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Turning Your Dreams Into Reality with Karsta Marie

In this podcast episode, I’m thrilled to have international bestselling author, speaker, and accountability coach, Karsta Marie, joining me to talk about vision boarding and how it truly is such a powerful tool for keeping you inspired to continue taking action and moving toward your authentic and epic life!

Karsta guides us into this deeper understanding, emphasizing the concept of “be, do, have” – encouraging us to become the person we envision, act as such, and subsequently attract what we seek.

Whatever you’ve been manifesting in your life, Karsta’s tips and support will help you bring it to reality!

LAUREN and karsta ALSO SHARE...

  1. why its important to make vision boarding a ritual in your life

  2. how to adjust your vision board beyond the material items for more aligned growth

  3. the workshops that Karsta is offering to really inspire creativity & introspection

ABOUT karsta

Karsta Marie is a #1 International Best Selling author, a speaker, and accountability coach, and has found so much freedom in using her signature blend of relatability, empathy and candor to help others break free from expectations, BS stories and limiting beliefs so they can create the life they’re meant to live. You can often find her sharing her motto of, “Fine Isn’t Good Enough.” if not she’ll be recharging in her, “zen den,” sitting by the lake or journaling with a cup of coffee in hand.

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Episode hightlights

0:08 Visualize and Create a Vision Board

3:54 Vision Boards and Visualization Are Important

13:47 Visualization

22:31 Adapting Vision Boards for Personal Growth

33:49 Embracing Authenticity and Self-Discovery

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Lauren Best: 0:08

Welcome to provoking possibilities, where we reflect on pivotal life moments, ask thought-provoking questions and dream up new possibilities for living a life you loved that may be a little out of your current reality. I’m Lauren Best, a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility, and I’ve created this podcast for people who are curious about exploring new ways of living, who are looking to connect deeper with their bodies, their intuition, their hearts, and then known, and who are really ready to just embrace their most authentic selves, to move into flow and into alignment. There is just so much that is possible for us when we open ourselves up to exploring new possibilities beyond our wildest imagination. So if you’re ready and curious to begin exploring new possibilities, join me every week for a new episode of provoking possibilities on Apple Podcasts, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Let’s dive in. I am your host, lauren Best, and I am a certified hypnotherapist and provoker of possibility. And before we get into the show today, I just want to take a moment to really welcome back any listeners who have joined us before and welcome any new listeners to the show. I am just so grateful that you have chosen to spend your time listening to this show, and we have quite a treat today, because it’s kind of a two-part show today and we’ll get into that a little bit more, but thank you for showing up and also giving yourself the space to discover something new in general and perhaps even something new about yourself. So, as you already know, and perhaps for those of you who don’t know, I talk about the power of visualization and how that really does play such a huge part in connecting to your subconscious mind. Whether it’s through hypnosis or daydreaming, or even stopping to notice certain sights around us, visualization is such an instrumental tool for really connecting us to a feeling and even invoking perhaps even a new feeling within us. So I want to dig a little bit deeper into that today with a tool or even a ritual some people may call it that you can use to really visualize your life and bring visualizations to your life by creating I kind of think of it as a visual anchor in a way, for your emotions. So today I have Hirsta joining us to talk about vision boarding and how it truly is such a powerful tool for keeping you inspired to continue taking action and moving towards your authentic and epic life. And Hirsta is so fabulous. We have met through this radio show. She also has her own segment on the Confident U radio show and she is a number one international bestselling author, a speaker and accountability coach and has found so much freedom in using her signature blend of relatability, empathy and candor to help others break free from expectations and those BS stories and those limiting beliefs that we carry, so that they can truly create the life that they’re meant to live. And we definitely have all of those values in common, which is really cool, and you can often find her sharing her motto of fine isn’t good enough, and you don’t find her talking about that. You’ll find her recharging in hers and then sitting by the lake or journaling with a cup of coffee in hand. So welcome, hirsta. Thank you for taking your time to join me today. I’m so excited to have you share about vision boarding and just all your wisdom with us.

Karsta Marie: 3:47

Thank you so much. I am so excited to be here and I’m so excited to do this little two part ditty that we’ve got going today, because it’s all the powerful things. I think you mentioned it like visualization. To me is like with any of my coaching clients, that’s like the very first thing we do every time, because that’s the most important. I always say you can’t excuse me, you can’t ask your GPS for directions away from where you’re at. You have to give it a destination and your visualization is how you do that right.

Lauren Best: 4:18

So I love that analogy so well. In hypnosis it’s all about analogies too, and that is like gorgeous. So I love that that you share that. And I took your vision board workshop I guess a few weeks back now, and I have to say it was actually my first time doing a vision board workshop. Surprisingly enough, I’ve dabbled here and there, but I’m more of a visual pinner, perhaps on Pinterest or an Instagram, and in my work previous to being a hypnotherapist, I was a product and furniture designer, so you can imagine I was always searching for inspiration, picks and design references, and that’s totally different. It kind of can be a similar process, but it’s a different outcome. So I would just love for you to share with people who don’t know what is the vision board and why are they important to make? Why is it something that we can really, or a tool, I guess, that we can be using to really enhance our lives?

Karsta Marie: 5:18

Yeah. So I think that’s great, because I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about vision boards, right? I think a lot of us envision kind of what I would call the old school ones, where it’s cutting pictures out of the magazine and posting them on a board and it’s all of the not just material, but all of the things that you want, right? I think a lot of people focus on that like, ooh, I want a new car, so I’m going to put a picture of a new car and I want this big fancy house. I’m going to put that. And we tend to think of them as like I’m going to put all the big wishes on a piece of paper and make it look pretty and then it’s going to be, it’s going to come to fruition, I’m going to manifest it. I think the thing that’s different about the way I perceive it and where I find the power is in the feeling behind the things. Early, one of the first coaches I ever worked with, taught me the little mantra be do, have, be strong, and I think that so often, people, we go chasing things, right? Well, when I have this thing, then I can do the things I want and then I’ll become the person that I want to be right. Yes, in reality, the opposite is what’s true. You have to sort of be and embody that version of yourself that does that. I just saw a reel from Mel Robbins this morning on Instagram and she was, like act like the person that you want to become, and that’s exactly it. You have to become them and act like them in order to start doing and taking action. Yeah, then you’ll have the things you want to have. So, for me, the priority behind my vision boarding is let’s get behind the feeling Like how do you want to feel inside your life, right? Yeah? So, in a nutshell, what it is for those of you that maybe have never made it is, it’s really just a collection of images of things that you want to manifest in your life and I use the term things loosely right, experiencing Right, or just the way you want your life to be as a whole. So that’s, in a nutshell, what it is and, like I said, I really like to take the approach of like, let’s get the feeling behind it Instead of just, oh, I’m going to pick up this really pretty picture of this really pretty fancy house and I’m going to put that on my board, right? If you don’t have a connection to that picture or that house or whatever, it’s not going to serve you.

Lauren Best: 7:55

Yeah, and that feeling, that experiencing or not experiencing I want to say experiencing that thing, but the feeling that that experience would give you. It’s like really trying to center it into the now as well and feel that feeling before you do have it. Because, you know, that’s something that I, when I started doing hypnosis before coming, certified. It was like that was such a big shift that I really had to make in my life. I think, you know, I had done it on my own in different ways and then with different life circumstances that I experienced it was like having to relearn that again a little bit, and it can be difficult when you’re either just stuck in survival mode or in this like fight or flight or just like hustle mentality. So I think this is, you know, such a beautiful activity that people can really take that space to center back into themselves and really like, think about, like how is it that I want to feel? Because perhaps you know, or perhaps there are a lot of things that people are already doing to center themselves into that feeling. But this can just really bring it to that next level. And I’d love to hear how you started doing this or when you started, jay. How is this like ritual or practice shown up in your life and, you know, brought you to this place where you’re having these amazing workshops? Because it truly was amazing. And PS to those listening in the second part first is going to have a look at the vision board. I made it in the workshop and we’re going to dissect it a little bit and she’s going to share her wisdom with us. So, yeah, so how did you, how did you start doing this?

Karsta Marie: 9:32

So before I go into that, though, I want to just piggyback on what you said, because I think that feeling piece, we want things, because we want to feel a certain way Right, and so, instead of going for the thing, start with the feeling first. I think just to kind of hit home Right, like you want the new car because you’re going to feel a certain way when you have it. That’s your interest. So, tapping into that first, I just wanted to say that that’s why that becomes important. You’re just you’re making everything a little bit more efficient for yourself. Really, I think I got started in this. That’s an interesting question. I don’t know where the workshop came from, necessarily I don’t know, but you can use your own practice. Yeah, yeah. But what happened was I worked with a coach a while back and she was more of like an embodiment coach, which was beautiful, but she had me do a version of the visualization exercise that we start the workshop with, and I think that that was our whole like hour long coaching session. So imagine being in that deep dive that we did for like a whole hour and it was so powerful Like I came out of it laughing and crying and happy Like all the things.

Lauren Best: 10:46


Karsta Marie: 10:48

And I just the power in that moved me so much. I really get connected with what does, because I, prior to that, I had sort of been on what I call the sort of anti-me Like Gavinger Hunt right, like I knew I didn’t want what I had. It was that idea of like I was trying to get away from what I had but I didn’t have a clear vision of where I was going Right. And so we did this exercise and Gabby Bernstein actually also does a version of it in her book the Universe has your Back. And it’s just. It was so powerful for me to say, wow, that I’d been chasing all of these things the bigger house and the suburbs and all the things. And when I came out of that visualization I realized just how simple I really want my life to be and to notice the difference in what I had been pursuing and chasing and trying to manifest to what really actually brought me. See, I think about it. I get goosebumps when I think about it.

Lauren Best: 11:55

Yeah, it’s so cool.

Karsta Marie: 11:57

When I think of you know the difference between those two things, it was just like, well, now I know where I’m going and I might not be able to get there tomorrow, but I can start doing things to move myself there and I have sort of again that guidance, that GPS guidance, so to speak. So that’s where it started, I don’t know. I feel like I think just maybe a year came around and it was time. You know, it’s the time to do vision boards right. Always at the end of the year, we always do that. And so I was like, all right, well, I’m going to. I just started playing. But I noticed that when I was playing in Canva with the images, I was tapping into that visualization exercise, because once I did that exercise, it really has guided me. And so I sat down to do my own that year. I was like, oh, look at that. I’m like, yes, I want my business to be more prosperous. And so I was like looking for pictures of money to put on there and I was realizing that, like your typical pictures of stacks of money or whatever like that would find I was cutting it for me. I was like that, not it, what is it? And then I found one and I was like, oh, my God, that’s it and it’s the goofiest little picture.

Lauren Best: 13:14

But we want to know what it is. I don’t know.

Karsta Marie: 13:16

It’s a teeny tiny little bud of a plant. Oh, cute Money on the bottom, but it’s like super teeny tiny. Just this idea of like yeah, maybe it’s a growth right.

Lauren Best: 13:26

Right, another beautiful metaphor, right yeah, exactly.

Karsta Marie: 13:30

So it was just this idea that I found myself connecting emotionally to the images that I was choosing. And then I sort of reverse engineered and I was like, well, this could be really powerful for other people.

Lauren Best: 13:41

Yeah, yeah, and it is, it totally is, and I really love you know. Just, you talked about the universe a little bit from the book that you had read and I think, when we can get clear and tell the universe what we, what it is that we want to experience, like we’ve already told the universe, like it’s out there and it’s bound to make it happen for us, right, and so it’s just having, I think, also that trust in the process and in the universe. And you know, we can use these kind of workshops or these activities of doing certain things as that ritual of telling the universe what it is that we truly desire, as if we already have, as if we already have it. So then the universe knows, okay, they already have this thing or this feeling. Rather, you know so. So here it is. So I love that you touched upon that as well and I’d love to you know, I know it’s a whole workshop and it was beautiful. And I love that you started with the visualization because, as a hypnotherapist as well like I, I have my own hypnotherapist but it’s like being at the other end within a workshop where someone is guiding you through a visualization. I was like this is exactly what I needed. I think it was so beautiful and it really just, you know, for anyone who hasn’t experienced any type of visualization exercise, where or reflect, like guided reflection, like even going on YouTube or you know, just finding something, to really give yourself that space, because sometimes, when we don’t slow down enough, like it can feel like not impossible but like how do I even get clear on some of these things, like finding that clarity, like you said, can be really, can feel really difficult when you’re not knowing and when we tap into those feelings before those things, like you said, that’s when we really give ourselves that space to connect with what it is that we want to feel and then, in turn, be able to feel it. So I’d love to hear from you as well you know, when should someone put together their vision board or what are like some tips that you would say when it comes to, you know, trying it for the first time or creating it into a ritual? Perhaps you know what are some of those things that people should really consider.

Karsta Marie: 16:09

So the when of it, honestly, whenever they need a reset, whenever. Whenever you need a reset, I you know, I run the vision board workshop in December because that’s kind of when the society around us, the world around us kind of, is in reset mode. Right, I know, for myself, having been an educator for over 20 years, my clock runs a little bit differently. I kind of go into reset mode over the summer, right, right, right, um. And and if you, uh, what was the book? Rebecca Campbell’s book? Um, which one was it? I don’t remember One of her books. She mentions the idea that, you know, even as women, we actually can sometimes run on different cycles than the calendar year. Absolutely, you have the same four seasons, if you will, but the internal autumn may not be the same as the calendar autumn. And so, just kind of listening to yourself when you’re just feeling like you need a reset and it is really challenging to do when the world around you is in a different mode, right, that’s really challenging. But whenever you need a reset, I know, when we just a little teaser, when we jump over sort of into the my episode part of this, we’ll talk about how you already are feeling like you have changes that you want to make to your vision board. Right, it’s beautiful. I think that we need to one of the best ways maybe this is a tip, I don’t know, but one of the best ways to hear your voice louder is to listen to it when it, when it’s whispering.

Lauren Best: 17:48

Yeah, oh, I love that. It’s so true. We got to listen to ourselves.

Karsta Marie: 17:53

Right, I one time I was doing a speech one time and I likened it to. I said the universe is a little bit like a toddler sometimes.

Lauren Best: 17:59


Karsta Marie: 18:01

And with your internal voice, right Like it’ll, it’ll whisper something and if you don’t listen it’ll get like a little bit louder and a little bit crankier and then pretty soon that’s when we run into those situations where the universe is like slapping you upside the head, Macking us yeah. Right, so what are you?

Lauren Best: 18:16

doing yeah.

Karsta Marie: 18:18

So my takeaway from that is you have to listen when there’s a whisper. So if you’re just feeling like you know, I just kind of need a reset Maybe it’s even just like redecorating your living room or rearranging your furniture or something like that so you can start listening to those nudges and you’ll start getting more in tune with that. Yeah, specifically for visualization, I think I try to tap into when I get into a space of visualization. You can get there however you want. I even recommend this sometimes, like one of my children has pretty high anxiety and the strategy to help them get grounded in. But it can be a really great tool Tap into your five senses. Just close your eyes and tap into your five senses. Like what are you and I? Always I do five, four, three, two, one just as a guide for myself. So I’ll close my eyes, take a few breaths and I open my eyes. I’ll picture like I’ll look around and I’ll find five things that I can see. And I try to find five things that I can see that are very pleasant for me Four things I can hear, three things I can feel on my skin, two things I can smell. And then, instead of taste, I always say what’s one thing you’re feeling right now? like with emotion and, as you know, lauren, that’s how we start the vision board workshop, not in the present moment, but with our eyes closed, and sort of step into, like if you could live in your perfect utopia, what would be five things you could see, four things you could smell, and so I think that’s a really important place to start is just the five senses, and then you’re moving into and putting words to how you feel in that space. Yeah, and I try to avoid the word happy because it’s so for me it’s so sort of vanilla and generic.

Lauren Best: 20:17

And there’s like thousands of emotions that we can actually feel.

Karsta Marie: 20:21

Yeah, when you’re in, that you know when you have your eyes closed and you’re picturing this sort of perfect utopia. Does it feel energized or does it feel calm, Right, Like? For me it feels very calm. Some people love that energized.

Lauren Best: 20:38

That’s not for me, so yeah, I totally relate, I think, in terms of, you know, something that I often find like a feeling I find myself in, in hypnosis or in those visualizations. Sometimes is that feeling of neutrality and sometimes that’s all you know. I really need to feel at peace or feel, you know, relaxed, or, you know, into my body and just like neutrality can be so powerful, you know, not always having to, you know, experience those highs or lows or whatever it may be, and that can be so beautiful and just feeling that. So I love that you shared all of those tips as well, and I think there’s something to be said about, you know, wanting to change your vision board and really allowing yourself that space to not be tied to what you put together at the end of the year, before the beginning of this year. And here we have, you know, we’re all on this path of growth and exploration and self discovery and evolution, and just giving yourself that space to say, okay, you know, perhaps the me when I created this really resonated with this and perhaps the me now has to shift a little bit. I think, you know, and when we get into my vision board, I don’t think it’s big things that I want to change. But it’s those little shifts in my wording or in some of the visuals in terms of like I feel like I’ve really embodied some of the feelings that I get with those images. Perhaps the images just need to slightly change to bring a new energy, like just increase that energy a little bit or, you know, go horizontal in that feeling.

Karsta Marie: 22:20

So yeah, as we I don’t know, I feel like this term gets up, gets overused a little bit, but as we sort of up, level ourselves, yeah. That’s certain. Like you’re saying that certain image, yes, maybe money’s always one that everybody’s striving for. Right, so right. But, like my money story is very different now than when I made my first vision board. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to continue to grow in that area. So, yes, I will probably still have an image of that on my image board or my vision board, but the image might change because my feeling behind money has also changed my mindset and my, my energetic connection to it has shifted Right. So as you grow. So I get this question a lot because if you were to probably look at my last three years of vision boards I think this is the third year that I’ve done it Okay, yeah, they probably. If you looked at the actual images, they’re very similar in content. Right, there’s there’s an image related to financial abundance. There’s an image related to my physical health and wellness. There’s an image related to my relationships or whatever my. Yeah, there are a lot of the same image but different versions of it because, like you’re saying the, the energy behind it has shifted and people say, well, yeah, you’re not even meeting your goals. Then if, like, you’re not changing the images and it’s like, oh, I am, it’s just that these things that are on the board, I know from doing those visualizations, I know that these are the areas of my life. It’s like Lauren and I participated in a business. Kick your business off for the year workshop a couple of weeks ago. It’s setting those priorities. The things on my vision board are my priorities and those are going to be the same year to year Right my energy behind them, the specifics of what I want to manifest out of them, the where they go on my board might change. I know there’s a little bit of brain research about location and things like that which I don’t tap in too much in the workshop just because I feel like you can get more out of it sometimes to just be free and be creative.

Lauren Best: 24:50

But there are pieces of staff.

Karsta Marie: 24:51


Lauren Best: 24:52


Karsta Marie: 24:57

Where I put them. The mood of the board if anybody’s ever created a mood board the mood of the pictures those things change, right, but those things that I have on there are the things that I want to continue to prioritize for myself. That’s not going to change, mm-hmm.

Lauren Best: 25:17

I love that Just hearing you talk about these different facets in your life that you want to prioritize really for people who don’t know where to start, perhaps is figuring out I don’t want to call it categories, but facets or just parts of your life that you do want to prioritize. So what are some things that you’ve seen people prioritize in terms of different areas of their lives?

Karsta Marie: 25:46

Career is a big one, mm-hmm. A lot of times, especially when we’re in that reflection mode. That’s, I think, a place where a lot of us are probably the most unhappy, and so career becomes a big one. That actually tends to lead into deeper coaching calls, because there’s a lot more behind that.

Lauren Best: 26:03

A lot to unpack. Yes, there is a lot to unpack. A lot of mindset, work and goal setting and whatever.

Karsta Marie: 26:09

Yeah, Kind of the ones I’ve already mentioned, the big ones that you think of right, like relationship status maybe, yeah, or financial goals. I have a goal to live somewhere. My mom lives in Scottsdale. I have a goal to either live there someday or my nephew’s live in Kansas City with my sister. I you know, just like location. Or a lot of people have travel goals. They’ll put images of you know the Caribbean on their vision board. I would just encourage people like if that’s a goal, is it a priority or is it just a goal to go on a trip this year? Because I think that’s going back to kind of where I started our conversation. There’s a difference between I have this goal this year, like I have a long list of goals.

Lauren Best: 26:59


Karsta Marie: 27:00

Yeah, one of those specific goals are on my vision board.

Lauren Best: 27:04

None of them, right. None of them, not even one, I don’t think so.

Karsta Marie: 27:08

Yeah, that’s the way One of them is yes, one of them is, you can always dissect things.

Lauren Best: 27:13

One of them is yes, yeah, yeah.

Karsta Marie: 27:15

One of them is Right. You can certainly include some of those things, of course, but just making sure again that there’s that emotional connection behind it.

Lauren Best: 27:23

Yeah, yeah, oh. I love that, and something I wanted to share with you even is because I started working with this woman her name’s Rena Ling and she does energy work and something an activity that she had asked me to do is signed as homework is write down 500 of the things. So it could be feelings or it could be actual things, 500 things that you know on the day, that last day of your life, like you want to say that you experience all these things, you had all these experiences, and so the idea behind that is that each month, we can you know, probably in advance, because she said it takes some time for the universe to sometimes know what we need or what we want and answer to us but each month of the year, probably two, three months in advance do, like you know, a download of what are all these ingredients from this 500 list life recipe. What are all the things that I need this month, rather than just want, what do I need? So if I want to go on that trip, like I need to have you know the foundations in my business to you know self-run or whatever it may be. So it’s like writing down these little ingredients for each month and it made me think of, you know, something even my hypnotherapist does is make a vision board for each month in terms of the things that she wants to experience or you know some of the goddesses that will really guide her that month, or whatever it may be. So something that I want to try is kind of combining the two and, you know, pulling those things off. I mean, my list is not 500 things, yet I told her I could only get to like 250 and that was like you know, I needed a bit of a reset to get back to less of those tangible things of you know, I want to go to Italy, which I am going this summer, but exactly. But it was like you know, what are some of those other things, of what you want to feel in your life or you need to feel from month to month.

Karsta Marie: 29:28

So, yeah, so I’m going to experiment with that and I’m going to keep you posted and I love that because I think one of the and I know we’re kind of running short on time, but one of the questions I often get asked is how do I implement that?

Lauren Best: 29:45

And so let’s talk about that yeah.

Karsta Marie: 29:47

So just a quick tip and I will put a link in the show notes for my episode. If you want, lauren, I can share it with you to put in your show episodes too. But I have a journal I created. I actually created it before I did this visualization exercise for the first time, but it has served me now I’ve tweaked it just enough that it’s served me now as sort of my roadmap to implement. And it’s really taking those feelings behind your vision board and just implementing them every single morning. And so it’s like. So I ask myself how do I want to? Either, how do I need to feel today? Or what do I need Like? What’s my intention for putting myself out in the world? Yeah, right, and then that’s the biggest one. And then gratitude, obviously. And then I always like to throw in some affirmations, and then the biggest one honestly, even I would argue bigger than affirmations. When I go to bed at night, the very last thing that I do is tell myself at least three things that I was successful at that day, whether it’s, you know, like the other day I was so proud of myself because I actually completed the little to-do list that I had for myself at work. Right, it was done Right. You have to celebrate that, even if it seems to be, even if the big goal hasn’t been reached, even if the vision hasn’t been met, you have to celebrate those tiny wins.

Lauren Best: 31:15

Yes, I love it, it’s so important.

Karsta Marie: 31:17

Right, because that’s how you, that’s where you actually feel the feel that you want behind it. Yeah, right. So when I get to the end of the day, and if my goal is a money goal and I, I get to the end of my day and I go, wow, you know, I did a great job, I went on this massive shopping spree and I only spent a certain amount or whatever I’m you know what I’m saying right Like to celebrate that goal for myself. I can then tap into the feelings that I wanted originally, to begin with.

Lauren Best: 31:47

Yeah, yeah, and when we take that time to pause, I think we can find a lot more evidence for ourselves that we’re already experiencing those things that we’re striving for. So I love how we ended off with that wisdom. It was so beautiful, karstha, and I’d love for you to share with us. I know you can find everyone can find you here on this radio show as well, and every week with me as well in our own segments, but where else can people find you?

Karsta Marie: 32:18

I’m mostly hanging out on Instagram, which is at karsthamary. I’m also on Facebook. Quite a lot it’s at just at karsthamarino. And then I do have a website, karsthamarinocom, where I’ll post information about upcoming workshops and things like that. I do have a self care one coming up at the beginning of March. If people want to get out about that. Those are probably the three most, and you can also shoot me an email through my website. There’s a link you can do that. I’d love to connect.

Lauren Best: 32:49

Beautiful and for anyone who hasn’t tried one of these like self care or you know, any kind of workshop where you’re going to give yourself that space to really explore and get creative and just simply see what shows up for you I really encourage you to attend one of Karstha’s workshops whether it’s self care or something in the future because it’s just such a beautiful space of introspection and guidance and inspiration and I know I’m going to get emotional. I know you’re going to enjoy it in whatever way, because these, these spaces that we can show up to, are just so powerful. So thank you, karsta, for always creating these for people as well and sharing your wisdom and your light.

Karsta Marie: 33:32

Thank you so much for having me and thank you for sharing your light, because I love it. You’re so beautiful, thank you.

Lauren Best: 33:39

Thanks everyone. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of exploring new possibilities and embracing your most authentic self. I appreciate you and your willingness to open your mind and your heart to new ideas and ways of being that are beyond your current reality. So if you found value in this episode, please take a moment to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to this podcast. Your support helps us to spread the message of compassion, self discovery and personal growth to more people who may benefit from it. And if you’re looking for additional support on your journey of self discovery and transformation, I invite you to visit my website at lauren-bestcom, where you’ll find resources, courses and coaching services to help you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and joy and confidence and support. So please check that out. And, more than anything, I hope you’ll remember that you’re not alone on this journey. By bringing this together and by embracing our most authentic selves, we can create more compassion and connection to the world. So please keep dreaming, keep exploring and keep provoking possibilities with love and intuition. I’ll be back soon with more thought-provoking questions, inspiring stories and powerful insights and conversations to support you on your journey, but until then, take care of yourself and others and remember that you are worthy of love and possibility. Are you ready to let go of waiting for other people to tell you who you are, what to do and how you should show up? If you are, I want to invite you to join me and a small group of women to design your own version of what giving yourself more permission to be you could look like, what it could be like and what it has the potential to unlock within your life. Beyond waiting for the world and people around you to give you the permission to do so, permission slips will be that awesome group of girlfriends tearing you on to unlock the most magical parts of yourself, and you’ll just feel so loved and supported to receive, without the pressure or loneliness of having to figure it all out on your own. Visit my website, lauren-bestcom. Slash permission dash slips to find out more.


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