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Are You Missing The Writing On The Wall?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and this topic of really being open or ready to receive came up. We talked about how in hindsight things may have seemed very clear but we weren’t necessarily ready for them to sink in… to receive the message or the lesson or to receive more. It’s this notion that confirms that we can hear or see a message or a lesson over and over again and if we’re not ready to hear, see, or acknowledge, it’s just as good as running head first through the wall with the writing all over it.

We even talked about how once you’ve woken up a bit and have become more self-aware of some of these things, it can become even more clear once you see someone else a few steps behind you… ignoring or not even noticing that writing on the wall. But it’s because of those experiences of pulling yourself out of the whole in the wall that clarity comes. And with that clarity opens new doors to receiving more… more lessons and more expansion… just more in general. It’s all because you are ready to receive.

For all those thinking in their heads, “but how will I know when I’m ready?!”

There truly is no perfect timing, perfect place, or perfect experience that will tell you that you’re ready for it.

Time and time again I have been (re)shown that the message I need to see most will show up at the perfect time… even if I’ve heard or seen it a million times before! And in turn, it warms my heart to receive such loving messages from you all when you’ve received a message or email from me that truly, deeply resonates with where you are in your lives. The key is to start with self-awareness, desire, and most importantly an openness to the idea of receiving.

On the flip side of this, if you have been feeling afraid to put yourself out there in a certain way, to share your story, or your gifts, or your interests because you think people have already heard the same message time and time again… I can promise you that the right people will be open to receiving what you have to share at the time that they need it most… when they are ready for it! While this may sound more like an action of sharing it is still in fact an action of *being open to receiving *****because it is like an invitation you send out into the universe that comes back to you as a response from those it is meant to reach!

With all of this in mind… my question to you is…

Are you open to receiving more in your life?

🌟more happiness

🌟more abundance

🌟more alignment

🌟more flow

🌟more health

🌟more wealth

🌟more support

🌟more ease

🌟more permission

🌟more invitations

🌟more surprises

🌟more confidence

🌟more boldness

🌟more opportunities

Whatever it is you are craving more of… whether you know what it is consciously or not… it’s crucial that you are really open to receive… whether that be from others, from the universe, or even from yourself.

But you don’t have to navigate what that looks like entirely on your own – let’s uncover the permission slips that will support you to receiving more!

Join me and a small group of heart-centered women in a 16-Week Group Coaching Container, starting in September, to support you in uncovering and taking aligned action on the personal permission slips that will support your growth in the ways that feel most empowering to you.

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Have any questions?! Reply back to me!


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