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When Was the Last Time You Challenged Your Limiting Beliefs?

As a young designer in design school and in some of my first jobs, I remember being continuously encouraged to “think critically” and “question everything” to really get to the root of the problem, to then explore the different possibilities, and to eventually land at the best design solution.

While critical thinking it an incredibly valuable skill, it wasn’t until I took a step outside of the design world to really question the limits of what critical thinking can have on our ability to grow professionally and intellectually.

It’s in our conscious mind that our critical thinking, will power, long-term memory, and logical thinking lives. And if you haven’t heard this fun fact before, our conscious mind makes up only 10% of our minds.

So you can only begin to imagine all of the possibilities available to us in exploring the unconscious mind, to build new capacity and depth of mind towards the beliefs that we want to live out in our lives, while also letting go of old beliefs that are holding us back.

Throughout so many moments in my journey of leaning into my spiritual practice and uncovering who it is I truly am, I have had to challenge my own critical thoughts:

❌ People expect me to be the “good girl”

✨ I get to listen to my body and understand what feels like a “yes” or “no” and I get to communicate my boundaries that honour my energy

❌ Success is only reached if you work really, really hard

✨ I get to redefine my own version of success, and in fact each day, season, year, that may look or feel slightly different

❌ People will judge me if I start doing things differently

✨ I get to confidently show up authentically to me because I am different from everyone else, so I get to do things my way

❌ I have to keep working hard to prove my value

✨ I get to show my value just by showing up authentically and with love in everything that I do, and p.s. resting is ‘doing’

I have seen some of these beliefs in my clients and my friends too. We’re all human, we all have limiting beliefs. And if you’re wondering how you can build a greater capacity to experience things differently… remember that our subconscious minds are sooooo sooooo magical, and it is possible to consciously challenge the critical part of our minds that are holding us back from living the life we want to live.

If you’ve been following me for a minute… you know just how much hypnosis has changed my life. It has given me the safe space to surpass my critical mind and tap into my subconscious mind to overcome any limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to re-discover what I already have inside of myself (turning vulnerabilities into superpowers), and has helped me explore new possibilities for designing my business in a way that is best suited to me and the ebbs and flow of my energy.

Like anything, it is a process. And it is one that I can say is instrumental to consciously reimagine and bring your ultimate reality into fruition.

P.S. If you’re ready to expand your subconscious capacity… to explore new possibilities, beliefs, and perspectives… join me for a Hypnosis Happy Hour Session! They’re BOGO for a limited time!


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