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PODCAST: Nurturing the Inner Child – Self-Love and Soul Purpose as a Path to Wholeness

Have you ever wondered how nurturing your inner child and practicing self-love can create a more harmonious and authentic life? It’s not something that was even on my radar for most of my life… but it’s probably what has been the most impactful thing for changing it for the better.

This sacred and therapeutic process of inner child healing invites you to mend, nurture, and elevate the childlike essence within you that has been stored as impactful memories within your subconscious mind. Inner child healing guides and supports you to feel safe to transmute these early experiences, emotions, and beliefs. Through this healing process, you will find that your emotional and psychological well-being will begin to flourish more and more as you extend this same compassion to the most vulnerable parts of your past.

I was so touched when my friend Parul Paresh reached out to me to invite me to join her on her Podcast, Monday PositiviTea, to talk about Inner Child Healing and how it’s impacted my life as well as the folks I’ve been working with using hypnosis.

Inner child healing through hypnosis can guide you to unlock the doorways to connecting to your authentic self… and allows you to reshape the imprints of experiences that have shaped your beliefs, emotions, and patterns of behaviour for the better. It really is such a magical experience… one that perhaps your inner child has been waiting for for a long time.

P.S. Don’t wait any longer to nurture your inner child. Click here to access my inner child healing audio and start your healing journey today!


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