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PODCAST: The Energy Architect™️ Podcast with Nasirra R Ahamed

When it comes to the Lessons I Had to Learn to Begin Healing Myself, the first realization I had was that you can find the right people to support you as you heal.

And because of this openness to connect with communities throughout my personal growth journey, I have been so incredibly lucky to connect with such amazing humans who are really making a mark on the world in their own ways.

Nasirra R Ahamed has been one of those people that I am thrilled to have connected with through the collaboration bookwe both had the privilege of contributing to. Recently she welcomed me onto her podcast, The Energy Architect™️, to chat more about the lessons I wrote about in the book, and how what I uncovered during my journey with hypnosis has been so instrumental in designing my life with intention, but how I’m also using it to support folks on their own journeys.

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