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A Love Story: Shifting Perspective Without Losing Alignment

This article is from my MONTHLY LOVE LETTER where I share my experiences and ideas around taking a slower, more natural approach to taking intentional action, prioritizing our energy, embodying values, experimenting with new ways of working, and upgrading our mindset. And who knows what else! If you are a Curious Individual, Creative Entrepreneur or are part of a Conscious Company and are interested to explore new possibilities for showing up with more ease within your work and life, I invite you to reach out to learn how I can support you through personalized coaching or customized collaborative experiences.

As December begins, I find myself reflecting on the profound realizations that guide my work as a Hypnotherapist and Personal Transformation Strategist…

Our interactions, the questions posed, and the transformative journey shared by humans can create an understanding between us that extends far beyond mere answers—it’s about the exploration, the evolution, and the dance of possibilities. I’ve really come to understand that answers are not keys but doorways to possibilities. These possibilities can lead you through doors to explore playfulness, creativity, self-confidence, compassion, innovation, experimentation, forgiveness, and expansion, all without certainty of unveiling a single answer or presenting you with a single key.

Some of my most powerful realizations are that the liberation that comes with surrendering to not knowing all the answers is magnetic… That releasing unsupportive beliefs enables logical exploration, revealing that the mind, while adept at research and looking for solution, cannot resolve matters of true importance.

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of your patterns, behaviours, or the way you show up for yourself?

Doubt, far from being a hindrance, is an invitation to experiment with the unknown. The next steps might not always be crystal clear, but by opening ourselves to possibilities, we enter a realm of experimentation. Embracing uncertainty, we open ourselves to possibilities, making questions our playful playground. What if, instead of seeking answers, we surrendered to this experience of discovery?

My work is where consciousness and the subconscious meet. Consciously holding awareness and desire for change comes an invitation to ask the right questions to the subconscious mind so that the two can work together to explore new possibilities within the subconscious. This exploration and discovery within the subconscious mind brings shifts of consciousness. Consciousness shifts bring forth more questions, emphasizing the journey’s transformation and a continual loop of possibility. The more a single answer is searched for and looked at as a forever solution the more possibilities are missed and the more frustration or overwhelm can come up as a result of forcing a knowing…. Or like trying to force a single key into multiple locks that just won’t open…

Not every step needs absolute clarity; surrendering to the experience of discovery becomes the key. Doubts no longer get to dictate action; instead, questions get to fuel playfulness and challenge societal norms.

My superpower lies in discerning valuable questions and holding doubt without succumbing to pressure for certainty. It’s recognizing when stories need reevaluation, allowing shifts in perspective without losing alignment. This ability empowers me to navigate complexity and engage meaningfully as I support you to release the pressure of having to have everything figured out in an instance.


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