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The Secret to Hacking Your Mind While You Sleep: The Science of Bedtime Affirmations

I think you’ll be able to relate when I tell you that from time to time I’ve struggled with the feeling of an unfulfilled life… like things were happening to me and not for me… like there was a fogginess surrounding me that was keeping me from living my life on my own terms… in the ways I’ve always dreamed of.

You too?

It’s no surprise that when I look back on these times, I now can see just how badly I needed to be tapping into the right mindset tools to get me through these slumps and past these blocks.

I can remember thinking there are just sooooo many things I could be doing to help myself and build up my mindset, but the thought of doing ‘all of the things’ had me stuck from taking any action at all.

But things changed when I started focusing my time and energy on building a connection to my subconscious mind. And I want to share my secret with you…

I started working with a Hypnotherapist who introduced me to ‘mind-hacking’.

WTF is mind-hacking?!

It’s the practice of reprogramming your mind through the repetition of handwriting affirmations and visualizing your desires as you drift off to sleep…zzz… The idea behind this practice is to influence the subconscious mind during the period of sleep to promote positive thinking, self-confidence, and personal growth.

The underlying theory behind this practice is that the subconscious mind is more active and receptive during sleep, especially during the transition from wakefulness to sleep and during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. By repeatedly exposing the subconscious mind to positive and affirming thoughts, the hope is that these thoughts will become ingrained in one’s belief system and influence behaviour and attitudes over time.

What makes the repetition of this nightly practice important is that when thoughts and words are repeated they have the ability to sink into your subconscious mind and in turn, they can change your actions, reactions, and behaviours. So when I tell you that mind-hacking allowed me to begin taking imperfect action in my life and business… that’s really when things started to change for me!

Amazing right?!

So what makes a powerful mind-hacking affirmations practice? Here’s how it typically works:

Create 4-5 affirmations that really resonate with you and leave no opportunity for your critical mind to doubt them.

Let these positive affirmations or statements reflect your goals, aspirations, or desired mindset. These affirmations are usually written in the present tense and in a positive manner. For example, someone seeking to boost their self-confidence might write, “I am confident and capable in all that I do.”

You can begin these affirmations with phrases like, “I am starting to attract”, “I am receiving”, “I continuously experience”, “I am enjoying”, “I am noticing” [insert something you are ready to experience]… you get the point!

Writing affirmations that really resonate with you can take some practice, so be sure to reevaluate the affirmations you’re writing every 14 days.

Handwrite your chosen affirmations before you go to bed in order to allow them to re-wire your subconscious mind as you drift off to sleep. That simple!

And at the end of these 4-5 affirmations you can write, “I vent out all of the negatives in my early morning dreams that block or slow down the above from manifesting. Thank you universe, thank you subconscious mind, I love you so, so much.”

Take a moment to visualize experiencing these affirmations.

After writing their affirmations you can incorporate a guided visualization exercise like listening to a hypnosis audio, or by simply closing your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing the outcomes described in the affirmations.

When we vividly imagine something, our brain activates the same neural pathways and regions that would be activated if we were actually experiencing that scenario in reality. In essence, our subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between the two; it treats the imagined experience as if it were genuine.

This phenomenon has been widely studied in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. Neuroimaging studies have shown that when we visualize something with intensity and detail, the brain’s sensory and motor regions light up just as they would during a real experience. It’s as if our subconscious mind accepts these imagined scenarios as real memories.

By consistently visualizing your desired outcomes with clarity and emotion, you’re essentially programming your subconscious to work in your favour. Your subconscious mind will drive you to take actions that are in harmony with your visualized goals, ultimately increasing your chances of success.

To say the least, because of this practice, things look a whole lot different for me today! I have a repetitive subconscious practice that allows me to bring my desires into my reality in new ways that I hadn’t ever imagined. And I can attest that this beautiful mind-hacking work is a key part of that.

I hope that sharing my experience and this tool will inspire you to take another step in building your own subconscious practice… because you and your life are so, so worth it!


P.S. If you are interested to explore this mind-hacking practice with some help, book a complimentary Private Mini-Hypnosis Session with me:


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