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PODCAST: How I Infused My Multi-Passions Into My Business

Have you ever felt attached to having a “job title” that defines who you believe you are?

This identity marker can feel a little confusing if you’re a multi-passionate person who has a variety of skills and passions to share. I really struggled with the practicality of labeling myself with a title when I started my business and it’s something that I continuously try not to get wrapped up in.

What I’ve learned is that it is even more important to focus on how we use our best knowledge, skills, and wisdom to formulate a business that feels meaningful.

My Business Coach and Mentor, Lydia Lee, invited me to share my corporate transition story and how I embraced a variety of my passions and skills to show up more powerfully in my business!

In this interview, Lydia and I chat about:

  1. How I navigated my career identity crisis and moved past perfectionism to become an entrepreneur

  2. How I blended my old expertise from my corporate career with the new version of my skills to integrate into my business

  3. Where I got stuck choosing a “title” that reflected what I now do and how I embraced a new description of my work

  4. Why it was important to reconnect to my intuition to choose what I want to do vs. what I think I have to do in my business

  5. How I “dipped my toes” into creating meaningful work with tiny experiments to find new paths that I wanted to explore

📺 WATCH ON YOUTUBE, or on Lydia’s video blog!

If you have been looking for mentorship and a community of like-minded people who can guide and support you to start your journey of entrepreneurship… I highly recommend booking a call with Lydia to find out more about the 90 Day Launch Program!


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