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Unraveling the Old Way of Doing Things

It’s a weird concept to think about that most of us go through life catering to the people around us before ourselves.

Whether you’re a people pleasure or just have a huge compassionate heart the way we have been taught to show our love towards others is to extend that love outside of ourselves in their direction. It may even feel like life is simply passing us by in the survival to meet everyone else’s needs.

Maybe you are someone who consistently puts in an extra hour at work everyday… or are expected to continuously pick up projects… or are the primary parent in your household coordinating everyone else’s schedules with no time left to relax or enjoy your own hobbies… or are expected to host your family for dinner every weekend. 

Whatever that extension of energetic activity looks like for you- and maybe it’s all of the above– perhaps you’ve felt like there is no choice to say no and choose another route simply because you’re tired… or you just feel like doing nothing at all!

What if you took a moment each day before re-committing to whatever activity to really ask yourself if there is something else that would work better for you instead? What if you began extending the same love you extend to others to yourself first? You know that saying about filling up your cup first… you know how the story goes.

It might seem simple enough, but as we know by now… patterns aren’t always easily broken at the drop of a hat…the stories we tell ourselves about receiving our worth from the good deeds we do doesn’t disappear with good intention…the fear of being judged for choosing ourselves first doesn’t dissolve into thin air.

While setting an intention can be the start to taking action that feels aligned with inner-love, it’s when we begin to look at these stories, fears, and self-worth that we can begin to unravel this old way of doing things and empower ourselves to really begin choosing ourselves first. And this really does begin with giving ourselves the permission to choose, amongst other permission slips.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to choose yourself first? If so, I invite you to join me and 5 other woman for a 16-week group coaching experience where we will uncover the Permission Slips for you to overcome the need to cater to others first to begin choosing yourself instead!

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