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Unveiling the Hidden Chains of Overwhelm

Overwhelm. It can sneak up at any moment. At any time. And it can be disguised with self-doubt, fear of failure, and an invitation to feel stuck… like you’ll never see the end of the endless to-do’s and expectations that are weighing down on you.

While making an actual list of all of these things can be helpful, there can be even more freedom and joy and ease invited once we give ourselves the permission to see, to feel, to experience things differently.

We all know that staying in a place of overwhelm isn’t good for the soul, the nervous system, the heart, the body. So how can we begin nudging our curious heads outside this bubble of overwhelm?

  1. You might feel like dancing, shaking your body, going for a walk while you listen to a podcast or Rage Against the Machine.

  2. You might do some tapping exercises or soothe yourself with a cup of tea and your favorite cookie. Perhaps even journal a little bit.

  3. You might book a therapy or coaching session to find some clarity and guidance.

  4. You might cross out a bunch of stuff on your to-do list or see what you can delegate to others to get more off your plate.

  5. You might have a big ‘ole cry to sit with, acknowledge, and process this overwhelm and rest a little. Because as my mentor Dr. Melissa Bid says, “resting is still doing”.

  6. You might reframe this experience of overwhelm as an opportunity to grow, to receive, to make space for more abundance.

  7. You might reach out to your support systems and communities for advice and understanding.

  8. You might begin to imagine or dream about how things can look and feel different, as if you’ve already overcome this overwhelm and feel the ease on the other side of all the noise.

  9. You might feel called to give yourself permission to do whatever the hell you feel like, whether it relates to any of the above or not.

Whatever it is that can allow you to see… to feel… to experience things differently, all starts with giving yourself the permission to make a shift… to believe in yourself… and stop waiting for the permission to be as large as an 6.3 earthquake. Because bold permission doesn’t have to be big at all. Giving yourself permission to keep going, to rest, to reset can be one of the boldest forms of permission you can ever receive.

If you’re ready to begin nudging yourself out of any stuckness and self-doubt to overcome overwhelm… I invite you to join myself and a beautiful group of women for a 16-week group coaching experience where we will uncover the Permission Slips for you to see, feel, and experience things differently!


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