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What Do Design, Hypnosis, and Coaching Have In Common?

You might be thinking that this seems like a weird combo and perhaps my younger self would have thought the same. But I promise it is all going to make a lot more sense in a minute… The thing is that design, hypnosis, and coaching are all practices based upon exploring new possibilities and trusting in the unknown… essentially giving up the expectations to control the outcome.

My journey with design started out in a different space than what I’m at today. Really, I am a designer of all sorts, having designed product and furniture, photography sets, businesses, visual and graphic communications to start. But what all of these modalities of design have in common and what I see that design is all about is really exploring new possibilities for purposeful objects or artefacts, tools, and experiences that will enhance our lives for the better. Whether that’s through beauty, making our lives more free or fun, bringing accessibility and ease.

Whenever I start a design project of any sort, I never start out knowing what the outcome will be, I have a brief that might tell me what the problem is or the type of solution I need to design for, but what the journey looks like, the form the outcome takes, are all totally unknown. I remember how scary this felt when I first was in design school, but I always had to remind myself to trust the process, and whatever outcome showed up at the end was what my intuition would lead me to. And hypnosis can be exactly like this too.

When we tap into the power of our subconscious minds, we can never be sure what it will show us. We might have a sprinkle of an idea, but the experience can surprise us, it can show us the things that perhaps we hadn’t had at the forefront of our minds when we started. But one thing we can count on is that our subconscious minds are there to guide us to explore new possibilities within our minds eyes, and we can trust them to show us exactly what it is we need to see.

Segway to the coaching space… When it comes to realm of coaching, as a coach, you’re essentially using your gifts to guide and support others to design their own lives, systems, and ways of doing things. Whatever it is you’re coaching your people on, you’re there to empower your clients with the tools that help them design their lives. You are supporting them to see new possibilities and trust back within themselves that they already have the right answers within them.

Just like with design or hypnosis, both you and your clients might not know exactly what the outcome will look like when you first start working together. It’s possible that you promise some type of outcome and a way to get there but it truly will look different for each and every client. What you do know is that your journey together will have you exploring new possibilities, and that the relationship is initiated with an understanding of trust. But there is also a level of control that you as the coach cannot surpass. So for instance you can give your client all of the guidance and tools they need to succeed, but what the client does is up to them. What you can control comes down to the way you show up… and even so, this may not really be something you can actually fully control. Instead it really comes down to trust. There can be room here for growth and also limiting beliefs to pop up when our clients don’t succeed how we imagined, or when things don’t go as planned. Again… it really comes down to trusting in the process and knowingness that everything is going to work out exactly how it is meant to.

But looking at the role that design, hypnosis, and coaching can play in our lives is the ability to give up control of the outcome and just trust that we can feel supported through the experience, and whatever comes out of it is exactly what we needed to happen.

Giving up control can really open new doors to things we hadn’t even imagined and leaning into trust can feel even more empowering and supportive for setting ourselves up to be authentic and feel energized in our lives.

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