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How Do We Begin to Embody Our Vision?

Did you know that our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality?

This is why dreaming about your life is such a powerful tool—whether it’s through daydreaming, through thought and visualization, guided hypnosis, journaling, or creating that inspiration board on pinterest that evokes feelings of your desires.

However you do it doesn’t matter, but what’s important beyond the vision is the feeling that this vision brings… the feeling that you feel in your body and your heart.

It makes me think of this iconic line… sung by Cinderella as she prepares to drift off into a restful, dreamy nights sleep… “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” And while iconic… what really stood out to me most when I gave the YouTube clip a watch… was how her preface of the song starts with her explaining to her little birdy friends that, “if we tell a wish they won’t come true.”

And this had me thinking… for generations we have been met with this superstition and have been told to keep our secrets and dreams to ourselves with the belief and fear that they will not coming true if we do.

It makes me sad knowing that this truly is such a silly thing to believe, and was something that I too grew up believing. And I feel like it’s only recently that I’ve been experimenting and have proven this to be untrue. I have been telling more people about my undetailed, uncertain dreams in first few weeks of 2024 than ever before, but what’s exciting about it is the emotion and feelings that I know those people have sensed in me. Those feelings of belief, excitement, and uncertainty. And I have been feeling like I am more supported than ever before… like my dreams are coming to fruition more than ever before, despite the details and ‘the how’ being more unknown than ever before.

What if instead Cinderella said her dreams out loud… I bet those little birdies would have taken flight to support her right in that moment…

What if instead we grew up believing that saying our dreams out loud invited the universe and those around us to show up and support us in ways we couldn’t dream up on our own…

Doesn’t the power of manifestation lie in speaking things into existence….

If you’re interested in tapping into the feelings of your vision this year, join me for this beautiful workshop where you can expect to:

– lean into your vision fully,

-notice the values and emotions behind it,

– and explore the ways you can feel empowered to embody your vision, even amongst uncertainty


Lots of love,

💕 Lauren


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