and authentic for us to say, I’m ready for new stories, I’m ready for new beliefs that will really support my reality. And if I don’t know what I want my life to look like. It can also allow us to uncover these things that just really do really feel really good. And we’ve been told that we shouldn’t really explore or give much effort to. So it can do so much in that way as well. Once we. You know, give yourself those chances to uncover what beliefs we would like to have instead of the ones that perhaps aren’t allowing us to manifest the things that we that we do like, truly want. Because there are all these stories and limiting beliefs that are blocking them. It really allows us to get to this place within our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our souls, where, you know, we can experience what it’s like to have all those things in our current reality, even if they’re not quite there yet. It really can be said to flip of a switch in our in our minds to really invite in, you know, this is what I want, this is what I desire.

Lauren Best (00:07:07) – And I already have these things and like, I can go out there and I can I can, you know, invite these into my current reality. It doesn’t have to be a thing that I keep wishing for. Do you want to build a lot of comfort around hypnosis? I think there’s a lot of people that, you know, can have fears around it and have seen things on TV. And although those might be things that we see quite often, a lot of them aren’t true. So one of the things that really comes to mind for me off the top is this idea that if we go into hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist or hypnotist can make you do like crazy wild things. If I tell you to jump up on this chair and balk like a chicken, you’re going to turn into a chicken. And that is totally not true. I’ve only met one woman who loved chickens where I thought if she, you know, asked me to do that, I would probably say no. But she might in fact jump up on her chair and bark like a chicken.

Lauren Best (00:08:06) – But the average person, non chicken lover or even chicken lover is not going to be inclined to do that. And it’s really about finding the right person. And as a hypnotherapist, a certified hypnotherapist, you know, it’s really in in, you know, the morals and the, you know, standards of our practice to really just be your guides and be the person who can ask you the right questions to get to the places that you want to go and to navigate within your experience. So really allowing yourself to, you know, have that self trust in yourself and the person that you’re working with is really important. But just knowing like you don’t have to let go of all these things that you might think you have to because that can be really, you know, scary for a lot of people. This idea of letting go of everything, telling someone all your secrets, you are still in control, even though we’ve brought you to a place of such deep relaxation where we surpass your critical mind, you know, you get to be in control.

Lauren Best (00:09:11) – It is my job to ask you questions and say like, Are you sure you’re ready to let you know this old story go? Or are you sure you want to release this block? And it really gets to be your experience of having that confidence to just trust in your intuition, trust in your gut, trust in yourself to know all of the right answers. And when we’re in that hypnotic state, we can have those answers. And sometimes we don’t always know all the answers. And that is, is your answer in itself. So no pressure. I really invite people to, you know, think about the experience as something you don’t need to know and think where. There’s a lot of people I work with and myself included. When I first started doing hypnosis myself was this perfectionism of wanting to do things properly and do things right to get the best results. And hypnosis will show you that what you think you might look for, what answers might come up your mind might show you something completely different. And it’s like just as good, if not better, than what you kind of preconceived into the experience as well.

Lauren Best (00:10:23) – From my studies, I’ve been told that there are some people that are like a very small percentage are unable to. And I think that all also goes along with this openness of your mind and having, you know, not only working with the right person, but having that self trust within yourself. And that’s something I also work on a lot with people is that self trust. And we work 1 to 1 together to build that self trust. But you know, think again. It comes down to finding the right person and also being ready to at least be open to seeing things differently and to welcoming new possibilities into your mind. I do all my work online, which is really cool to share this live experience with you here today, because I personally do a lot of my work online privately, and then I also do group sessions. So if anyone has a community or has a team or has a group of friends, I also do group experiences online as well, and we still get that same connection. And there’s also I think what works really nicely is another level of safety that people can experience when they’re in their own environment or in a place that feels really, really good.

Lauren Best (00:11:38) – I would suggest for anyone who is watching live, if you are wanting to drink for this live hypnosis experience and you’re not able to fully, you know, find a space, whether it’s lying down or sitting in a really comfortable chair, there’s any distractions going on, Please come back and watch the replay. If anyone’s driving especially, please do not continue watching this. As you know, you really need to be in a space where you can feel safe and calm and have no distractions going on as well. We’re going to do a probably about 10 to 15 minutes of a live hypnosis session so you can all experience what it’s like to go into that hypnotic state and. It’s going to be a visual, a guided visualization experience. But I want to center the session around uncertainty because I’ve been noticing not only in my own life, but with all these people around me, in my different communities and groups. Just so much uncertainty popping up that they hadn’t expected. And even just on a global scale, we’ve seen a lot over the last few years that.

Lauren Best (00:12:46) – Perhaps 2 or 3 years ago would have been very unimaginable. And I want to acknowledge that even as we’re kind of coming out of this pandemic or things are starting to feel normal in some places, not everything is. And just because some people in the world are moving on, if you’re still experiencing any uncertainty or because of that experiencing different uncertainties, I really want to allow you this space to really feel safe, to explore that and really find comfort in perhaps not knowing all the answers all the time, but also giving you the space to connect some of that self-trust of knowing everything’s going to be okay and just really, really trusting in yourself. And before we begin, I’m going to share with you a few things that you can expect to experience besides that deep sense of relaxation. You might feel a heaviness in your body. You may feel a lightness in your body. Everyone can experience this differently, and whatever it is you do, experience is perfectly okay. There is no right or wrong way to feel during hypnosis.

Lauren Best (00:13:56) – It is a really safe process and I’m here to guide you, you through it and make sure that there is that safety and comfort that you feel. You may feel a flicker flutter of your eyelashes or your eyes. You may feel the desire to swallow. But if anything, you know, there will be this relaxation. And if you do feel any places in your body where you’re feeling a lot of tension, I’m going to also take you through this progressive relaxation as we begin the session so that you can really allow that to melt away. And if any more comes up, you can just. Allow yourself and your breath to really transmute any of that uncomfortable feeling in your body and just allow yourself to breathe that away. So I do invite anyone again who is. Doing something else who might be, you know, operating a vehicle or cooking or whatever it may be to please come back and listen to the live and want to make sure that you’re in a place where you can lie down or sit down and close your eyes and just really relax into this experience.

Lauren Best (00:15:02) – I’m going to invite you all to just close your eyes. Getting into a comfortable position here. Just allowing your eyes. To simply close. Allowing your body to settle into a place of comfort, just moving anything around. To a place where it’ll feel supported like the back of your neck. Your shoulders. Allowing yourself to just simply notice the rising, the falling of your chest. You need to focus on your breath. Feeling this rising and the falling of your chest. Expansion of your ribs with each and every inhale. Feeling as if your ribs are just expanding so fully, allowing your lungs to fill with beautiful, cleansing air. With every exhale noticing. See ribs. Your chest. Breathe and move. As we settle into this guided visualization experience. I want to invite you. To just begin here with two breaths that will guide you through. This first breath here, breathing in through the nose very deeply. Filling the lungs all the way to the top. Allowing your lungs to expand even further than you ever imagined.

Lauren Best (00:17:08) – As you hold this breath in your lungs. You can visualize yourself exhaling beautiful golden light as you exhale this breath slowly. Taking a second deep breath here, but this time through the mouth. Filling the lungs. Schoolers can be. Noticing the difference as it feels to breathe deeply through your mouth. Holding this whole breath. Before exhaling very slowly out through the mouth once again. Disallowing and inviting your breath to return back to its regular pace. See visualize before with that deep exhale. Two two envision the same gold light. This beautiful gold light within your mind’s eyes. It begins. To flow towards your head. Perhaps hovering above your head like a beautiful gold cloud. Feeling the beautiful energy of this cloud, this beautiful golden cloud as it surrounds your head and just feeling. The sense of relaxation that it brings is it begins to. To smooth down across your body all the way from the top of your head. Down the front of your face, your eyes, your cheeks, the back of your neck, noticing any tension is just slowly melting away as this beautiful golden cloud.

Lauren Best (00:19:02) – Begins to dance across your skin. Allowing this energy to surround your arms was painting your skin this beautiful gold light and just feeling any tension just simply melting away. Down now out through the tips of your fingers. Feeling so refreshed and noticing this. Lightness in your chest that perhaps wasn’t there when we first started the session. Now feeling this beautiful golden cloud and its adjuvant setting energy as it begins to move down now past your chest, your upper back, your middle back. Sit slowly, dances across your skin, allowing any tension to just simply melt away. Down. Now pass your hips. All the way down to your knees. Your legs. Pass the dips, your toes and just allowing any remaining tension to just simply float and melt away down through the tips of your toes. Feeling so relaxed and at ease and just feeling this beautiful gold air. It fully surrounds your body as if it’s hugging you just like a big, beautiful, fluffy cloud. You can even begin to notice now. Notice within your mind’s eye.

Lauren Best (00:20:43) – So you’re simply sinking into this beautiful golden cloud. That you can become more and more comfortable in at peace knowing that this cloud is here to support you. And you begin to just simply drift and float, sinking deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation here. Imagining. As you look above you, within your mind’s eye, floating on this beautiful, fluffy cloud, you can notice other clouds floating by. Perhaps noticing as the wind is blowing against your cheeks and the sun dancing across your skin, this beautiful warmth feeling. As you continue to relax deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation here. It is noticing the sense of safety you feel here. And how you found yourself here on this cloud without knowing exactly where you were going. Or that you’d end up here. Feeling the support of your mind, your heart. Your body. If you have any thoughts. It might be popping up as you find yourself here relaxing on this beautiful, fluffy cloud. Just allow yourself to notice them.

Lauren Best (00:22:34) – As they pass by. Might send them a wink or a glance. Just allowing them to move along just like the wind. Perhaps feeling as if with. This cloud, this space that you take up here in this cloud, that there’s almost like a dome like shape protecting you. From any of these thoughts. These have to dos. These things that. Typically. Pop into your mind and feel like such an urgent thing. As if there are things that you need to know, what it is to do next or how to deal with them or. Whether it’s dreams passing by that you’re so excited to work towards or experience, perhaps you can just allow them to keep floating by. Without having that desire to snatch them up. Just taking a moment to notice how it is you feel here. This beautiful cloud. Beyond the safety and the relaxation. Noticing how it is you feel in your body. Noticing if there’s any discomfort that still remains here that was able to. Perhaps move through that beautiful bubble that you’ve created for yourself.

Lauren Best (00:24:22) – There is anything there that’s perfectly okay. You just simply notice anything that exists here within this bubble that made its way through. Whether it is something that you’re visually seeing or feeling in the body. And perhaps there’s something here that you do want to take a second to acknowledge rather than just see it passed by. Noticing whether it’s a physical sensation or thoughts or a dream. Perhaps noticing. But it’s trying to tell you or perhaps you even want to ask it why it’s here. And it might tell you why it’s here and it might not. And perhaps you don’t need to know. But you can decide if it needs to live right here, right now, within this bubble with you. And even if you kick it out of the bubble, that doesn’t mean that it’s gone forever unless you invite it to leave for good. But just taking this time to really check in with yourself, noticing what it is you need within this beautiful bubble. Perhaps you can even invite in some things that you would like to keep here with you.

Lauren Best (00:25:44) – They can add to that comfort, that relaxation. Things that you might want to take with you as you’re navigating any uncertainty that might be happening in your life right now. Because there’s often two things that we can experience. In the wake of uncertainty, one of them being. That we can allow it to create fear in our lives and show up in weird places and weird sensations in our bodies. Or that there’s also another possibility of allowing it to invite in more trust into your life, whether it be self trust. Or trust in the universe. Not knowing exactly what it is you might need in your bubble to get to where you’re going or where it is you’re going at all on your big fluffy cloud, where that cloud will take you in the wind. But you can just simply trust in yourself. To trust in the universe, knowing that anything that is meant for you. Can never be taken away from you. It is yours. And that there can be so much comfort in all of the possibilities.

Lauren Best (00:26:58) – All the ways that you might climb that mountain to this expansion that you’re welcoming in your business or in your relationships and your life and your health. Just beginning to notice and. Perhaps. Become a bit more comfortable in the idea that. Sometimes you can just simply retreat to a big, beautiful, golden, fluffy cloud and relax and find comfort. And you don’t need to know all the answers or have all of the tools. Or the how or the what or the why. That the expansion that you’re ready to experience is already happening for you. And that you will know what to do with it. The ways that feel good. That’s right. Just taking a moment here to just simply breathe and take a big, deep breath once again. Breathing in through the nose so deeply, feeling as the body and the lungs just expand. The ways that feel good and just allowing. And this next exhale. Is this new comfort to really settle into your heart, your mind, your soul, Your body? Knowing that even outside of this visualization that you’re experiencing here right now.

Lauren Best (00:28:45) – That you can keep this self-trust stressed in the universe. This trust in the comfort of knowing that there are so many possibilities available to you that they will always stay with you. You can take a moment here to just thank your subconscious mind for showing up in the way it needed to today, no matter what it is that you. Visualize what might have surprised you, or perhaps if you didn’t visualize much at all. That’s also okay. You can just thank your subconscious mind for showing you exactly what it is you needed to see and experience here today. Think your subconscious mind saying you love it as well. I love you so, so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s right. In a moment. Now I will guide you through. And the process of reawakening here will invite you to return from this experience. And we’ll count up from 0 to 5. And at the count of five, you will be wide awake, completely out of this hypnotic state that you just experienced. That’s right.

Lauren Best (00:29:55) – Zero. Going deeper, still one feeling calm at ease and so very relaxed. Two feeling this great strength and sense of knowing this and self-trust that there’s so many possibilities, so many just waiting for you. Three feeling as if you’re waking up from a long, relaxing nap and watching washing your face with cool spring water, feeling so relaxed and refreshed and for becoming more and more aware of your surroundings and five eyes wide open, wide awake, completely out of hypnosis, feeling better than you have in a very long time. And I invite you here to just open your eyes, take a little bit of a stretch, whatever feels good. Just awakening the body, perhaps doing a little bit of movement in the neck, whatever is going to feel good, having a sip of water. I’m going to have a sip of my tea and I just welcome you back to the space. Well, just to share with you all how much hypnosis does show up in our regular lives. You know, this hypnosis experience was this guided visualization.

Lauren Best (00:31:01) – But we often, throughout our daily lives, experience being in that hypnotic state so many times, whether it is, you know, binge watching that show on TV where you’re just like totally consumed or we’re sitting on our devices and totally lost in TikTok or we’re getting into a really good book or we’re journaling or we’re moving our bodies in a way that feels really good. It all those things are also moving us into this state of hypnosis. So going through this process, like I shared with you today, can be a way of using that really extremely focused and relaxed state to really, you know, do some of the work that we want to do and ourselves to really develop personally and professionally, whatever that may be. And I encourage you as well, if you enjoyed this experience or are curious to try a private session with me, give yourself a try. You can visit my website, Lauren, and you can book a single hypnosis session with me to work with me privately and we can chat about what your goals are, what it is you’re wanting to experience more of in your life, or perhaps even let go.

Lauren Best (00:32:14) – Or if you’re from a conscious company or curious startup corporate team, whatever it may be, do know I am available to work with your team or with your company or with your clients. So do reach out. You can email me hello at Lauren if you’re interested to co-create a really great group experience for your people. Thank you so much for tuning in. As always. I look forward to welcoming you back next week. I am so excited to bring this little treat to you because right now I am offering a buy one, get one offer for my private hypnosis Happy hour sessions, which for two sessions is just $222, which is the price of one session on its own. So right now you can buy one, get one for the price of one, just $222 for two sessions. And within these hypnosis happy hour sessions, we can focus on whatever it is you want to show up with, whether you have a goal in mind or some sort of desire, and you feel like there’s just blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from actually going out there and following your intuition, or whether you’re struggling to manage your time, your energy, to set boundaries or want to just show up in the world a little bit differently than what you are right now.

Lauren Best (00:33:43) – We can also figure out how to connect back to your intuition a little more. Listen to the whispers of your mind and do some work with your nervous system and just feeling comfortable and safe in your body. We can focus on letting go of old stories, rewriting your beliefs, reprogramming those beliefs, and just really visualizing what your idea of success could look like in whatever it is you’re going through at the moment. So do know that there will be a limited amount available, but you can book these sessions all the way through to the end of the year. So right now you can visit my website, Lauren and book those sessions through there or follow the link below and you can get access directly to that Bogo offer for private hypnosis Happy Hour, which will be two sessions for $222. So make sure you don’t miss out. And I cannot wait to support you to really connect to your subconscious mind and see where the session might take you.


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