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You Don’t Have to Wait Until the New Year to Experience Your Dreams…

As the end of the year approaches, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the past and setting resolutions for the future. The tradition of New Year’s resolutions can be motivating for some… and perhaps for only a limited amount of time… but it often comes with the pressure to wait for the perfect moment to take action to pursue new endeavors.

I have thrown away the idea of resolutions to rather welcome the feelings that I want to experience each and every day. And with these feelings guiding me in how I want to show up each and every day, there is so much unexpected possibility that gets to unfold because of that.\

Regardless of whether you have one big goal, resolution, intention or aspirational feeling, I wanted to explore the idea of not waiting for the new year to pursue your dreams because it is possible for you to already experience them today. 

The Perfection Paradox

Waiting for the new year to pursue your goals often stems from a desire for perfection. We may think, “I’ll start that project or pick up that paint brush once everything aligns perfectly,” or “I’ll wait until the new year to make a fresh start.” However, this perfectionist mindset can lead to sabotaging yourself from experiencing even an inkling of magic that has the power to create more joy in your life.

Embrace Imperfection

The truth is, waiting for the ideal moment can keep you waiting for along time. There will never be a perfect time to start something new or to put yourself out there. Instead of striving for perfection, it is possible for you to embrace the idea of being “not great” initially and that any experience gets to be filled with learning, growth, and imperfection.

With this comes an invitation to take a first baby step and instead of waiting for a perfect moment where you have all of the super thought out ingredients.. know that you get to give yourself the permission to be “not great.”

Give Yourself Permission

I promise you that granting yourself permission to be imperfect is so incredibly freeing… there are no standards that you must hold yourself to when you play in the sandbox of imperfection. It means accepting that slow progress or setbacks are not failures, and are a natural part of any creative or curious undertaking. By releasing the burden of perfection, you free yourself to explore, experiment, and learn from the challenges that arise… and perhaps you will notice new doors opening up for you.

Your Invitation to Do Something Small Today

What is one small thing you can do today that will make getting started or taking the next step that much easier? Perhaps you even want to invite a friend to join you! Remember that everyday we are experiencing something… and what that something is is up to you! The sooner you’ll discover the incredible potential within you. So, don’t let the calendar dictate your dreams.

💕 Lauren

P.S. If you’re interested in how to start setting realistic goals and expectations for the New Year & find yourself struggling with perfectionism, or even just a lack of getting started… I invite you to book a private personalized hypnosis session with me.


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