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PODCAST: How Identifying Your Emotions Helps You Release Stress

Do you sometimes find it hard to express how you’re feeling?

Checking in with ourselves and our emotions isn’t always first nature for us as humans. But the greatest place to start is finding opportunities to become self-aware.

To put it simply, the act of habitually being self-aware also doesn’t happen overnight, neither does the process of working through your emotions and feelings. But with time and repetition you can learn to be in control of how you want to feel and react.

But how can we become more self-aware and become more in touch with our emotions?

  1. How your emotions can cause trauma in your body and how it’s important we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

  2. My experience of how my stress stopped me in my tracks during a momentous time in building my business, forcing me to put relaxation first and invite in more ease and work into my self-care.

  3. How no healing journey is linear, but by opening your heart to coming back to yourself, you can discover so many new doors on new paths that you hadn’t imagined.

  4. The ways in which you can explore this healing work through the subconscious mind and how the use of hypnosis as a tool can support you to identify blocks, limiting beliefs, and rewrite old stories.


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