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PODCAST: Hustle, Hypnosis and Overcoming Negative Stories

Have you ever noticed yourself sacrificing the things you love in the chase to success?

I hate to point this out to you, but perhaps what you’re sacrificing is success itself by thinking it is something you have to chase after…

Shouldn’t it be possible to build towards a life, a business, or a work-life balance while also feeling your unique version of success in the process? Absolutely!

If you are sitting there thinking that that question is ridiculous, there may be some old stories that you’ve been telling yourself that aren’t doing you any favours.

Or if you are sitting there thinking that you are not sure how to experience your unique version of success while also taking steps in the right direction, this might be an indicator that you’re ready to change your beliefs to support this notion.

Either way, why not give yourself the chance to explore new possibilities for experiencing success in your everyday life?

In a discussion with Parul Prashar on her show PositiviTEA we talk about Hustle, Hypnosis, and Changing Negative Stories, along with:

  1. How “hustling” can contradict your true goals

  2. How to change the negative stories we tell ourselves

  3. The role hypnosis has on self growth


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