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Living Life By Design, Not By Default with Karsta Marie

Ever wondered how to break free from the mundane and steer your life in a direction that truly sets your soul on fire? Karsta Marie shares the importance of shaking up the status quo! She’s all about taking the reins and living life on your terms. No more drifting along with the crowd…

Karsta’s story isn’t your typical fairy tale. She’s shares how she battled her own inner demons, wrestling with the chaos of failed relationships, and staring fear right in the face. It’s in these raw and real moments that she unearthed the incredible strength within herself, which ultimately led her to a life that radiates pure joy. This episode will remind you that your dreams may not always be smooth, but with her compassionate guidance and transformative tools, you’re well on your way to redefining your own version of success. ✨

LAUREN and Karsta ALSO discuss...

  1. redefining personal success 

  2. the importance of empowering others to design their lives earlier on

  3. the power of visualization and an invitation to explore this practice

ABOUT Karsta

Karsta Marie is a #1 International Best Selling author, a speaker, and accountability coach, and has found so much freedom in using her signature blend of relatability, empathy and candor to help others break free from expectations, BS stories and limiting beliefs so they can create the life they’re meant to live. You can often find her sharing her motto of, “Fine Isn’t Good Enough.” if not she’ll be recharging in her, “zen den,” sitting by the lake or journaling with a cup of coffee in hand.

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Episode hightlights

[00:04:18] Carissa discusses the concept of living life by design and not by default, sharing her personal journey and the importance of designing one’s own life.

[00:08:34] Carissa talks about reaching a breaking point in her life and making the decision to start over, emphasizing the need to help others avoid getting to that point and instead design their lives earlier.

[00:09:54] The conversation touches on the idea that it’s never too late to design one’s life, inspiring listeners to take control and make changes regardless of their age.

[00:10:49] The speakers discuss the journey of trusting oneself and the freedom that comes with it.

[00:11:41] The speaker talks about how doubting oneself can lead to making choices based on others’ opinions and not trusting one’s own judgment.

[00:18:09] The speakers explore the idea of designing and redefining success based on individual needs and values, and how it can change over time.

[00:26:29] Carissa discusses the impact of a visualization exercise on her journey and how it helped her tap into her desired emotions.

[00:27:58] Carissa shares how making time for journaling and trusting the nudges from the universe played a significant role in her transformation.

[00:30:07] Carissa mentions that she can be found primarily on Instagram and Facebook, and she also has a weekly newsletter that listeners can sign up for to learn more about her work.

[00:32:05] Hypnosis as a tool to overcome overwhelm and stuckness and to keep dreaming about life.

[00:32:05] Encouraging listeners to leave a rating and review to support the spreading of the message of compassion, self-discovery, and personal growth.

[00:33:38] The importance of embracing our most authentic selves to create compassion and connection with others, and the reminder that we are all in this journey together.

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Lauren Best (00:00:08) – Welcome to Provoking Possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask dot provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you love that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of Provoking Possibilities on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. I’m so excited to have Casta join us today! Another amazing expert from the Go Confidently family. She is a number one international bestseller author, and is actually the person who invited me to come to my first collaboration book with her.

Lauren Best (00:01:26) – So she means so, so much to me and is such a motivation and inspiration. She happens to be a motivational speaker and a mindset coach, and she works with women to help them to find that clarity about what they want to nurture relationship with themselves and overcome those stories, those limiting beliefs and expectations that have them stuck in a life that’s just fine so that they can create whatever their definition of something epic is instead. And it’s something that we totally related on such a personal note, when we met each other, our purpose is so similar, and she just has such a beautiful soul and energy and is just really helping those other women who, you know, have it within themselves and just really like giving them that support to set their own souls on fire. So welcome Carissa. I’m so excited to see what we get into because it’s always magic. So thank you so much for joining me.

Karsta Marie (00:02:24) – Thank you for having me. So fun to be here. I know I love just I love seeing your face on social media.

Karsta Marie (00:02:30) – I’m like, oh there she is. Oh, you just have such a great energy.

Lauren Best (00:02:34) – Thank you. And it’s funny because like and I think I’m sharing my face more and more just like photos, because for years I feel like I didn’t even take photos of myself. Especially like in the pandemic, you’re stuck at home and then, you know, gaining weight and all those things. So now I’m just like building that comfort. I’m not jumping onto Instagram lives or anything, but not yet. I have done that here and there, but it really is like was a transformation for me to even put myself out on social media. So hearing you say that means like, so much more than you even know. Because I know there’s a lot of women and, you know, people you work with too, where like that is very scary and doesn’t feel safe.

Karsta Marie (00:03:16) – I’m going to share a secret with your audience only for as much as I love being on stages and speaking in front of people, I am terrified of going live like I have one.

Karsta Marie (00:03:25) – After our call today, I’m terrified. I don’t know why. Like live media feels so different. Don’t know. Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:03:32) – Yeah. Oh my God. Well, that’s the funny thing is like, something can be terrifying, but you can also do it, right.

Karsta Marie (00:03:38) – It’s like can do it. Yep.

Lauren Best (00:03:40) – You’re you’re walking the walk and you’re really like doing. Yeah. Putting yourself out there in ways that are going to make it less scary next time. Right.

Karsta Marie (00:03:50) – Absolutely, absolutely. It’ll be all great.

Lauren Best (00:03:53) – Oh my gosh. So you know, I feel like that’s going to be a lot of what we talk about today is just like finding, you know, not only what resonates with you and not just what other people are doing, but perhaps there is a little bit of that of like, you know, maybe there’s people doing other things and like, why can’t we experiment with it and see how it resonates with us? But I know something that you really emphasize, and I love the way you’ve worded this.

Lauren Best (00:04:18) – So I’m just going to like, read it word for word. Yeah. But is this idea of living life by design and not by default? And like I love that so much as a even just as like a designer in my current and past life. But just this idea of design is so beautiful and so I’d love for you to share, like what that means to you and like how you got to this place where it’s like, this is what you want to share with people and support people with.

Karsta Marie (00:04:46) – Yeah. So it’s a huge part of my backstory, my history, I. Um, I always kind of share the story and I’ll, I’ll condense it down a little bit. But right around that third year of university, when you’re kind of getting ready to make all those big decisions and, you know, you sort of feel like everybody else has their shit together. And I, I didn’t and I was like, oh, um, but at that time I had this incredible, incredible vision of being this, like super high powered international business executive.

Karsta Marie (00:05:18) – I was going to, like, wear all the designer clothes and, like, travel on the private jets and do all the things.

Lauren Best (00:05:23) – Love that.

Karsta Marie (00:05:24) – I had never had an interest in business prior, no interest whatsoever. But beyond what I actually saw were all the feeling like it excited me more than anything I had ever experienced. I was like, that could be really exciting. Like just the confidence and the independence and all these things around it. And then. I looked around and nobody around me was doing anything remotely like that.

Lauren Best (00:05:52) – Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:05:53) – Like all of my closest friends were mostly education majors, which was sort of my backup. Almost everybody was getting engaged. Right. And just preparing for these very. Traditional lifestyles, right? They were going to get married, they were going to have these jobs. And so I said, you know what? I did take accounting for a semester. And it was it was horrible. I’m terrible at it.

Lauren Best (00:06:24) – So funny because you said that because recently, like, you know, I’ve had the opportunity to help my or I will have the opportunity to help my family, like my parents and their business with bookkeeping.

Lauren Best (00:06:36) – Obviously it’s not like my passion, but it just, you know, I’m going to try it out. But I was like, oh, I’ve taken accounting for times like in high school, in college, twice I had to retake it because I actually failed the first time. And then recently I took a course for solopreneurs. But so I’m like, oh my God, this accounting thing is like coming up. For some reason.

Karsta Marie (00:06:56) – I only passed that course because I was also the professor’s housekeeper. Like, pretty sure she just took everything. It was terrible. So I was like, okay, well, clearly suck in accounting and I need that to be like, that was my mindset, right? I need that to be in business. And plus right around me was preparing all these other things. And so I got married to my college sweetheart. I jumped into a career. That I stayed in for 25 years. That was good and stable and normal. And you know what everybody sort of expected.

Karsta Marie (00:07:32) – Yeah, we had beautiful babies. We had a house in the suburbs, and I defaulted to what was easy because that vision that I’d had was so scary. Like we were talking about doing scary things. It was overwhelmingly scary. It was going to mean tearing down every preconception I had. And so I slipped into a life of default. And this is where the whole idea of fine came in, because everything really was fine, right? Until it wasn’t right. And then and as you know, when things are not aligned, when we’re not aligned with the things around us, they fall away, right? The universe. Listen, that’s not for you. We got to. And so, you know, my my marriage fell apart and I struggled through the rest of my career like I was a good teacher. I just it wasn’t in my heart. So I struggled a lot. And. I just finally got to a point in 2018 where I was like, you know what we’re going to? Burn this bitch down, like just starting over.

Karsta Marie (00:08:34) – And I literally did I literally did, I burned it all down. I don’t recommend that for anybody. But that’s so that’s kind of where that all comes from then. Like, I want to help others not get to that point where they have to burn it down. Right. And to help them, like, see, you can design like now I do. I have all the fancy glitzy new, but I’m designing my life and I’m very comfortable inside of my life. And I have plenty of family members that like, you know, they’re like, oh, well, what are you doing now? You know, they kind of am. I perceived, I don’t know if I’m perceived as ditzy, but, you know, just kind of the, the, the one that just doesn’t really ever have a plan. And I’m okay with that because I’m designing and just like go. Yeah. And it’s so freeing. And so I just I want to help people be able to, to do that, you know hopefully earlier.

Karsta Marie (00:09:31) – Then, then later. Right? It’s difficult to do it at my age. I’m almost 50 and it’s hard the older you are because you have more, um, more attachment to what’s comfortable.

Lauren Best (00:09:44) – Right?

Karsta Marie (00:09:45) – Right. And you feel like you have more to lose. You don’t, but you feel like you do. And so it’s just. Yeah, guess that’s kind of where that comes from.

Lauren Best (00:09:54) – I think it’s too, though, like it is so inspiring to just be that person. That’s like also like if. You know you’re feeling like it’s too late. Like it’s not too late. Like you can do this at any age. Like in your 40s in your 70, like whatever. Right? Like we get to, we get to if we so choose to design our lives the way we want them to be. And I love that. I think there’s like a switch that goes off to and I obviously you’ve experienced this of just like. You know, going from this place of like having everything mapped out and things being just fine and very like on a societal standpoint, like the norm and like on paper, really fine or beautiful or like the aspirational life to having no plan and just having to like.

Lauren Best (00:10:49) – Are getting to not having to. Getting to trust in yourself, knowing that everything from here on out, you get to make up. You get to go down different paths. You get to try this out. And like you said, when things aren’t aligned, they seem to slip away. But it’s like you don’t know until you try and to just even give yourself that chance to try certain things and then, you know, be open to the possibility that they will or may fall away, or they may transform into something different, or a door over here might open that you never, ever imagined happening. There’s yeah, there’s that freedom in it. And for you, I’d love to hear about, you know, that journey of trusting yourself. Because without that trust, like, it’s not so easy to burn the place down because. And it’s just terrifying again, like you said.

Karsta Marie (00:11:41) – Well, right. That’s the thing. Like, that’s why I fell into that sort of default. Right? Because I didn’t trust myself.

Karsta Marie (00:11:49) – I was like, I don’t. I clearly don’t know what this is. This is the dialogue that was in my head, right? Like, clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about. Like, look at failed accounting. I’ve never enjoyed business. Like, I’m telling myself all these stories. Yeah, but it’s because everybody else around me. Is not doubting me, but just like. And I’m sure your listeners won’t, you know, like when you when you throw out some idea that you’re having about anything doesn’t have to be a huge life, just anything. And somebody will go, oh, well that’s interesting. And just that tone that they use gets you to start doubting doubt. Yeah, right. And so I had spent and I’m going to I want to say one thing on trusting yourself too. So don’t let me forget. But like I had just started to doubt all of these choices. Right. Like failed accounting. Clearly I’m not good at business or this or that or whatever, I just yeah, I learned to doubt myself.

Karsta Marie (00:12:52) – And a big part of that, and this is what I wanted to make sure to add, is that. You know, when we. I feel like this is just me. When we make choices. Like, for example, if I, you know, I’ve gotten into plenty of relationships that haven’t worked out. Um, me too, because they haven’t. Yeah, that’s another whole episode. Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:13:16) – For sure.

Karsta Marie (00:13:17) – Because they haven’t worked out. If you don’t trust in yourself. Like. I’m now to a point where I go, okay, well, they didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Right. And now I sort of carry this, like, rejection. What is the rejection? Is protection, right? Love that time when they’re not working out, you start doubting like, oh, see, I pick all the wrong guys.

Lauren Best (00:13:41) – Totally.

Karsta Marie (00:13:42) – Yeah, yeah.

Lauren Best (00:13:44) – It becomes real. That feeling.

Karsta Marie (00:13:46) – Yes. And so and my point is it happens in every area of your life.

Karsta Marie (00:13:50) – And so if you’re when you’re seeing your failures, they’re not failures. But when you’re seeing them as that and you’re taking that on, you just erode that trust with yourself. And there’s such a magic I think in and it’s funny because just talking to you, this is really I’m feeling it like settling into my root chakra. Like right now it’s just like all settling in, like there’s such a freedom in. Just saying. You know what? I’m going to be okay. Yeah. Oh my gosh. That’s an excitement. I’ve got, like, chills all over. There’s such an excitement in knowing I get to pick. And if it doesn’t turn out, that’s okay. At least I learned something from it. And I know I’ve been in a place where that is a really hard concept to wrap your head around when you’re so sort of. At that point of needing to burn things down, it’s hard to open up to that. Like when I did. 2018 was kind of my pivotal year. And so my last relationship ended, and I not because of any particular reason.

Karsta Marie (00:14:58) – I think that just happened to be the catalyst that like, started. All right. I was like, yeah, but even for.

Lauren Best (00:15:04) – Me, the time for me is now. Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:15:08) – Then I had no trust in myself. I was in a place I often talk to my clients about. I was in a place of like. If I. I always think of the universe as sort of like this massive GPS system, right? And we always say, like, we want to get away from what we have instead of moving ourselves toward something new. Like, if you ask your phone or your GPS for directions away from where you’re at, it can’t give you that. It needs a destination, right? Didn’t have a destination. And I think a lot of us are at that point, right where we get to this. Like, I don’t know that people that always say, I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck. You’re stuck because you don’t. You’re not opening your mind to what you do want.

Karsta Marie (00:15:50) – You’re you’re focused on getting out of whatever your current situation is and focused on getting out of that current relationship, that current job, your current financial situation, instead of, okay, I clearly don’t want this, but what do I really want? Yeah. And getting clarity on that.

Lauren Best (00:16:09) – And even if you don’t know what you want because that can change or even if you want something, the universe might plop something else in your path. That’s so different. But it’s just like, what feelings do you want to have? Yes, is the game changer. It really is.

Karsta Marie (00:16:25) – I and you know, from the Vision Board workshop, right? Like that. Like that’s huge for me. Like it’s not just the physical things, right? It’s not like, think I want this job. Like I said at the beginning when that I had that vision of that lifestyle. It wasn’t the Jets, it wasn’t the fancy clothes. It was all the feelings wrapped around in that. Like, yeah.

Lauren Best (00:16:47) – Freed on that power that.

Karsta Marie (00:16:49) – And now I am a lot of years later. But like here I am, right. And just trusting that that vision had I trusted it back then, that’s what was for me. I just needed to trust myself. Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:17:03) – Oh, it’s so good. And like that goes hand in hand with success of like, you know, this I think, you know, part of what you do and what I do is like, we get to design and redefine what our version of success looks like and feels like, because as we’ve been told, like, you know, those like that limiting belief you had about, you know, I’m not getting an accounting, so I can’t be a business person is like, oh, then I can’t be successful in this way and blah, blah, blah. But it’s like, our success doesn’t have to like your version of success. Wasn’t that life that you created? Right? So it’s like realizing that we get to make up what our success looks like and feels like, and and that can change over time too, right? Like with the experience we have or, you know, the more we have, you know, discover about ourselves or where we are, you know, at this stage of our life and even with relationships, I like keep saying to my friends, like, you know, if I was single for the rest of my life, I know I would be still like, so happy.

Lauren Best (00:18:09) – I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life, as am right now. And it doesn’t like that for me. Isn’t a part of my version of success because I have fulfillment inside of myself or with my friends or my family. Like if, you know, if meet someone who’s, like, worthy of like, you know that that sharing this with me, then fine.

Karsta Marie (00:18:33) – But let me tell you, the bar is really high and it should be right.

Lauren Best (00:18:37) – Like we, the more you value yourself and really realize your worth, I think that changes. Right? And what that looked like in 2018 or 10 years ago or whatever that changes. And that’s fabulous because that’s what life can be all about, is really like expanding into new versions of ourselves. And with that, our needs change. Or with that, our confidence and trust changes in what it is we don’t want or we do want. And so it really spans to all parts of life.

Karsta Marie (00:19:09) – Right? Mean. And the other component is, you know, for me, for a long time success was that I raised to happy, healthy humans.

Karsta Marie (00:19:19) – Yeah. Great. I’ve done that. And so not even by any of my mean yes, my choosing to get to this point. But like at this stage, yeah, that’s done. And that has nothing to do with like I didn’t choose for that to be done. It’s just done. And so now the timeline. Yeah. Exactly. Like there are other factors. And so to keep yourself open to say oh okay, things are shifting now I didn’t really mean for them, but they’re shifting. And now what does that look like. And I can tell you, I don’t know what the next five years is going to bring, but I have this clear vision of how I want to feel in that next five years. Yeah. It’s so incredibly exciting, so incredibly exciting. You know? And yeah, I think we have to keep ourselves open to and I again, to the listeners, I know it’s so hard when you’re in that dark place, it is so hard to see it. And I guess if I had any suggestions for that, it would be just, you know, like start small.

Karsta Marie (00:20:16) – How do I want to? Today to just start there because that’s what I did. I made this journal for myself, and it’s literally about setting my intention today. How do I want to feel today? Who do I want to be in the world or for myself or for my kids today? Yeah. Then it just kind of, you know, then you do it again tomorrow and you do it again the next day, and then pretty soon you’re like, well, how do I want to feel this week? You know, and it just kind of naturally can grow if it feels really overwhelming to kind of say, okay, I want to feel in my life like that can be really overwhelming.

Lauren Best (00:20:49) – Yeah. And I know, like, you know, we’re very similar, you and I and how we’ve designed our lives and our businesses. And I know for me that was something that I’m still figuring out, but I’m so much more aware of now is like this idea of doing business traditionally versus how I want to do it.

Lauren Best (00:21:08) – And really, you know, listening to those ebbs and flows of my energy, but also like this really triggered this for me when you said, how do I want to feel this week? Because there are weeks in my business where I’m like, okay, this week I want to be really, you know, active and communicating with people. And, you know, I want to have lots of conversations. And then the next week I’m like, okay, I want to hermit because I’m a two for all those. Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:21:38) – All those conversations drained you. Yep. So I’m like.

Lauren Best (00:21:41) – This week, I want it to be luscious. One of my girlfriends is over right now and from out of town. So we’re going to have a pool day and like it’s going to be really lush and relaxing. But it’s like from week to week. It’s like, really, I love that you mentioned that, because just checking in with yourself to allow yourself that permission to feel different is really, I think, what can really honor our energy and bring like, attract that alignment into our life and not only feel that alignment, but like attract more of what it is we really want to experience, and then who knows what doors will open before us, right?

Karsta Marie (00:22:23) – Yeah, exactly.

Karsta Marie (00:22:24) – And and just, you know, like another example that I had no intention ever of going back into the classroom to teach and I did last year for just a one year contract. And it’s kind of what I needed to a not be so intense in my business and be to close that chapter peacefully.

Lauren Best (00:22:47) – Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:22:47) – Right. And your.

Lauren Best (00:22:48) – Terms.

Karsta Marie (00:22:49) – Too on your. Yeah. Like if you’re in a hurry to finish whatever season you’re in, whatever it’s about again, the relationship, the job, the whatever and you leave without sort of doing that. It’s it’s I don’t know, I was very unsettled about leaving a station that I was very sort of conflicted about. Like people would ask me, oh, you’re a teacher. And I’m like, yes, no, I don’t know. And now I can just say, you know what? I was for 25 years and now I’m not. And there’s like a piece to it because I’ve allowed that closure. Right. And so just I don’t know.

Lauren Best (00:23:25) – And it’s like you’re still an educator, right? You’re but you’re just doing it in a different way, like the how and the what is different.

Lauren Best (00:23:34) – And that gets to be, you know, a part of that journey of saying like, yeah, I’m still maybe I would, you know, ended up in education because it is what I’m good at, but it’s just not how or what I needed to do to really fulfill, you know, feel that fulfillment in my heart and, and your version of success. So it’s so it’s it’s just amazing to see and experience how transition and transformation can take place. And I imagine too, like with, with being a mom, like, how do you think that has, you know, as a mom, been a really impactful thing for how, you know, even to see your kids see you? Like with that, like taking that brave step and being brave and bold and trusting yourself. I bet it’s like, you know, a really great experience.

Karsta Marie (00:24:27) – One of my favorite stories is this. Well, I will tell you, it’s been challenging, but yeah, because of some of the house that I’ve chosen along the way.

Karsta Marie (00:24:34) – Right. Um, made it challenging. But one of my favorite stories to tell is early, early in my journey, like early 2018, 2019. Um. I, my oldest, and I were sitting down just having kind of a regular conversation about, I don’t even know what. And she she goes, well, mom, you know, I just I want to tell you that I know that what you’re going through right now is really, really difficult. But I just want you to know how awesome it is for me to learn alongside of you at my age and think at the time they were 17 or something like that. Well, to learn alongside of you at my age so that I don’t have to learn it at your age.

Lauren Best (00:25:20) – Wow, that must have been so emotional. Feel emotional.

Karsta Marie (00:25:24) – I’m going to be honest. This is the first time I’ve told it without crying because it was super. Yeah, absolutely. Like to know that they see that and to know, you know. And in that moment, I was like, okay, then this is definitely what I need to be doing.

Karsta Marie (00:25:43) – Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:25:44) – Yeah. It’s beyond the purpose that you set out for, but 100% it’s great. Oh my gosh, that’s incredible. Uh, amazing. I’m like, where do we go from here? That was like, beautiful. But I think as well, you know, going to like, you know, you mentioned taking like these small actions and steps and like for you what were some of those things like those first things that you decided to do that really, you know, you look back on and we’re like, it might have felt really small, but like without this thing, I wouldn’t be here. You know where I am today. Is there anything that comes to mind at all?

Karsta Marie (00:26:29) – Um. I think. One, I think the most impactful was a visualization exercise that I know you and I have done together before, that I’ve shared before with you. I think that was the most impactful because it helped me really tap into those feelings. Like we’ve been talking about, like how I wanted to feel.

Karsta Marie (00:26:56) – And yes, there were physical components to it all, but there’s also like the emotions that are attached to the physical kind of thing, you know what I mean?

Lauren Best (00:27:04) – Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:27:05) – So that was probably the most impactful. I didn’t do that. I guess, I don’t know, I did different versions of it, not realizing it was different versions of the same thing. Kind of from the beginning of my journey, the first time I did something like one of the versions was I was listening to the audiobook from The Universe Has Your Back from Gabby Bernstein, and she does a version in there. And then I had a coach a couple of years later do another version. I had a different meditation on Insight Timer that had another version of it. It was like all these different iterations of this same exercise that just really had me tapping into those emotions, and I think I didn’t know it at the time, but those were sort of the building blocks that I needed and then think just and I know somebody, somewhere is going to hear this, and they’re in that stuck place and they’re going to roll their eyes at me.

Karsta Marie (00:27:58) – But making time for myself to journal and because I used to hate journaling, hated it, hated it, hated it because, like, rules around it, it was a whole thing. Yeah. I have very specific things that I write every day, and it’s really just like my intention for the day, my gratitude, my affirmations. And I just for me, it’s just like some people can just sit and do that sort of mentally I like to put it in and that’s it. So I’m not journaling. I’m just putting pen to paper for what’s in my head.

Lauren Best (00:28:28) – Yeah. It’s so it’s so powerful. It really is. Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:28:34) – To do that and and really starting to trust just the nudges and niggles you get from the universe, I think, you know, um. Learning. Signals in my body. Don’t know. You know, like I do. This. This. Yes. No. Exercise every now and again to check in with myself. Just to be like. You know, when the really weird sort of niggle comes in? Yeah.

Lauren Best (00:29:04) – You’re like, is it excitement? Is it fear? What is it?

Karsta Marie (00:29:08) – Yeah, right. The universe comes in, is like, hey, try this thing. And you’re like. A little check in with yourself. Like, do really? Yes. No. Yeah. So think that. But that visualization really was probably the foundation of all of it.

Lauren Best (00:29:26) – It’s so powerful. And I think that’s something that we really connected on right away is like how we have discovered and share with others, like through that power of visualization to really, you know, guide you back to yourself, but also build that trust and that belief. So it’s yeah, it’s for anyone who is listening and hasn’t tried that before. There’s so many ways. I have stuff on Insight Timer and pre hypnosis audio and cast it. These beautiful vision boarding workshops where you get to experience visualization as well. But how else can people find you or where where can they find you to to learn more about you and your work?

Karsta Marie (00:30:07) – I primarily hang out over on Instagram and Facebook because I’m old and so I still use the Facebook.

Karsta Marie (00:30:16) – Okay.

Lauren Best (00:30:16) – And your newsletter, your newsletter is incredible.

Karsta Marie (00:30:19) – Yep. I do have a weekly email. If your listeners want to get in on that, I will make sure that you have the link for that.

Lauren Best (00:30:27) – Yeah, we’ll have it all down there. Get a little.

Karsta Marie (00:30:29) – Sign up link I will send you actually a little. I’ll send you a link to share with your listeners of. They can get a little freebie out of the deal too, and then the same time get signed up for the newsletter, which is a little on hiatus. Since I got back from my trip, I’ve been in recovery mode for like three weeks now. I got a.

Lauren Best (00:30:46) – Oh my gosh, that’s so nice. That was like me. There was like one day I was like, I just want to lay in my bed for way longer than I usually do. But like, I need that today. Like relax with my cup of tea. Right? Yeah.

Karsta Marie (00:30:59) – So yeah. So I will send that freebie link over for your listeners.

Lauren Best (00:31:03) – Thank you.

Karsta Marie (00:31:05) – And then also get enrolled for the newsletter. Those are probably the easiest ways to get a hold of me. Otherwise they can always email me to and I’m sure you’ll have my email in the show notes. That’s part of that

Lauren Best (00:31:18) – Yay! Well, thank you so much, Carissa. This was such a pleasure. As always. Thank you for being here to sharing all your beautiful energy with all of us.

Karsta Marie (00:31:28) – Thank you.

Lauren Best (00:31:31) – Because you’ve been listening to the show, I want to leave you with a little treat, which is one of my favorite hypnosis audios that will help you let go of the noise and worry from your everyday life by bringing you to a place where you can connect with your subconscious mind and imagine and dream about your life. Because as we continue to move through ebbs and flows and seasons of our lives, there will likely be times where envisioning new possibilities becomes difficult or where we struggle to move out of that autopilot mode and into self-awareness to really live the lives that we want.

Lauren Best (00:32:05) – So do listen to this audio. It will encourage you to keep dreaming about your life, even during uncertain times where new possibilities may feel cloudy. Hypnosis has been such an amazing tool that I myself have used to move from a state of overwhelm and stuckness to really being able to keep dreaming about my life. And I know you can too. So visit the link below to download the Visualize Life You Love Hypnosis audio for free or visit my website Lauren Bascombe. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing your most authentic self. I appreciate you and your willingness to open your mind and your heart to new ideas and ways of being that are beyond your current reality. So if you found value in this episode, please take a moment to leave a reading and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to this podcast. Your support helps us to spread the message of compassion, self discovery, and personal growth to more people who may benefit from it. And if you’re looking for additional support on your journey of self-discovery and transformation, I invite you to visit my website at Lauren Bascombe, where you’ll find resources, courses, and coaching services to help you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and joy and confidence and support.

Lauren Best (00:33:38) – So please check that out. And more than anything, I hope you’ll remember that you’re not alone on this journey. We are all in this together, and by embracing our most authentic selves, we can create more compassion and connection to the world. So please keep dreaming, keep exploring, and keep provoking possibilities with love and intuition. I’ll be back soon with more thought provoking questions, inspiring stories, and powerful insights and conversations to support you on your journey. But until then, take care of yourself and others and remember that you are worthy of love and possibility.


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