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How Inner Child Healing Supports Entrepreneurial Success

You may have seen online, or heard from a friend about inner child healing, and wondered WTF is that… why does it matter… and how do I even begin to connect to or heal said child…

It’s not something I ever thought about even a few years ago and now with it being a focus of my work as a hypnotherapist I am beginning to receive curiosity from all types of people to know more.

You can think of the “inner child” as a younger version of yourself that lives in your subconscious mind. And this inner child has been storing emotions, beliefs, and memories for us from our past, far before we were able to fully process experiences and messages emotionally and mentally. This inner child also dreams about the possibilities for the future, often full of wisdom and hope! They also show us where they need help to heal, while empowering us to remember who we are and to believe in ourselves.

I first visited my inner child when I started practicing hypnosis and she became and continues to be my little sidekick for remembering to be more playful in life, to not be afraid to take new leaps in my business, and has allowed me to release some of the old stories that she has been holding onto that I no longer needed to feel safe.

Business owner or not, I want to share this article with you that I wrote about How Inner Child Healing Supports Entrepreneurial Success, where I share more about why this work matters and how you can begin connecting to your inner child.

P.S. Are you interested in beginning to heal your inner child? I’d love to support you on that journey and help you open yourself to new possibilities…


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