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What Does “Living With Purpose” Look Like For You?

Change can be scary. It can also be exciting, confusing, and can even bring happiness like you’ve never experienced before. It can bring freedom to your life that you never imagined.

But a barrier to change that I hear quite often and have also experienced myself is, “I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what is next but I know I need a change.”

Acknowledging that desire for change is a great first step towards self-actualization, propelling you to start exploring all of the possibilities that can bring you to the feeling or impact that you so deeply envision for yourself.

It’s up to you to explore and define what makes a life worth living and what brings you joy in your everyday life… what it looks like to live with purpose for you. And perhaps the easiest next step is to simply give yourself the permission to explore.

Will you give yourself permission to explore your own version of freedom with me?!

Find out more about the Permission Slips, 4-month group program here:


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