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Letting Go of the JUDGEMENT!

Have you wondered what’s possible if you let go of judgement?

How often have you taken the time to witness your judgement and fear? And how often have you met your judgement with non-judgement?

Do you ever notice how much your judgement creates shame and discomfort in your body?

Did you know that judgement is a result of not wanting to feel or acknowledge your shame, and shifting blame, projecting your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours onto others?

These are some questions that I found ringing through my AirPods on a flight to San Fransisco last week as I listened to the audiobook Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s funny because moments before starting this book, as I walked into the airport full of maskless people I took a second to acknowledge how far I’ve come when it comes to walking into a space like this.

A year ago I would have felt a lot of fear and major anxiety in this experience, carrying a self-righteous judgement of others for not having the kindness to protect other people around them, while also carrying a heaviness in my chest from the worry. I created a narrative that these people must be so arrogant to pay such little respect to those around them and I was unwilling to look at this any other way.

It really didn’t cross my mind that I could be just as arrogant to look down on those who did differently than I. And that going one step further to meet my judgement with non-judgement could allow me to let go of the arrogant label I started to put back onto myself. You see, what judgement, blame, projection, and shame have in common is that they are the result of feeling misunderstood and not taking responsibility for our own actions—leading with fear and not with love.

Today I can recognize this judgement and no longer invite it to exist as fear. I can still stay true to my values without feeling entitled to hold other people to the same standards. It’s like all of a sudden I pay it a lot less attention to what other people are doing. And I think it has to do with a lot of the work I’ve done to show up with more loving kindness—something I was really struggling to do when I was letting fear drive my world—and trusting that I can make the right decisions for me and that others have done the same in their own ways.

Perhaps as you read this experience you may even notice judgement creeping up. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on where else you are experiencing fear and judgement, because witnessing your judgement is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

What is causing this fear of this judgement?

How is it showing up in your body? How would you feel if you could release it?

How would you show up differently in your life if you could recognize your shame and judgement around these things and work through them?

What would be possible for you if you felt safe and guided by love instead of by judgement?

What would be possible for you if you were brave enough to be self-aware when judgement comes up for you? Where can you lead with more love in your life?

I invite you to reply back to me or send me a DM to let me know how this message resonates with you!

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