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PODCAST: You Are Not Your Model

Have you ever reflected on your upbringing and have flashbacks of memories of your loved ones tirelessly striving for perfection?

I remember vividly watching my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, pouring their hearts into creating picture-perfect bedrooms, flawlessly ironed sheets, and stunning dinner table setups. Everything had to be just right, and the pressure to conform to that standard left me questioning myself: “Is this how I’m supposed to be too?” This pressure to fit in and be flawless left me measuring my worth by my capacity for ‘doing’. Can you relate at all?

As I navigated adulthood, the fear of uncertainty and the incessant need to have all the answers became my constant companions. Exhaustion became my shadow. Missed opportunities my regret. And both physical and emotional burdens weighed me down. Can you imagine how liberating it must feel to break free from this cycle? There was a time where I couldn’t.

Through the guidance I received, I discovered a beautiful truth: we are not bound to fit into any predefined mold. Each of us is unique, with our own rhythms, energy levels, and imperfections. Embracing this realization, I learned to trust myself, listen to the whispers of my body, and find comfort in the unknown. It’s a profound shift that invites self-compassion and curiosity into our lives. It’s a divine permission slip that also cannot come from anyone but ourselves.

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to join me on The Empowering Process Podcast with Gail Kraft, where we explore what it takes to disrupt perfectionism in our own unique way.



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