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What Was The Last Thing You Wished For?

Sometimes it can feel easier to doubt ourselves than it can to believe in ourselves.

I see it all the time. And of course I have had my own moments where my own doubt was overwhelming. Believing in ourselves can often feel like a daunting task, as doubt and uncertainty have a way of clouding our judgment.

We can blame it on the fear of failure that has sparked so heavily around us because of the pressures we’re faced with every day to be perfect. We can blame it on the experiences we’ve been through where people have verbally told us we’re shitty or that what we’ve done is shitty. We can also blame it on every other external force around us for working against us. And overtime this doubt can scream louder at us than anything else.

Yet, within the depths of our being, there lies a wellspring of wisdom and truth! Kind of like the wishing well effect… if we spend some energy on wishing for what we desire before throwing the coin into the well, it is quite possible that anything can happen if we just believed!

What did you wish for the last time you threw a coin into the fountain or well… wished upon a star… or blew out your birthday candles? I bet you didn’t have to think too hard about that wish because it came from the whispers of your soul and your intuition. When we grant ourselves permission to listen to these gentle whispers, something remarkable occurs! Whether the wish comes true or not… I’m not sure. But what I’m sure of is that if we simply believe, then that or something better are entirely possible!

And as we let go of doubt, our belief grows stronger… its messages resonating with clarity and compassion. Our belief reminds us of our innate strengths and unique talents, gently nudging us towards the path that aligns with our authentic selves. We begin to understand that the doubts and fears we once clung to were merely illusions, fragments of our mind’s limited perspective.

In embracing the whispers of our soul, we find solace and reassurance. We realize that we are deserving of self-belief, and our capabilities are boundless. With each step we take, guided by intuition, we discover that our inner compass points us in the direction of growth, fulfillment, and joy.

The more we honor these whispers, the more confidence we cultivate. We uncover more and more courage within ourselves—a courage that empowers us to face challenges, pursue our passions, and embrace our true potential. The doubts that once held us back begin to fade… replaced by an unwavering trust in our abilities and the journey we are on.

So let us grant ourselves the permission to listen to the whispers of our soul, for within them lies the key to unlocking our highest potential, joy and love! May we embrace the compassion and wisdom they offer, and may we find strength and belief in ourselves as we journey towards a life filled with purpose and authenticity!

If you’re ready to strengthen the whispers of your soul… to trust in yourself… to simply believe… I invite you to join myself and a beautiful group of women for a 16-week group coaching experience where we will uncover the Permission Slips for you to overcome doubt and move into self-belief!

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