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Your Personal Invitation is Waiting For You

One of the most impactful things for me, because I’ve struggled with really believing and being confident, is reminding myself where I’ve come from. And when you look at how far you have come, you have no choice but to gain confidence.” – Shira Ali

Have you been contemplating about how to shake things up in your life but haven’t yet given yourself the permission to take a leap or even a baby step towards that something new?  Whether it be a new outlook, a new career, new boundaries, or new alignment to practicing your values?

Before giving yourself permission to experience more or something different, it is important that you first really acknowledge your desire. I know that this desire already lives deep within your heart, your intuition, your gut.

I invite you to take a moment right now to close your eyes and connect with this desire, if only for a moment. When you connect to this desire, self-trust and confidence will become easier for you to imagine. And when you are able to really embrace this self-trust and confidence it is possible that they will become drivers for you to explore new possibilities for something new or different. This is where giving yourself permission to believe and trust really begins.

While it’s easy for me to tell you that once you hold that deep belief in your heart opportunities will become endless for you and doors will begin to pop up and open beyond your wildest dreams…

It can feel overwhelming and confusing to even get to a place where you have the confidence to truly believe…

So, I want to extend another invitation to you… an invitation to not only connect with your desire but to also plant a new seed of belief. This is your invitation to give yourself permission to begin a new journey of expansion and self-belief. If you have been waiting for the space, the invitation, the support to take a leap or a baby step… then this next invitation is also for you!


Permission Slips Group Coaching Container is for you to break down the obstacles that have been placed on your ability to confidently express and pursue your desires with love and safety.

Permission Slips is for you if you are ready to reclaim your magic, your confidence, and your trust, to truly experience a live that you love to live.

Permission Slips is for those who are ready to let go of waiting for other people to tell you who you are, what to do, and how you should show up.

🤍 Is this you?

I think it’s probably very likely that this is exactly the space that will empower you to shake things up in the most supportive and magical way!

And I know there are so many permission slips inside of you just waiting to be written!

Permission Slips is here to support you to rediscover the whispers of your soul by uncovering and rewriting what you have been conditioned to believe about how you’ve been told you need to show up v.s. what actually feels authentic to you! I am here for you too.


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