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What if We Spent More Time Celebrating the Magic in the Mundane?

This is just one example of the endless possibilities that are out there for us to experience by upgrading our subconscious minds to welcome new possibilities into our lives. If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

Did you stop to celebrate yourself anytime over the last few weeks? I might sound like a broken record at this point… But I promise you, it’s so so important that you do! It’s important because there are so many amazing humans walking around this earth who truly don’t realise just how magical they are.

Beyond my bias… I KNOW that all of my clients are brilliant, intelligent, beautiful humans, but a lot of the time they don’t full believe it… they don’t fully feel it… & they are surprised when I want to celebrate them or share my excitement for some of the (what feels like to them) mundane experiences they share with me about their lives.

The truth is we have so many things to celebrate… the mundane… the setbacks… the unexpected moments… the unnoticed milestones… the growth that does unrecognised… the kindness we are worthy of receiving from a stranger for no good reason.

This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting with clients and groups of amazing humans. And I started to share my own dreams of provoking people to celebrate themselves far and wide… I shared my prototype of these Celebration Cards (some of you may have already experienced them in my group workshops in November and December… and it will be one of the first physical products I create under my new future umbrella – Possibilities Universe ! – And I was met with excitement from all of the amazing humans who gave me the space to celebrate myself and my dreams…

We create magic within us when we celebrate ourselves, and we create magic that becomes even bigger than ourselves when we celebrate with others.

I decided to pull a random card from my Celebration Deck that invites you to reflect on something you can celebrate about yourself… and perhaps you’ll even want to share with or ask to a friend..

Reply back to me and let me know what you’re celebrating!

💕 Lauren

🌟 P.S. 💙 P.S. If you are curious to explore new possibilities for celebration, either within a group or privately, I invite you to book a Connection Call with me!


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