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A Love Story: Sharing Celebrations of Self-Permission

This article is from my MONTHLY LOVE LETTER where I share my experiences and ideas around taking a slower, more natural approach to taking intentional action, prioritizing our energy, embodying values, experimenting with new ways of working, and upgrading our mindset. And who knows what else! If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

It became important to me to end off the year really acknowledging and celebrating all of the moments of growth, the moments of excitement, of unexpected, of joy, of grief… the things that I gave myself permission to let go of, to embrace, to empower me, to stay true to my vision of living a life lead by love and integrity.

Here are some of the permission slips I gave myself in 2023:

  1. Permission to wholeheartedly believe in and trust myself and the universe.

  2. Permission to receive support, collaboration and invitations from unexpected people and communities.

  3. Permission to trust that I can’t miss anything that’s for me.

  4. Permission to disrupt perfectionism, not limit myself, experience with new things to me.

  5. Permission to prioritize myself over the comfort of others.

  6. Permission to acknowledge how far I’ve come over this past year in building a consistent spiritual practice.

  7. Permission to lean into th embrace the natrual flow of my feminine energy.

  8. Permission to not have to explain or justify my boundaries or life choices to myself or others.

  9. Permission to stand firm in honouring my value and worth beyond anyone else’s ideas.

  10. Permission to collect my creative ideas and downloads without the need to act on them right away.

  11. Permission to decide and honour when it feels right to say goodbye to unaligned relationships.

  12. Permission to block out my calendar, book that trip, and go for that walk.

  13. Permission to make decisions that my 90 year old self is proud of.

  14. Permission to not make decisions based on my circumstance but rather in alignment to my vision.

  15. Permission to not have to do everything all at once.

  16. Permission to be my own filter to discern what is worth my time, energy, focus, and attention.

  17. Permission to remove distractions and give myself grace as I move through the noise, the resistance, the doubt.

  18. Permission to honour my energy and body above others expectations.

  19. Permission to write out my thoughts, my ideas, my heart, and bravely share with the world.

  20. Permission to lean into joy, feeling grounded in my body, and dropping into the present moment.

  21. Permission to challenge all of the patterns, the stories, the thoughts that I’ve been limiting myself to.

  22. Permission to be present without the worry of what’s next.

  23. Permission to do things on my own timeline and create at my own pace in my on way.

  24. Permission to create my reality of tomorrow with the choices I make today.

  25. Permission to place my focus and attention on the beauty that is happening around me.

  26. Permission to find joy and excitement in uncertainty.

  27. Permission to acknowledge rest as doing, while prioritize rest without the guilt of believing I should be doing more.

  28. Permission to not believe every thought I have.

  29. Permission to forgive.

  30. Permission to reinvent myself and who I’m becoming over and over again.

How about you?

Lots of love,

💕 Lauren


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