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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life with Laura Ali

I’m joined by Laura Ali, author of Abundantly Grateful and the Founder of Pure Life Space, as she takes us on her personal journey of evolution, where she not only found her path to personal growth but also made a remarkable transition into coaching and the creation of her very own wellness brand!

Together, Laura and I dive deep into the profound power of gratitude, shedding light on how it can be a driving force behind positive change in our lives, as well as recognizing self-care as the foundation of our well-being.

LAUREN and Laura ALSO discuss...

  1. how Laura used Lauren Best’s hypnosis tools to reaffirm her dreams and pursue a big change in career

  2. how practicing gratitude can be good for your overall well-being and mental health


Laura Ali is the author of Abundantly Grateful and the Founder of Pure Life Space. Pure Life Space is a wellness brand founded in gratitude and practiced in life. Pure Life Space focuses on bringing a positive mindset to daily practice and to the forefront of who we are as beings. She has a passion for helping others, self-expression through art and music, and reaching unique levels of success within the wellness marketplace. Aside from building a wellness brand, Laura is a real estate professional with 5+ years in property management, operations, leasing/sales, and recruiting. 

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Episode hightlights

[00:01:30] Laura shares her journey of growth and transition in her business and life since working with Lauren.

[00:03:24] Laura talks about her book, “Abundantly Grateful,” and how gratitude has played a transformative role in her life.

[00:09:21] Laura discusses her decision to try hypnosis and how it opened up a deeper exploration of her subconscious and helped remove limiting beliefs.

[00:13:55] Laura discusses her transition into coaching and how it relates to her previous work of creating experiences for people.

[00:12:59] Laura talks about her plans to distribute wellness boxes and how they can bring joy and light into someone’s life.

[00:20:38] Laura shares her experiences of being in nature during a training in Colorado and the importance of connecting with nature in her daily life.

[00:23:30] The speaker discusses the process of narrowing down their focus to one specific area of improvement – their physical well-being.

[00:23:53] The speaker emphasizes the importance of giving attention and care to their physical body, including exercising and showing gratitude for their muscles and knees.

[00:26:30] The speaker reflects on the impact of hypnosis sessions, affirmations, and guided audios in reinforcing positive beliefs and helping them feel confident and centered.

[00:34:58] Discussion about transitioning and stepping into new versions of oneself, inspiring others going through similar experiences.

[00:35:58] Exploration of how hypnosis can help overcome overwhelm and stuckness, encouraging listeners to dream about their lives.

[00:38:11] Encouragement to leave reviews and ratings, promoting compassion, connection, and personal growth.

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Lauren Best (00:00:08) – Welcome to provoking Possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, asked provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. So. Hi everyone. I am Lauren Best and today I have a very exciting guest with me today, Laura Ali. And she’s someone that has been working with me with hypnosis and I have checked in with her in a while, so I’m really extra excited to have her because she’s been up to a lot of things.

Lauren Best (00:01:30) – And Laura, welcome. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, what’s been going on. You were in such a growth period and discovery period in your business and your life when we last connected. So I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to.

Laura Ali (00:01:46) – Yes. Thank you so much, Lauren. Thank you for welcoming me on to the show and would love to share with you what I’ve been up to. It’s been quite a journey since I started with you earlier this year. And where am today is I never suspected this, so I’m so excited to be here and share with everyone today. Um, so right now, currently I am working in a recruiting agency. I actually transitioned from property management. Um, so when I started with Lauren back, back when I was in property management and I wasn’t 100% sure where that path was going to take me, I was working on my own personal business. I was working on a wellness brand. And that wellness brand has grown in a way for from my initial inception, I really didn’t know where I was going with it.

Laura Ali (00:02:42) – Now I have a much clearer picture of of what that looks like. So in that time I’ve written a book and I’ve actually worked closely with Lauren to help guide my my plan and my method for my brand. And right now I’m believe I’m going towards the coaching route and that’s really exciting. And it’s it’s completely different. And I really attribute that to our our conversation. So thank you, Lauren, for helping facilitate that growth. And I’m excited to see where the next steps take me.

Lauren Best (00:03:24) – Well, I’m excited too, because, you know, when I first met you, Laura, I felt like you definitely have this such a strong, like, nurturing and guiding light to you and your personality. So it only makes sense that you’re ending up in this coach coaching direction. And I was hoping you were going to drop something about your book because I thought that’s not forget that you’re an author and you published a book and what an amazing accomplishment that is. I know I have it on my bedside table right now and has have been flipping through it.

Lauren Best (00:03:59) – And I think, you know, and perhaps you want to share a bit more about your book as well before we kind of get into the nitty gritty, because you were doing this kind of behind the scenes while we were working together, you know, on just manifesting more for your life. And I was able to see with you that you had such a powerful connection to your subconscious mind. Like from the first time that we did hypnosis together. And your ability to visualize was just incredible. And I think it’s a testament also to not only like you wanting to do this work and expand your reality and do all these things, but also the, you know, manifestation practices that you already had and that foundations that you have laid out for yourself. And I’d love to hear more because I don’t think we’ve ever talked about this just, you know, getting to know more about your journey as well. When it came to like writing that book and like, how did you get to that place where you thought, okay, this is what I’m going to write about because I’ve been practicing this and what yeah, I want to know more.

Lauren Best (00:05:02) – So I’m sure everyone else does.

Laura Ali (00:05:04) – Definitely. Yeah. So for me, it really started in a place, you know, I have a lot of light around me now, but it started in a place of real, honestly, darkness, you know? So I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. I wasn’t treating myself the best, and I know it was in me. I knew it was possible to really give myself everything that I could possibly be. I knew I could be great somewhere deep down inside, but then I would shut it off and say, No, you can’t. You can’t do it. I don’t I don’t think you’re capable. It took me actually losing a job, getting terminated, fired from a job that I had just started. And it made me question myself and say, am capable, Can I do it? And that loss of that employment made me realize it’s within me. No job defines me, No, no person defines me, no action defines me. It’s really just who I choose.

Laura Ali (00:06:09) – To be on the inside of myself. And I wanted other people to know that it is possible if one. You’re grateful, right? So at the point of losing employment, this was back in 2019 and at that time I thought I was on the height of employment within my property management field. I thought, No one can touch me. I’m I’m the best. I’m the greatest. And I needed that correction in a way to say you are great, but be grateful for what you’ve done and what has gotten here. So the name of my book is abundantly grateful, and I use gratitude in every bit of my life now, every moment. I’m just so grateful for the present moment and I’m grateful for the future moments and the past moments. But really, just being present here today is what is so important. And that’s that’s just the short little gist of it because it no more.

Lauren Best (00:07:11) – Right. Exactly.

Laura Ali (00:07:13) – It it goes so deep into it. But yes, that’s that’s how it started. And I just wanted to share with others that yeah, when you are grateful, the abundance just continues and continues and continues.

Laura Ali (00:07:24) – And I haven’t looked back since.

Lauren Best (00:07:26) – Yeah. Oh my gosh. And it’s just really cool to hear you kind of take a few steps back because I think when we started working together, you know, you already had this book on the go. I’m not like, you know, quite far along or maybe even done, and you were this beaming light that was really like, I want to work on myself. I want to, you know, really bring everything that I want and that I’m grateful to, not only to my reality, but to the reality of others, which, you know, makes sense why you’re going to go into coaching. And, you know, just you and a lot of our work together were like, how can I show up for other people? How can I share what I know, what I believe, what I’m living in right now with other people who I know that they, you know, can benefit from, you know, the things that I have to share. And really leaning into that confidence And remember, you know, you sharing with me in your some of your subconscious work, it was like, here’s my power chair.

Lauren Best (00:08:29) – I feel so confident I’m going to strike a few poses in my mind’s eye and I’m going to strike those poses in reality as well. And just like really feeling into that confidence. And I’d love to also like just chat a little bit about what was this moment like? Because I know you were referred to me by your sister, but I’m just really interested to learn more and for other people to learn more as well. Like what was this moment that you knew that you, you know, wanted to try hypnosis or try working with me or for yourself, You know, give yourself that experience and that, you know, space to really expand your own self, you know, in this way, because it seems like you were doing so much beautiful work on your own. So I would love to hear, you know, what that moment or what that kind of looks like for you to make that decision.

Laura Ali (00:09:21) – Yeah. Yeah. So I was at a point where, yes, I knew that I can have my affirmations, I would manifest, I would journal, I would try these different techniques.

Laura Ali (00:09:37) – But I’ve never tried hypnosis. I never tried something just to really allow myself to really dig deeper into who I am. And I was when my sister told me about it, I’m like, Sign me up. Like, that sounds amazing. Like they dig into your subconscious like, Yeah, give me more of that. So it was it was somewhat easy decision for me because I’ve been open to the idea of it, although never tried it. I had a little working framework and I believe on our first intro call you, you gave me a little bit more of a insight of what hypnosis is, because what you see on TV is like, Oh, you know, you can make someone quack like a duck or something, and that’s maybe you can, but yeah, but that’s not really the point of it. The point is, you know, to go deeper into your subconscious. So for me, the decision was I want to remove those limiting beliefs. I want to feel more confident. I want to believe in myself, although I have my affirmations that’s just reaffirming.

Laura Ali (00:10:44) – It’s not lying to myself, which sometimes affirmations, If you if you don’t really believe it, then what are you doing? You know, you have to really accept it and believe it. So I think for me, that was that was what drew me to hypnosis. It’s opening up that that that door in a way. And I feel like that’s what hypnosis is. It’s like your subconscious is there. And then there’s this. George. Just, you know, you have to get the key to open it up. And that’s what hypnosis is. It’s the key in the door. Yeah. Oh, my God.

Lauren Best (00:11:17) – You’re so right. I love that. Yes.

Laura Ali (00:11:21) – Yes. So that that was my journey that opened me up to it. And I’m so grateful that I took that step because I feel like I am 100%. I guess it’s a 180, not a 360. It’s a 180. Right?

Lauren Best (00:11:36) – It’s totally but it’s really cool, like these kind of things like and I remember actually the first time we met together and you were saying that you had this wellness brand and you really wanted to help people that could tell like you, like I said, this guiding light about you.

Lauren Best (00:11:51) – And it’s hard to describe other than it just was your presence and your nature and just who you are. And I remember saying, Oh, maybe even one day, you know, you’ll want to change me. Hypnotherapist. I’m planting another seed because I know you could totally do this if it’s if it’s something you wanted to do. But it’s exciting to now see that you’re on this path. And I know some parts of your work were really tied to previously wanting to create experiences for people and kind of give them like the objects or certain comfort items that would really, you know, bring happiness and joy to them. And is this something that you’re still wanting to do or how how are you in this phase of stepping into this coach and maybe going in this like direction? Is it something that you’ve been like? Well, say I was going to say dabbling your toes in. I don’t know if that’s the word. Yes.

Laura Ali (00:12:50) – That’s the word. Yes, that’s the yes. Just just a little bit.

Lauren Best (00:12:55) – Dipping your toes in or how’s like how’s that going for you right now?

Laura Ali (00:12:59) – Yeah. So it’s going great. So in terms of the wellness boxes that I want to distribute that is still there and I think that is yeah, exactly. That’s just going to be the icing on the cake, you know, and I think it’s going to be so, um, it’s going to be one of those tools that people can use to really just have a little, a little mood shift and think sometimes we need that. We need something that maybe someone’s gifted to us or we’ve gifted to ourselves, or maybe it’s on a regular subscription just to say, okay, everything else may be going on. I know it may be crazy here or crazy there or I can’t find my center right now, but I have this box and let me just open it up and see what’s inside and and the tools that are in there or the objects or. I haven’t finalized it exactly yet. And even if I did, wouldn’t want to give it all away.

Lauren Best (00:13:55) – It’s a secret top secret. You better buy a box. You know? Exactly.

Laura Ali (00:14:02) – Exactly. But I think those items in there will really bring joy and light into someone’s month and hopefully their life. But definitely for the month, you can have that box and you can really return to it to be able to say, okay, this is my happy place, you know, and these are my happy tools. And I think that that’s transitioned into the coaching just a bit. And this is something I haven’t told you yet. I actually went to a NLP seminar, so I’m not sure how familiar you are with NLP, but I’m sure you’re pretty.

Lauren Best (00:14:39) – Course. Of course. Oh, my goodness.

Laura Ali (00:14:42) – Yes. So that was something that really just opened up another door and thought of you very frequently during that time because it’s really what we’ve been working on, right? Like, it’s a lot of those tools and it’s it’s all within you, you know, so it’s in your mind and it’s just unlocking it.

Laura Ali (00:15:03) – So I feel like I don’t have all the answers and I don’t intend to have all the answers. I intend to keep learning and growing every single day. But if I could just help one person or two people just see life differently and maybe have a different walk that that is such a gift. That is a gift for me and the world around. So that’s where I am with the coaching. I’m just I’m just learning and dabbling, but I’m excited for it and the passion is there, so.

Lauren Best (00:15:35) – Oh, gosh, the passion. Yeah. You’re like such a passionate person, Laura and I have to say, like, and I’ve probably told you this, you really have been like a soulmate client for me because of just our energies have been really aligned and just seeing the growth that you are committed to and not only the growth your community, but the open mindedness you have around. Okay, I have all these tools. I do all this like self work on myself, but I’m just so open to not only sharing it with others, but being open to so many different possibilities is just what this work is all about.

Lauren Best (00:16:16) – Because, you know, taking that pressure off ourselves to, you know, be a certain way or do a certain way or be at the top of our careers in what we think we should be. And you’re just redefining so much of that and you’re going to seriously touch so many people and so many lives. And, you know, just seeing that you’re expanding into these different areas of your work, like you said, it’s just going to keep going. And it has been really fun as well with you, I think, to really focus back. You have such a beautiful feminine energy and I keep talking about your energy because it truly is just something so special. And I loved, you know, being able to work together as well to bring out more of that masculine energy of like, okay, you’re a CEO of your business now. It can be whatever business you want, but like, what is it? And seeing you able to dig deep and just kind of figure out, okay, what is it that I’m going to tell people I can help them with? Or how can I actually help people in their lives? And I see this transformation now that we haven’t talked for a while.

Lauren Best (00:17:24) – Like you’re totally stepping into that still with that beautiful feminine energy. So it I love it. It’s so cool.

Laura Ali (00:17:33) – Well, thank you, Lauren. It was. And think of you so frequently with that because we had a session and you were talking exactly about that. Yeah. Give me give me some more of that. Dig deeper into that masculine energy. Tell me, you know, what is it that you’re going to execute? How like, how are you going to implement it? And I frequently revisit those conversations because and and that’s the thing about it with with having these conversations and hypnosis even we only grab just a little bit of the information in the present moment, you know. So sometimes I may hear you and I’ll think about it. I’ll reflect, but it may not be until a week later or two weeks later or even a month later where you’re really taking in and saying, wait a minute, I know how this relates, I know how this connects. And I just needed to have this moment to connect with that moment, to then bring it all together and create.

Laura Ali (00:18:29) – Yeah, here we are, you know, so it’s something that I frequently think about. And those tools that you share are just it’s, it’s in me and I’m, I’m just holding on to them very dearly.

Lauren Best (00:18:44) – I always tell you after every session where you’re like, You’re amazing, this is amazing. And I’m like, Laura, it’s you. Like, I’m here to guide you and it’s all you. And now you’re going to you’re stepping into this role where you’re going to be saying the same thing to your client and the people that you work with because you know you are going to be that guiding light for them. And like you said, like it’s all within us and it’s just about meeting the right people or trying the right things or experimenting or using tools like NLP or hypnosis. So just like you said, unlock these things and you’re, yeah, you’re going to be saying that to all your clients.

Laura Ali (00:19:24) – As.

Lauren Best (00:19:24) – Well. And it feels so powerful to say like, okay, yes, helped.

Lauren Best (00:19:28) – But like, I know this is you and it it feels so cool.

Laura Ali (00:19:32) – Yeah. No, it’s it’s such a fun journey to go on because as you learn more about hypnosis, NLP and just self-growth or helping others, you’re you’re learning how to help yourself as well. So it’s like it’s a win win. It’s a win win all around. So yes, it’s a fun journey for sure. I’m definitely along for the ride.

Lauren Best (00:19:53) – Oh, my gosh. And it’s going to be, you know, exciting, too. And like maybe even now that we’re here just chatting. Like, I’m so interested to see, like, I know there’s a lot that you were, you know, focusing on when it comes to like being in nature and using, you know, even in hypnosis, it would be like, what did you what do you see? And it’s like, I’m in nature. This is my happy place. I want to share. Hearts of nature or discovery with people around me in order for them to feel that joy through nature.

Lauren Best (00:20:28) – And I’m interested to hear as well how that’s been going in your own adventures within nature or different places, perhaps?

Laura Ali (00:20:38) – Oh yeah. So I definitely had an adventurous summer, so nature I went to Colorado for the training actually, and just taking in the energy of being a mile high and was in Denver a mile high. And you just it’s it’s it’s different. You know you your body receives it differently and I was happy to remove myself from the New York City environment and really go into nature for this training because in the breaks I would go outside. I took a walk. I took a deep breath, you know, And you feel you just feel like you’re inhaling cleanness, like it’s cleansing your soul.

Lauren Best (00:21:24) – That’s that’s such a good way to describe it. Like, absolutely. I mean, I opened my window every morning. It’s not necessarily like getting out first thing in the morning, but like, if I can relate my little window open to breathe in that air to your beautiful mountain air, then I’ll take it.

Lauren Best (00:21:43) – But you’re right.

Laura Ali (00:21:45) – Just a little bit. Right? Exactly. It’s better than nothing. And even being home again, I’m still grateful for, you know, the air I’m breathing here. I’m grateful to be able to do that. And I think nature has been it’s very important to me. But I’ve been filling my home with more plants and more life prior to I said, oh, I can’t have a plan. Ill die. I can’t take care of a plant. Right. Plants are doing pretty well. They’re doing pretty well. And it’s a good feeling.

Lauren Best (00:22:15) – I’ve got the green thumb.

Laura Ali (00:22:17) – Exactly.

Lauren Best (00:22:18) – Well, we were planting. You were planting new plants and you in hypnosis, Right?

Laura Ali (00:22:23) – So there you go. There you go.

Lauren Best (00:22:26) – He was the fruit.

Laura Ali (00:22:27) – Of my seeds. Exactly. Exactly. So it’s just remembering to keep myself connected to nature, which is energy for me. And it’s all connected. So it’s a daily it’s a daily experience. And, you know, just being centered within myself really helps being able to appreciate the nature around.

Lauren Best (00:22:47) – Yeah. So are there any new now we’re on like this topic of planting seeds and growing things. Are there any new seeds? I know you’ve planted a lot of seeds during our chat here, like about, you know, going to into coaching and all these things. But are there any other seeds you would like to plant? Good question.

Laura Ali (00:23:11) – That’s going to make me think a little bit. Um, I would say. A new seed that I would want to plant is really just. That’s such a good question. Okay.

Lauren Best (00:23:24) – I put you on the spot of anything like. Sorry.

Laura Ali (00:23:30) – No, it’s fine. There’s probably so many new seeds. Right. But it’s just. Just narrowing it down to like, okay, which one do you want to think about right now? But really, right now, a big part of my journey has been my mental, but I haven’t been giving a much care to my physical. So that is a seed that I’ve been planting of just being more fit in terms of going on a walk.

Laura Ali (00:23:53) – Yeah, exercising, taking care of my my muscles, my insides, just to say, you know, thank you for holding me up every day. Thank you for being there for me. Every day I rub my knees because sometimes I feel, you know, just my knees need extra love, you know.

Lauren Best (00:24:11) – Love that I do that with my shoulders. Like I can totally relate to what you’re saying. And the you know, when I first started doing hypnosis and then when I was going through my training to become a hypnotherapist and going through this process of becoming a new business owner, designing my own business, I was like totally neglecting my body. And my body had been totally like, I’ve been mentally, physically burnt out. And it took so much energy for me to work on my mind. Whereas my body, when it came to even moving or taking care of my body in the way I used to or even wanted to, just I just wasn’t doing it. And that’s something I myself have been working on with my hypnotherapist to really like, you know, reprogram the way that I see, you know, not only feel in my body, but when it comes to eating habits or like getting moving and all these things and making time to have this balance in my day of being a CEO, my own business, but also going for that Pilates class in the middle of my day or going for a walk.

Lauren Best (00:25:19) – And it’s it’s definitely like I am there with you. I totally understand that. We do get to these these phases, perhaps where maybe our minds need a bit more, you know, attention. And then we have our bodies that are also here like, hey, what about what about me? Right? So, yeah, just getting out there in those walks like you totally inspired me as well during our work together just to also get out in nature and a lot more. And I know here and also in New York like winter is coming. So you know, we gotta form these new habits now. So it’s really cool to hear that you’re doing that. And I’m going to start rubbing my knees a little bit more. You gave me that really good reminder that to be.

Laura Ali (00:26:10) – Thankful for them. They hold us up, you know, and, oh, my. So many things possible. Yes, I.

Lauren Best (00:26:16) – Love that so much. So I wanted to check back in with you as well. I know like part of our, you know, working together is, you know, we did these beautiful hypnosis sessions.

Lauren Best (00:26:30) – We crafted some amazing affirmations to really support. You like having that repetitiveness that’s really going to support you stepping in to who you want to be and what you want within your reality. And we created, you know, created some hypnosis audios for you as well. And I’m just interested because I’m just going to start asking everyone who’s worked with me who’s come on, who comes on the show is like, are there one of those things that you just like really loved the most or you felt like made the biggest impact? I know it’s like collectively all a package and that’s why I, you know, make sure that everyone experiences all of those. But I know like when I first started, it was like a habit to write my affirmations. But you’ve already had that practice. But I’m just interested to hear like, you know what, what does it for you?

Laura Ali (00:27:24) – Yeah, that’s a great question. Yeah, definitely. So for me, it’s definitely a collective, right? Because after our sessions, like don’t we have just for a little bit of time and then it’s like I need to be able to recenter and then remember and just like I said, you only pick up maybe a few bits and pieces.

Laura Ali (00:27:46) – Maybe you heard something that I don’t even remember saying, you know, and you’re coming back with those affirmations to say. And the guided audio really is, is great because you can listen to that maybe when you’re commuting or whatever you’re doing, just to have a moment to recenter yourself and say, yes, this is this is who I am and this is what I’m capable of and I know it because I, I pulled that out of me with the hypnosis. You’re pulling it out of you, and that’s it. So like you said, I was sitting in my power chair. I felt so confident and that was in me. You know, you didn’t create that for me. You. You guided me to it, but it’s it’s in you. So I think the collective for me really does it. The one on one sessions are like my golden goose and it’s amazing. And yeah think the, the reinforcements behind it are just what adds to the whole experience really.

Lauren Best (00:28:52) – Yeah. Because I think that’s like a huge important part that people perhaps don’t realize about like hypnosis.

Lauren Best (00:28:59) – We can do these beautiful, like, private healing sessions together. But this repetition of and I know you’ve been successful with this, which is why I asked because this repetition of listening to these audios to really continue to, you know, program your mind and with these affirmations really can be such a great, you know, fundamental practice, but also like enhance this beautiful, these beautiful feelings that you’re already having in your reality. And just like I love the way you said, remind you of who you are because that shows like, yes, I truly believe this is who I am and this is just reinforcing that. And it’s yeah, it’s really, really cool to to hear some of these things in other people’s words because, you know, I know my practice of, you know, guiding you and other people and I know my practice of working with my hypnotherapy and how I feel. So it’s really cool for, you know, just to hear these words, those those words come out of your mouth of like, this reminds me of who I am.

Lauren Best (00:30:08) – I love that.

Laura Ali (00:30:09) – Oh, for sure. And I would say there’s like a bit of anchoring in there as well, because, Lauren, you have such a relaxing tone. Like even just thinking about our hypnosis sessions, like you just remember was just like, for me, like just.

Lauren Best (00:30:26) – So relaxed.

Laura Ali (00:30:27) – You know, And it’s like I would have like this, like, stamped on smile because like, that was like, I would just be so happy and relaxed. So like, the affirmations and the meditation, it just it’s anchoring, you know, it it kind of just brings you back to that moment when you were in that extreme state of relaxation. And regardless of whatever’s going on, on the external, it just brings you right back there. And that’s that’s what’s so powerful about them as well. Just just to add a little bit more, if didn’t say.

Lauren Best (00:31:03) – Gosh, wish everyone could see Laura’s face after or even just right now and after enduring our sessions because you truly have the most radiant smile in the world.

Lauren Best (00:31:14) – But it’s just like it it I can’t even tell you how amazing it feels to just see your smile and know how you know happy and joyful and excited you are about, you know, what’s happening in your subconscious mind and knowing that that’s what’s going to happen in your or what already is happening in your reality and it is you. So it’s just there’s nothing more like genuine than seeing that it’s so beautiful.

Laura Ali (00:31:44) – Yes. Yes. No, it’s really everyone should just go to their happy place. Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:31:50) – Totally. Totally. Um, so speaking of happy place, I know your power chair is a really favorite place of yours, which we go to in hypnosis. And have you been, like, embracing that in any other chair that you sit in in real life? Or like, how have you been embracing your power chair now that you’ve. Yeah, yeah.

Laura Ali (00:32:15) – So I carry it with me. So. And you really remember my power room, really, you know, so I would go into my power room and would feel just so powerful.

Laura Ali (00:32:27) – And even today, you know, I had a meeting and I was questioning, you know, you have a moment of questioning. And I said, no, I am Laura, I can do this. I am in my power. Base. Like, I just I feel it in me and it’s the level of confidence that that. I just didn’t know that that was in me. And I’m doing this pose because that’s really my power pose. Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:32:56) – I love it. Oh, my. Well, yeah. No, it’s great to see that you’re like, you are embracing this within your life and you’re carrying this with you. And even in within this new role of yours, I know like something that you were, you know, in this transitional period the last time that we were working together and just, you know, feeling in this place of like, I’m leaving certain parts of me or my life behind. And here you are stepping into this power of yourself and power of knowing like. I am Laura, and I am so confident and I know exactly what I’m doing.

Lauren Best (00:33:36) – And if I don’t, it doesn’t matter because I’m so confident and it’s so cool.

Laura Ali (00:33:42) – Yeah, no, it’s so true. And I think back to, you know, I was really struggling with the transition at one point, mostly because of the people I really connected with a lot of people at my previous employer, and I didn’t want to lose them. I didn’t want to leave them. I didn’t want to say goodbye forever. And one thing that came out was it’s not goodbye forever. They are still people outside of this company, you know, so you can still have them. You can still experience them in your own, in your own way with separate from that, which is way better, right? So that was something that opened me up to the possibility. And it’s like, Huh, guess that is true. I guess I can still experience these people.

Lauren Best (00:34:27) – Yeah, it’s that’s such a great example of, you know, where we society perhaps tells us like, you know, when you move on from a job or a certain activity or a certain community, like that’s it.

Lauren Best (00:34:41) – But in fact, like we get to stay friends with whoever we want to and we get to have people in our lives in whatever way we want to as well. And you’ve done that. And it just brings me all the good butterflies and all the good feels. Yes, yes, yes.

Laura Ali (00:34:57) – Thank you.

Lauren Best (00:34:58) – Well, we’ll have to get you now. You’re on this beautiful new transition, and I would love to get you on the radio show again. You know, maybe in a few weeks, few months, just to see how everything’s going for you and hopefully share with others who are also going through transitional point in their lives and ah, you know, stepping into the new versions of their selves because that’s what you keep doing and it’s so inspiring. And I’m sure there’s so many other people who are going to be inspired by that. I know it inspires me so much. Laura So thank you so much for your time, your heart, your beautiful energy, and not everyone can see it, but your beautiful smile as well.

Laura Ali (00:35:40) – Thank you so much, Lauren. I can’t be more grateful to you and please just keep doing what you are doing because you touched me in such a special way that I know I will walk with this forever. And I just. I hope everyone else can experience that as well, just because it’s so transformative. Oh, thank.

Lauren Best (00:35:58) – You. Thank you. Thanks, Laura. Because you’ve been listening to the show. I want to leave you with a little treat, which is one of my favorite hypnosis audios that will help you let go of the noise and worry from your everyday life by bringing you to a place where you can connect with your subconscious mind and imagine and dream about your life. Because as we continue to move through ebbs and flows and seasons of our lives, there will likely be times where envisioning new possibilities becomes difficult or where we struggle to move out of that autopilot mode and into self-awareness to really live the lives that we want. So do listen to this audio. It will encourage you to keep dreaming about your life even during uncertain times where new possibilities may feel cloudy.

Lauren Best (00:36:49) – Hypnosis has been such an amazing tool that I myself have used to move from a state of overwhelm and stuckness to really being able to keep dreaming about my life. And I know you can too. So visit the link below to download the Visualize Life. You Love Hypnosis audio for free or visit my website. Lauren Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing your most authentic self. I appreciate you and your willingness to open your mind and your heart to new ideas and ways of being that are beyond your current reality. So if you found value in this episode, please take a moment to leave a reading and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to this podcast. Your support helps us to spread the message of compassion, self discovery and personal growth to more people who may benefit from it. And if you’re looking for additional support on your journey of self-discovery and transformation, I invite you to visit my website at Lauren Bascombe, where you’ll find resources, courses and coaching services to help you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and joy and confidence and support.

Lauren Best (00:38:11) – So please check that out. And more than anything, I hope you’ll remember that you’re not alone on this journey. We are all in this together, and by embracing our most authentic selves, we can create more compassion and connection to the world. So please keep dreaming, keep exploring and keep provoking possibilities with love and intuition. I’ll be back soon with more thought provoking questions, inspiring stories, and powerful insights and conversations to support you on your journey. But until then, take care of yourself and others and remember that you are worthy of love and possibility.


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