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TalkShopLive - Shop My Last Chance Deals!

I can hardly believe over 400 of you showed up to my live segment on talkshoplive !!!

*pinch me* 😇

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it…. you can watch the replay here!

Go ahead and watch this replay if you’re interested in…

➡️ learning more about hypnosis

➡️ experiencing a guided visualization hypnosis session

➡️ snagging some special offers to work with me privately that I haven’t offered anywhere else!


While the replay should exist for a long, long time on my TalkShopLive Channel, the special 2 x 1-hour private session bundle price will be going back up to it’s full price end of day Tuesday!


I hope you will join me for future live sessions… so make sure you are following my channel to receive notifications when go live:

P.S. If you liked this segment check out my podcast, Provoking Possibilities!


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