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PODCAST: Combining Business Design and Hypnotherapy for Ultimate Success

It has been a few years now that I started my spiritual journey and learning more about myself. I’ve had to overcome a lot of hurdles, shed different beliefs, and really learn to love myself at every stage of growth, which has been so instrumental for me to really create a life that I love.

While there is plenty to overcome as life goes on, I am so grateful everyday for being more in tune with the power that my subconscious mind has, and that I no longer underestimate the brilliance that lies inside of myself.

No matter where you are on your own journey, I hope you too can begin to open your mind to explore the beauty of your own mind… beyond your current beliefs and current reality. There is just sooooo much that is possible for us, but sometimes it takes learning the right tools to connect deeper to ourselves. Hypnosis really was the eye opener for me that has supported me to open new doors beyond what I ever imagined possible.

This is why I am soooo excited to share my conversation with Nicole Tuxbury on Overcome Yourself The Podcast. Although this conversation happened a year or so ago, and I have grown so incredibly much since, I think it is a really good entry way to understanding the fundamentals of the mind and what we can create when we are open to it.

In our conversation we discuss:

  1. unlocking your full potential by combining business design and hypnotherapy for ultimate success

  2. breaking through limiting beliefs and designing the life you’ve always wanted

  3. taking imperfect action and learning to ask the right questions and how it will empower you to overcome yourself and design the life you’ve always wanted

  4. the power of embracing imperfection as a superpower


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